The Unprecedented Life of Elaine Mangelsdorf Hull: Hallmark of Brilliance and Compassion. Edited by Richard T. Hull with Introductions by Gabriel P. Frommer and Lynwood P. Clemens.


I quickly learned that there was much more to Elaine than her scientific reputation. I learned that she was a great teacher, an exceptional scientist, and truly a wonderful mentor. ~ Rosangel Cruz-Barrera


I guess in hindsight, those years spent with Elaine were a little about learning neuroscience, but a lot about learning how to live. ~ Terry Bazzett


In summary, Elaine is a terrific colleague for whom I have the utmost respect. ~ Rob Contreras


She is . . . a great wife and loyal friend, a wonderful human being, and a person I admire greatly. ~ Mario Gil


Each day of my current research life draws upon the experience I had in the early days at the Hull lab. ~ Dan Lorrain


I miss the group a lot, wouldn't trade my experiences for the world. ~ Vincent Markowski


[S]he married Dick, so we know that she's not a virgin Goddess (blame Dick). ~ Juan Dominguez


So here's to the best decision I ever, ever made: to marry Elaine! ~ Richard T. Hull


Elaine and Dick's house always felt like home to me. ~ Leslie Matuszewich


I started my presentation lecture with a thanks to Elaine for teaching me how to teach. ~ Jason Moses


Elaine has determination. I'd like to think that some of that rubbed off on me. ~ Betsy Pehek


In a field too often stressful and cutthroat, her compassion is unique; as a guiding light, she is unsurpassed.

~ Abigail Snyder-Keller


Seeing a student mature and surpass their teacher could be one of Elaine's greatest pleasures, filling her with pride.

~ Yuan-Feen Tsai


You gave me amazing opportunities and allowed me to explore, develop, and succeed! ~ Rob Eaton


I never doubted that Elaine would be in her office on that snowy morning . ~ Steve Spector


Elaine . . . through her commitment to excellence, stimulated me to think more deeply. ~ Mary Solanto


I learned all about sex from Elaine. ~ Satoru Sato


I can't imagine any others going to such lengths for their students. Her door is always open. ~ Lucy Lumley


Elaine taught me how to live life meaningfully. ~ Jianfang Du


As a scientist and a person, she retains . . . the indomitable wish to know and the glee in finding out. She shares these with us and we are richer for it. ~ John Muschamp


Each of us becomes a thread in another's tapestry. Thank you, Elaine, for the brilliance you brought to [ours].

~ Sue Putnam


Normal woman cannot concentrate sufficiently to achieve notable work [To be a scientist] she must be insufferably homely, else the mere man might come along and detract her attention from the abysmal profundity of her studies. ~ Wilma Winter (Hull)



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      Intro: L. G. Clemens
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      Two: R. T. Hull
      Three: E. M. Hull
      Four: T. J. Bazzett
      Five: R. J. Contreras
      Six: J. M. Dominguez
      Seven: D. J. Triggle
      Eight: M. Gil
      Nine: D. S. Lorrain
      Ten: B. A. Lown
      Eleven: V. P. Markowski III
      Twelve: L. Matuszewich
      Thirteen: J. Moses
      Fourteen: J. K. Nishita
      Fifteen: E. A. Pehek
      Sixteen: A. M. Snyder-Keller
      Seventeen: Y.-F. Tsai
      Eighteen: S. Tsai
      Nineteen: R. C. Eaton
      Twenty: M. V. Solanto
      Twenty-One: S. K. Putnam
      Twenty-Two: J. W. Muschamp
      Twenty-Three: L. A. Lumley
      Twenty-Four: J. Du
      Twenty-Five: S. A. Spector
      Twenty-Six: S. Sato
      Twenty-Seven: W. Winter
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