5 Best Android App For Amazfit Bip

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Amazfit Bip to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Android App For Amazfit Bip that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Android App For Amazfit Bip, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Android App For Amazfit Bip

1. Zepp

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“The Zepp App, formerly known as Amazfit, is the new official app for Zepp and Amazfit branded devices. With an improved user experience and more health-monitoring features, the Zepp App has been transformed into an advanced digital platform for overall well-being. Zepp’s leading data-analysis capabilities and AI algorithmic system provides comprehensive health and fitness statistic and insight.

By building a professional management platform for your personal health data, Zepp aims to bringing its digital health management solution to our customers around the globe.

Useful in all scenarios of everyday life, Zepp will turn your device into a portable health monitor through the app’s advanced data analytics and AI algorithms. Not only will Zepp record your daily exercise routines and give you a quick rundown of any change in your physical condition, it will also perform AI-based, comprehensive and real-time analysis on your physiological parameters. The app is therefore able to capture any early warning signs and provide professional guidance, giving you a deeper understanding of your health.

Zepp believes that a happy life is possible for everyone if we bring technology in the management of our health. As indicated in our motto β€œWith you every moment”, Zepp will accompany you all the way in the seeking of this happy life.

The main features of Zepp include:
1.Health data display: Zepp records data relevant to your physical condition such as steps taken, sleep hours, heart rate, calories burned, ECG, and SpO2, while also provides you with professional interpretations over these data;
2.Exercise data analysis: Zepp is also able to record while you exercise, and will display various data, including a detailed route and various exercise data analysis afterwards;
3.Smart device management assistant: Zepp can be used to manage the settings for Zepp and Amazfit smart devices, such as notification management, watch face replacement, widget sorting, incoming call notification setup and SMS notification setup.

If you have any comments or suggestions on Zepp, please submit your feedback in the app. We read each feedback carefully and will communicate with you sincerely.”

2. Notify for Amazfit & Zepp

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– Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 are not supported!

Amazfit GTR 3, GTS 3 and other models: check Notify for Smartwatches app

– βœ… Amazfit Band 5, GTR 2, GTS 2, Bip U, Zepp E Circle & Square, Amazfit X support

– πŸ‘† Amazfit button custom actions: next music track, tasker, IFTTT, selfie, voice assistant, Alexa, http request, …)
– ✏️ Quick reply to Whatsapp, Telegram, … messages using your watch
– πŸ—“οΈ Sync phone calendar reminders, custom repeated reminders, custom wake up alarm, power nap
– πŸ—ΊοΈ Maps, Alexa and Google Clock app dedicated support
– πŸ‘¦ Customize notifications for each contact (mom, girlfriend, friends, …)
– 🎨 Multiple app profiles to customize app behaviors depending on days, location, …
– πŸ“ž Voip calls notifications: Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, Viber, Hangouts, Line, Zalo, …
– πŸ”• Mute unwanted notifications (Whatsapp groups, DND phone, …)
– πŸ”‹ Phone battery high/low alert, timer, countdown, anti-loss phone feature and many other tools
– πŸƒ Workout session: track and analyze each of your sessions (steps, heart, calories, GPS)
– ❀️ Heart high/low alerts, ignore low/high heart values
– πŸ”— Google Fit data sync, spreadsheet data export
– πŸ”— Strava, Runkeeper, Runalyze, TCX, GPX workout sync
– πŸ”— Tasker (and similar app) integration
– πŸŽ› Widgets
– πŸ”’ Your data is safe and secure: no cloud upload, no sharing

– πŸ‘£ Steps, sleep, heart, calories, weight data tracking and analysis
– ❀️ Heart monitoring with custom period interval (including continuous mode)
– πŸ›Œ Sleep as Android support
– πŸ’¬ Phone notifications: calls, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, SMS, emails, …
– ⏰ Unlimited reminders and up to 8 native smart alarms
– βš–οΈ Mi Scale 1 & 2 and many other scales supported Full list
– βš™οΈ Change watch language, menu, weather, lift and many other settings
– ⌚ Firmware upload and tons of watchfaces to install

βœ… All Amazfit supported: Bip, Bip S, GTR, GTS, GTR 2, GTS 2, T-Rex, Zepp E Circle, Zepp E Square, Ares, Neo, Verge Lite, GTR Lite, Bip Lite, Cor, Cor 2, Arc, Pace*, Stratos*, Verge*, …
Official app is not required Additional info

Introduction to the app
Get custom (icon, text and vibration) alerts on your watch when you receive a new notification on your smartphone, you’ll never miss any call or your friends’ messages.
You can personalize the notification of all incoming and missed calls and you will instantly be notified each time you receive an SMS or a Whatsapp message.
Track all your health data including workouts, steps, sleep, heart, calories and weight. Compare your week statistics to get better goals.
Use the music player buttons to run custom actions like change music track, start voice assistant, run an Alexa routine, reply to a Whatsapp/Telegram message, …

Notify for Mi Band
πŸ†’ Xiaomi Mi Band 4, 5, 6, … devices Notify for Mi Band

This app is in no way associated with Xiaomi/Huami. This app includes no warranty.
Mi, Mi Fit, Mi Band, Amazfit, Zepp, PAI-huami are trademarks of Xiaomi/Huami.
PAI is a trademark of PAI Health.
This app does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

❓ Check the app help section on main left menu

🌍 App languages: English, Spanish, French, Portoguese, Russian, Italian, Czech, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Catalan, Turkish, Persian, Croatian, Finnish, …
Thanks to all contributors!”

3. Mi Fit

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“Mi Fit tracks your activity, analyzes sleep, and evaluates your workouts. Lots of video tutorials keep you motivated, and help you build a healthier, more enjoyful daily routine.”

4. Amazfit Bip Button Controller(w/sound recorder)

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“Amazfit Bip Button Controller is an application that executes various functions of the smartphone with the button click of Amazfit Bip.
It also supports Amazfit Bip S and Mi Band 4. However, the buttons don’t work, so swiping the screen sideways to bring music controls in and out is a single click.

The following functions are available.

1. Music (play / stop / next song / previous song/music title)
2. Sound Recording (start / stop)
3. Volume (up / down / mute/two setting)
4. Manner mode (ON / OFF)
5. Launch Google Assistant
6. Battery level notification
7. Send Broadcast Intent

How to use

At first launch, please select Amazfit Bip connected to your smartphone.

Then select from the list of the function to be executed by long press and click on Amazfit Bip button (To use long press, please do “Settings-> Long button press-> Turn off” of Amazfit Bip ).

If you check “Start single click and wait”, the button function will work after a while after pressing the button (for malfunction prevention).

Sound recorder function can limit the recording time. Please select from the list below from 1 minute to 360 minutes.

The recorded file is in the device under the AmazfitBipRecord folder. Please open it with your file manager.

If you have problems with music control, please check “Check it out if there is a problem with music control”. The problem may be solved.

Broadcast intent can be sent. It is possible to use by corresponding application.There are 6 actions.
Use it as a trigger.

When using MiFit, if “Amazfit Bip Button Controller” is selected for app notification, you can check the functions executed on Amazfit Bip (Music function can be set not to notify).

Ads are displayed in this app. Ads can be turned off by purchasing in the app. You can also turn it off temporarily by watching the video.


1. This application can be used free of charge.
2. This application is displaying advertisements.
3. The author shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of this application.
4. The author is not obligated to support this application.

by junkbulk”

5. Amazfit Bip / Lite WatchFaces

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“!!! Doesn’t work with AMAZFIT BIP U !!!

The best collection of watchfaces for “Amazfit Bip / Lite”

* Watchfaces for “Amazfit Bip / Lite” translated into 25 languages

* Manage your favourite watchfaces

* Rate your watchfaces

* Sort by : Last added, rating, most downloaded of all time, most downloaded of the month, most downloaded of the week

* Powerful filter function to find your watchface

“Amazfit Bip / Lite” is the perfect application to find the watchfaces of your dreams.

1) From settings, select the application to synchronise and the installation method.
2) Select the language, search or use the filter function and you will find your watchface for “Amazfit Bip / Lite”.
3) Download and install the watchface safely with MiFit or AmazFit.

Your “Amazfit Bip / Lite” will have a different look every day.

Before writing a negative review, read the instructions carefully! In case of problems, send an email to strike76@gmail.com

Using the application is very easy!”