7 Best Android App For Basketball Stats

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Basketball Stats to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Android App For Basketball Stats that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 7 Best Android App For Basketball Stats, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Android App For Basketball Stats

1. NBA: Live Games & Scores

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“Welcome to the official NBA app – the ultimate home of NBA basketball!

Jump into all the action with the latest scores, highlights, stats and news for the 75th anniversary season. Subscribe to NBA League Pass to stream live basketball games, access condensed replays, customize your broadcast, and more.

Download today to unlock:
– Official NBA schedule, scores, stats and standings.
– In-game and post game highlights
– Game previews and recaps
– Latest News and Articles from across the league
– Live access to select press conferences and events
– Personalized content about your favorite players and teams
– Editor’s picks for the hottest news and updates from around the league

Want even more? We’ve got you covered with NBA League Pass and NBA TV, now with more ways to watch NBA games than ever before:
– NBA games live and on demand*
– Multiple package options to match your personal preferences
– Mobile View game streams customized for phones and tablets
– More custom language streaming options
– Multiple condensed game formats
– Download games and other content to watch offline when you’re on the go
– NBA Archives: access to classic games, documentaries and more**
– 24/7 NBA content with NBA TV, including studio coverage, analysis, and documentaries***

* Blackouts and restrictions apply in the US and Canada.
** Available for select subscribers in select markets
***NBA TV is sold separately in the US. Not available in some markets, including Canada, China, Italy, Japan, and Spain

Current NBA League Pass and NBA TV subscribers can access their subscription by logging into the app.

Purchase NBA League Pass or NBA TV and you will be automatically billed through iTunes every 30 days (monthly packages) or every 365 days (annual packages) until you cancel your subscription. Refunds are not available after subscriptions have been activated.

Please visit support.watch.nba.com to contact the support team if you are experiencing any issues.

Terms of Use: https://www.nba.com/termsofuse
Privacy Policy: https://www.nba.com/privacy-policy”

2. Basketball Stat Tracker

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“Basketball Stat Tracker takes basketball statistics to a new level. Coaches, scouts, parents, and fans can use Basketball Stat Tracker to track, review, and share statistics from fast paced games. Basketball Stat Tracker takes your stats tracking beyond the traditional pen and paper stat books and makes them available whenever you have your Android device in hand.

– Our touch screen controls makes it easy to track stats.
– Built-in tutorials get you up to speed quickly.
– We have In-App LIVE CHAT for any questions you may have.
– Track the stats/shots of a single player, your team, and/or both teams.
– NO LIMIT to the number of seasons, games, teams or players!
– Add makes, misses, and shot locations with an intuitive touch system.
– Any mistake can be quickly undone.
– Trackable stats: rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, deflections, turnovers, charges taken, fouls received, fouls committed, possessions, and more.
– Use our in-app clock to track game and playing time.
– Substitute players quickly with two lightning-fast methods.
– Official courts (HS, JHS, NCAA, WNCAA, NBA, WNBA, FIBA, FIBA 2009)
– Go offline. No Internet connection required to track stats.

– Tracking screen shows stats and percentages.
– See fouls, points and playing time per player.
– Review and manage team fouls and timeouts.
– See recent stats play-by-play.

– Visualize and share the game with powerful reports. (See StatTracker.com Below)
– Use TAGs to organize stats your way.
– Filter data by team, game, player, period(s), and/or TAGs.
– Export to: StatTracker.com (NEW!), HTML, Maxpreps.com

– Share score reports on social media or via email
– Email box scores and Shot Charts

– Create and manage seasons, games, teams and players.
– Stay focused. Stats are only tracked within the “Current Season”.
– Easily switch between seasons to manage multiple schedules/leagues/years etc.
– Start a new season from an old season.
– Backup/Restore to/from your device
– Backup/Restore via email
– Backup/Restore multiple seasons to the StatTracker.com cloud

Kickstart your season from a desktop/laptop and sync to your mobile device(s). Avoid touch screen data entry and enjoy improved management of seasons/schedules/rosters/etc. Optionally publish a growing range of reports shareable to anyone. Includes unlimited cloud backups. Try it out. The first month of access is our gift to you.”

3. Basketball Blueprint

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“Attention Basketball Coaches:

Basketball Blueprint provides everything you need to eliminate your coaching stress, save time, and start having more success with your team today!

Simply download the app to your mobile device, and you’ll get instant access to our library of coaching resources and tools, all delivered in a “brain dead simple” mobile interface you can take right to the gym!


+ 147+ fun, fresh and effective drills organized into easy-access categories
+ On-court video demonstrations, diagrams, and step by step instructions
+ Drills for shooting, footwork, passing, ballhandling, rebounding, team defense and individual defense
+ Take your team’s skills to the next level!


+ 53+ simple plays for all ages and competitive levels
+ Effortlessly build a playbook that emphasizes your team’s strengths
+ Half court offenses, including Motion, 1-4, Spread, and Zone
+ Sideline and baseline inbounds plays
+ Full court pressure, press breaks, buzzer beaters, and transition offense
+ Score more points, shut down your opponents and win more games!


Basketball Blueprint brings some of the most celebrated names in basketball directly to you!

+ Hubie Brown – 2-time NBA Coach of the Year
+ Bob Hurley – 27-time New Jersey State Champ
+ Jerry Petitgoue – 3-Time Wisconsin State Champ
+ Dave Bollwinkel – California College Coach of the Year
+ Bernie Holowicki – Five Star Basketball Hall of Fame


+ The cleanest and simplest way to build your own customized plays and drills
+ Draw, save, and share high quality diagrams, right from your Smartphone or Tablet, with just a few taps!
+ Share with your team by email, text, Facebook or Twitter
+ Capture your team’s attention and make critical in-game adjustments


+ Easily create custom practice plans to target your team’s skill development needs
+ Bring your practice right to the gym on your Smartphone or Tablet
+ Eliminate your practice planning stress! No more “winging it!”
+ Simply drag and drop drills from our library, or add your own custom activities
+ Built-in timers and reminders keep you on schedule
+ Includes six pre-designed practice plans for basic, intermediate, and advanced teams

Download Basketball Blueprint today to simplify your coaching, eliminate wasted time, and have more fun and success on the court!”

4. Basketball Stats Assistant – Basket stats keeper

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“Basketball Stats Assistant will help you track and analyze your team basketball statistics easily. The best basketball stats keeper app in the market.

Discover the new season reports per team and player where you will be able to analyze basketball advanced statistics that will help your team improve their game.


– By dragging and dropping any basketball action to the selected player on court the system will record the stats so that you do not lose a second of the game.
– Track second plays with just a tap thanks to the continuation dialogs that will appear on the screen after any field goal is missed or scored, fouls are committed or drawn, steals or turnovers.
– Track the remaining time of the game and the current quarter. Also edit them easily by clicking on the scoreboard directly in case the time differs from the real one.
– Check team stats and player stats whilst the game is on
– Fix any mistakes quickly by dropping the red cross icon on the player that needs to be fixed. Also edit any shot position even after the game is finished.


– Shot charts ( Scored and missed shots as well as percentages)
– Free throws
– Points
– Assists
– Rebounds
– Fouls committed and drawn
– Steals
– Turnovers
– Blocks
– Time outs
– Minutes per player


Reports per game

– Stats per player and his/hers shot chart
– Team stats comparison chart
– Lead tracker chart
– Play to play
– Box score per team
– Efficiency
– Plus minus ( +/ – )

Season reports per player

– Shot charts and percentages per season
– Stats per opponent and date
– Season highs per stats

Season reports per team
– Shot charts and percentages per season
– Stats per opponent and date
– Overall team statistics
– Team season highs
– Individual season highs
– Advanced statistics ( Shooting, Ball handling, Rebounding and scoring – eFG%, TSA, TS%, FTR)


– Track the time easily with the center court play/pause button. In case any mistake happens whilst tracking the time or quarters, you can edit it easily by clicking on the scoreboard and updating it accordingly.
– Check the game score and fouls per quarter with a quick look


– Share your team unique link with your player or other coaches so that they can also analyze the statistics. They will need to log in to the app and click on the unique link you shared with them. They will start receiving notifications as soon as your game is backed up and will see the same stats that you tracked.


– Drag any player to the center of the court to see their live stats whilst the game is on.
– Drag any action to the center of the court or click on the interrogation mark on the right menu to see the icons meaning.
– Cancel the last action that you tracked on any player by dragging the cancellation icon ( Red circular icon with a white plus symbol ).

Permissions :

– Access to your storage to save stats and reports.
– Internet in order to back up your data”

5. Basketball Stats Lite

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“This free version only allows you to track points for up to 15 players on your team. You can purchase additional features at a later time like full emailing abilities, and season stats generation. Now able to track MORE stats in the free version like in the regular version.
– Quarters or Halves
– Set Bonus indicator
– Track team time outs
– Line up now saved on this version.
– Only Team Stats are sent via e-mail; See full versions (Standard or PRO) for ability to send them via HTML or CSV file.


Ver 3.0
– Format changed to match our Standard / PRO version
– Track all stats that the regular version tracks (rebounds, assists,blocks, steals, Timeouts)
– Quarters/Halves supported
– Ability to save lineups
– Last game save/loaded on exit/startup of app”

6. Statastic Basketball Statistics

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“Statastic allows you to easily record all on-field actions of basketball games. The live ticker option lets you share your current score, recent actions and on-field players! Analyze the statistics after the match and get immediate insights into game numbers per Game, per Season or as averages per 36 minutes. Visually explore each game’s score trend, compare team on team KPIs and celebrate the highlighted Top scorer – automatically elaborated for you based on the following actions:
* Scoring attempts and made points
* Relative score rate (%)
* Rebounds (defensive, offensive, total)
* Assists, Blocks, Steals
* Fouls, Technical Fouls, Unsportsmanlike Fouls and Fouls Received
* Double Dribblings, Travellings
* Time keeping – including Overtime

As a result you get great statistics including NBA efficiency rating, +/- Plus/Minus Index, PIR Performance Index Rating and court position heatmaps which you can share with your team and fans through mail, WhatsApp or social media.

For more details go to https://www.statastic.info”

7. Basketball Stats Pro

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“Designed to track 1 player or up to 15 players per team quickly and easily. All entries done within 2 clicks – Select the player and then the stat to increment.

Track Points, FGA/M, 3PA/M FTA/M, Fouls, Offensive / Defensive Rebounds, Assists,Turnovers, Block Shots, and Steals per player by Period and totals per team.
3 customizable fields to create your own stats.


** New FIBA option for International bonus rules available in settings ****

**** Unsure if this will work for you? Try our Basketball Stats Lite version!!! *****

** QUESTIONS OR ISSUES? For quicker response contacts us at INFO@Hayava.com **

***** Display Season Average within the APP ***********
Select Menu … MORE … and Scroll to the bottom of the Menu to select View Season Stats. Select previously saved games to build Season view instantly
Player Names:
Show/Hide player names on the stats entry screen via a setting on the Settings page.

Player Substitution:
Long Click on Player’s Icon to quickly Sub players IN/OUT of game. No need to return to the manage line-up page.

To Change the Possession Arrows – Click on Score, Team Name, or Arrow to change the arrow.

Email results at any point for the game – Team stats only or with player’s stats as an HTML, or CSV attachment.

Save the details of the game for later viewing.

To export a game you must save the game first. Once saved, it will come up in the list to EXPORT. The EXPORTED game will be placed on the SDCARD for emailing or copying via usb to your PC. The extension of the file will be .bbzip

*** NOW SUPPORTS MAXPREPS file exporting and emailing for easy loading of stats to MaxPreps ***

– New feature allows for Texting of 1 player’s stats. Select a Player then Select Menu option to send the player’s stats.

-Supports Quarters or Halves

-Supports Bigger Tablet screen

-CSV file can be used to calculate season averages. For an example spreadsheet with formulas, just contact us.

**If your email client strips off attachments, try using yahoo or hotmail as your email sender OR downloading K-9 mail app or similar app to use your gmail account.”