7 Best Android App For Call Alert

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Call Alert to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Android App For Call Alert that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Android App For Call Alert, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Android App For Call Alert

1. Missed Call Alert

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“Android 9/10 full support !!

[Basic service]

The first missed call notification will be activated after the “Alert interval” time specified by user from the time when the screen of the smartphone is automatically turned off after the incoming call has been terminated

However, if the user presses the power button to force the screen lock after receiving a call, the notification is automatically stopped and no longer works.

If missed call notification is not working, you will see on the upper banner why the app did not work when you run the application.

* Unread text message (SMS / MMS) notifications work the same way as the missed call notification above.

[Additional service – User message alert]

If the app notification message displayed on the top of the phone contains a user defined string, it provides a notification function.

For example, you can turn on notifications when your child contains a string you specify in an SMS or SNS app.

E.g. user defined string: ‘###’, message received on SMS or SNS app: ‘### phone’ = > notification action)

[Additional service – Find my phone]

If the app notification message displayed on the top of the phone contains a user defined string, it provides a notification function.

For example, if you forget where you put your phone, you can use another phone to send an SMS or SNS message that contains a string you define, so your phone will ring loudly

[Support Translation]


2. Missed Call Alert / Reminder +

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“Did you ever miss an important call when you were not around your phone?
I recently faced a unique problem.
My phone was in power saving mode and the display was off.
I left my phone in the room and went.
When I came back my phone was in the same condition.
But after a while when I received a call, I checked my phone and found 10 missed calls from an important caller.
This happened because after the calls the phone went in power saving mode.
Now Missed Call Alert App is designed in such a way that it will inform you about any missed calls that went unattended.
Whenever you have a missed call, this app will remind you on a set interval.

It will remind you until:
(a) You view the missed calls
(b) You cancel the reminder

.:: FEATURES ::.
Activate / Deactivate at will
Set Alert Duration from 30 sec – 1 hour
Set Alert Color
Set your favorite Alert Tone
Auto silent when the phone is in silent mode
It has a smart alert i.e. No alert when you are using the phone
Does not disturb during a call

.:: BENEFITS ::.
No Background Service
Low Battery Consumption
No Ads


3. FlashOnCall PRO 2021

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“The brightest and fastest flash on calls, sms and any applications is absolutely free. The application has a large number of settings to create a unique alert.

★ Any side flash
The application can use any flash – standard back, front or both.

★ Flash for calls, SMS and reminders of missed calls
Adjust the time of each flash, the time between flashes and the maximum flash duration for calls.
Set the number of flashes for outgoing calls and messages.
The ability to enable flash notification of a missed call or an unread SMS.

★ Flash to third-party applications
Detailed setting of the flash speed.
Flash on certain events in third-party applications (messages, comments, likes)

★ Flash schedule
Ability to create any number of rules, for which days and at what time the flash will not turn on.

★ Setting the sound modes
The flash can work in any sound mode of your choice: silent, vibration, normal.

★ Remote flash on by SMS
If you can not find the phone, send an SMS with the text “flashon 30”
, where 30 is the number of seconds. The flash will turn on automatically for the specified time.

★ Fan mode / Flashmob
At the stadium, at a concert or at any mass event, support your team or group. Just start the flash together and become a part of the light show.

★ Energy saving
The flash does not use much battery power, however, you can configure it to turn off when the battery is low.

★ Work in the background
If the flash does not work when you call (incoming / outgoing) or SMS when the application is closed, go to the settings and select “work in the background.”

★ Support for all devices starting with Android 4.0

★ Bright flashlight

★ Widgets
Widget on / off flash
Flashlight widget

Thanks to active users who send their suggestions and comments to the mail. The most active we are sure to encourage!

Mini FAQ:
1. If you have already installed a similar application, then the probability of conflicts is 99%
2. If there are any errors after the update, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application
3. If the above points have not helped or there are some errors – write to the mail evg.dev.app@gmail.com”

4. “Missed call reminder, Flash on call”

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“Missed call and SMS / MMS reminder with profiles.

Useful on phones without an LED indicator.

★ Support profiles.
★ Remind by: sound, vibration, turning screen on, camera flash (not all devices are supported), LED indicator.
★ Remind about: missed call, unread sms and mms messages.
★ Notifications for third-party applications (only in Premium version).
★ Content filter (only in Premium version).
★ Night mode.
★ Customizable notification schedule: order of notifications, repeat interval and repeats count.
★ You can set different reminders for missed calls and unread messages.
★ Option to disable sound when you set your phone in silent mode.
★ Option to ignore accidental (short) calls.
★ Does not disturb during a call.
★ Widgets.
★ Flash on call.
★ Plugin for Tasker / Locale.
★ And more …

★ No advertising.
★ Safe (no internet permission, no Root access).
★ Compact size.
★ Low memory consumption.

Languages supported: 30
You can add/update translation here http://goo.gl/W0QHv

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): http://ProfReminder.com/faq

Support forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=38143514″

5. Call Alert

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“Call Alert will chime every few minutes if you miss a phone call, voice mail message or SMS message. If you are out of range of a cell tower or off-line, Call Alert will start chiming as soon as you get back in range and the voice mail notification arrives.

Call Alert also can determine when you are in a car and can speak your SMS messages out loud as they arrive. Great for keeping your eyes on the road. You must have paired your phone’s Bluetooth with the car to utilize this feature.

You can control the volume level and frequency of the alerts. You can also select the alert sound and vibration.

To set up Call Alert, you will be prompted to allow Call Alert to view notifications. This lets the app detect when a new voice mail or SMS message arrives. Next you will be asked to identify the phone app, voicemail app and messaging app used on your phone. Follow the instructions shown on how to do this.

As with all apps from Newbury Graphics, Call Alert is free and contains no ads and does not require access to the internet.

Call Alert asks for the Read Contacts permission so it can show the caller’s name for missed SMS notifications. This is optional. It also uses the Read Phone State permission to determine when calls arrive and are not picked up. This is optional if you only want to get alerts for SMS messages. If you want to use an external ringtone for the missed call alert, you will be asked to allow reading external storage.”

6. Flash Alert : Call and Sms

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“Flash Alert : Call and Sms, will give you light notification on incoming calls and text messages. The flash alert feature finally available for Android phones.

With this app you will be able to answer any call quickly and avoid missing vital communications when you cannot hear your phone ringtone.

Key Features :

■ Flash alert on incoming calls.
■ Flash blinking on sms messages.
■ Flashlight on notifications from : Signal, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram…
■ Set automatic flash for alarm clock to wake up with lights.
■ Change the speed of light flashes.
■ Silent mode to activate flashing and disable ringing.

Best ways to use flash alerts ?

■ Helps those who are hearing impaired.
■ Hospitals or meeting or in silent zones.
■ This app may also help you find your phone in dark.
■ When you are in a noisy area and won’t hear your phone ringtone.
■ Flash light on alarm can help heavy Sleepers to wake up in the morning.

We use your camera flashlight without keeping the app open all the time, if you decide you no longer want the automatic flash, slide the button to “off”.”

7. “Smart Notify – Dialer, SMS & Notifications”

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“Fully functional with Android 10
How to hide service notification in Android 8 and above: https://youtu.be/sSdMUba763Y

If you have problem with delay after select number detail on some phones then try in Settings/Special settings turn on item Disable MMS in lists

Note: Smart Notify is not a full replacement for messaging applications because it does not support sending MMS messages. The setting as the default message application needs to be deleted and partly for sending messages

– dialer with fast T9 search

– added change of color of the phone LED on notifications from other applications

– quick reply option in popup window for applications which supports this feature

– Dual SIM support on Android 5.1 systems and higher, see it on: here

– displays incoming MMS

– smartwatches support (reminder, full battery notification)

– car mode with speakerphone and auto turn on display and reading messages

– now with automatic speech support in popup window (reading sms, missed calls…) (long press on speak button)

– sending SMS in selected time

– advanced SMS and calls manager with popup window notification with reminder for SMS, calls, events and apps WhatsApp, Google+, Facebook and many others.

– displays pending calls and sms
– length of ringing in missed calls
– LED flash for incoming call or SMS in silent profile
– notifications for full charged battery, loss or detected GSM (wifi) signal and when you disconnect the charging

– Smart vibrations – if you have a new message or a missed call, your phone when removed from the pocket vibrates or turn display on
– automatic display lights or vibration when moving the phone if the phone was previously at rest in a horizontal position

– blocks unwanted calls and text messages

– mute ringing with hand on phone (on devices with proximity sensor) – covering the phone or by turning down will mute ringer and vibration
– adding SMS or missed calls to calendar

– the possibility to reject calls from hidden numbers

and many other features

This app uses Accessibility services.”