6 Best Android App For Cross Country Flight

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Cross Country Flight to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android App For Cross Country Flight that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Android App For Cross Country Flight, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android App For Cross Country Flight

1. Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

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“The world’s most popular flight tracker – #1 Travel app in over 150 countries.

Turn your phone or tablet into a live plane tracker and see flights around the world move in real-time on a detailed map. Or point your device at a plane to find out where it’s going and what kind of aircraft it is. Download for free today and discover why millions track flights and check their flight status with Flightradar24.

Favourite features
– Watch aircraft move around the world in real-time
– Identify flights overhead & see flight information—including a photo of the actual aircraft—by simply pointing your device at the sky
– See what the pilot of an aircraft sees in 3D
– Tap on a plane for flight details such as route, estimated time of arrival, actual time of departure, aircraft type, speed, altitude, high-resolution photos of the actual aircraft & more
– See historical data & watch playback of past flights
– Tap on an airport icon for arrival & departure boards, flight status, aircraft on the ground, current delay stats, & detailed weather conditions
– Search for individual flights using flight number, airport, or airline
– Filter flights by airline, aircraft, altitude, speed, & more
– With Wear OS you can view a list of nearby aircraft, see basic flight information and view the aircraft on the map when you tap on it

Flightradar24 is a free plane tracker app and includes all the above features. If you want even more great features from Flightradar24 there are two upgrade options—Silver & Gold—and each comes with a free trial.

Flightradar24 Silver
– 90 days of flight history
– More aircraft details, like serial number & age
– More flight details, like vertical speed & squawk
– Filters and alerts to find and track the flights you’re interested in
– Current weather at 3,000+ airports overlaid on the map

Flightradar24 Gold
– All the features included in Flightradar24 Silver +
– 365 days of flight history
– Detailed live map weather layers for clouds & precipitation
– Aeronautical charts & oceanic tracks showing the pathways flights follow across the sky
– Air traffic control boundaries that show which controllers are responsible for a flight
– Extended Mode S data—even more information about a flight’s altitude, speed, and wind & temperature conditions during flight, when available

Silver and Gold upgrade prices are listed in the app as they vary depending on your country and currency. If you choose to upgrade, subscriptions will be charged to the payment method used for your Google account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You manage your subscription through your Google Play Account Settings.

How it works
Most aircraft today are equipped with ADS-B transponders that transmit positional data. Flightradar24 has a rapidly growing network of over 20,000 ground stations around the world to receive this data that then shows up as aircraft moving on a map in the app. In an expanding number of regions, with the help of multilateration, we’re able to calculate the positions of aircraft that don’t have ADS-B transponders. Coverage in North America is also supplemented by real-time radar data. Coverage is variable and subject to change at any time.

Connect with Flightradar24
We love getting feedback on FR24. Since we’re unable to respond directly to reviews, contact us directly and we’ll be happy to assist.
email (support@fr24.com)
twitter (@flightradar24)
Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Flightradar24)

The use of this app is strictly limited to entertainment purposes. This specifically excludes activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others. Under no circumstances will the developer of this app be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or its interpretation or its use contrary to this agreement.”

2. Air Navigation Pro

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“Air Navigation Pro is a high-quality flight assistant app, with real time GPS navigation for mainly VFR pilots. You can plan and track your flights and have access to a database of worldwide airspaces and waypoints. Prepare your flight better than ever with Air Navigation Pro!

The Moving Map displays aeronautical charts as background, interactive waypoints, airspaces and planned route. Plan and edit with the Flight Planning function, directly from the moving map or by searching the waypoint’s database. The planned route will be displayed on the moving together with further information such as next point distance, track, heading and many more.

The georeferenced approach charts are designed for maximum visibility. Displaying now also in the 3D view, they provide increase awareness of your surroundings during take-off and landing.

We provide a worldwide selection of free and paid charts including the main ICAO charts. The Profile View gives all terrain information for better situation awareness and safety enhancement. The 3D view provides enhanced terrain awareness and is compatible with georeferenced approach charts.
List of charts available on http://services.airnavigation.aero

Simulate aircraft instruments, for both helicopters and airplanes, by gathering information from GPS and other sensors. Set a wide range of alerts customized to your needs, for example to notify you when a target altitude has been reached or abandoned.
Enhance safety with the Traffic Awareness feature by decreasing the risk of a collision, fly simultaneously or follow another aircraft that you marked*
*requires GSM internet connection or an external device

Global aeronautical database with over 200,000 waypoints and 50,000 airspaces constantly being updated. Search and navigate to specific locations. Also create, edit and export custom waypoints and routes and create aircraft profiles for both helicopters and airplanes.

Follow your flight in real time, record your flight, replay and analyse your trace. The recorded flight can also be exported as KML file and be viewed on Google Earth.

– Night Vision
– Sharing Functions and Live Tracking
– Supports external modules

Check out more features at https://airnavigation.aero/

Some “WiFi only” tablets do not include an internal GPS receptor. An external sensor is needed for these devices. Check out our Online User Manual at http://manual.airnavigation.aero

This app offers yearly auto-renewable subscriptions.
Please read Air Navigation Pro terms of use: https://airnavigation.aero/terms-of-use.html

*Please note that this software isn’t intended to replace a certified navigation device. You should always use official aeronautical documentation when preparing and performing a flight and always use certified navigation devices when performing a flight.

Air Navigation Pro for Android V3.4 is supported from Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow API level 23) to higher versions.”

3. Garmin Pilot

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“** 30 Day Free Trial! **

Plan. File. Fly. Log.

Garmin Pilot is the most comprehensive suite of tools for Android designed specifically for general aviation and corporate pilots. Flight planning, Lockheed Martin and DUATS filing, charts, interactive maps, weather briefing resources and navigation capabilities; it’s all included. The app’s intuitive interface mirrors those on the newest Garmin touchscreen avionics so you can go seamlessly from preflight to inflight. Plan, file, fly with Garmin Pilot.


Garmin Pilot’s powerful capabilities start with pre-flight planning, providing pilots with the most comprehensive aviation weather information to make better-informed flight decisions. Pilots can check NEXRAD radar, visible and infrared cloud imagery, METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, NOTAMs, winds and temperature aloft, PIREPs, TFRs and lightning data. With Garmin Pilot, data can be displayed over a VFR sectional or an IFR low or high en-route chart to visualize the weather for your route. Add text-based weather widgets and use the exclusive NavTrack feature to view weather along the planned route.


With Garmin Pilot, users can easily enter a flight plan. Pre-loaded forms make it quick to save and reuse data for frequently flown routes. And when the flight plan is ready, Garmin Pilot makes it simple to file, cancel or close the flight plan via Lockheed Martin or CSC DUATS.


Garmin Pilot provides full en-route navigation capability on its moving map, while showing ETE, ETA, cross track error, distance to waypoint and current position.


Garmin Pilot includes a comprehensive electronic logbook that syncs with flyGarmin. The logbook automatically generates entries based upon GPS data collected during the flight, tracks currency, supports manual entries, endorsements and creates reports.

Garmin Pilot. It’s the app aviators have been waiting for.

Features include:
– Charts: VFR Sectionals, low and high IFR en-route, airport diagrams and approach procedures
– Optional geo-reference Garmin FliteCharts® and Garmin SafeTaxi® show aircraft position on approach charts and taxiways
– Weather Maps: Animated radar, AIRMETs/SIGMETs, Lightning, PIREPs, METARs/TAFs, Winds Aloft, TFRs, Infrared and Visible Satellite
– Extensive text products: METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, PIREPs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, Area Forecasts and NOTAMs
– Dynamic weather overlays with your route displayed on map
– AOPA Airport Directory
– Flight plan filing via Lockheed Martin and DUATS
– Comprehensive weather data direct from the National Weather Service and Environment Canada”

4. XC Guide

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“XC Guide helps pilots and retrieve drivers track each other using these systems:

Open Glider Network (OGN)
FlyMaster ®
Livetrack24 ®
Garmin inReach ®
XC Globe

FANET live-tracking and text messaging requires an 868MHz LoRa module with GxAirCom firmware.

FLARM ® can be received and transmitted with an XC Tracer or GxAirCom module.

General Aviation traffic using ADS-B can also be displayed when linked to a SkyEcho2 ADS-B transceiver or using the OpenSky ® service.

The main App features are:

1) A Flight Computer indicating altitude, ground speed, bearing, climb/sink rate, glide angle, wind direction, time, flight duration and distance from takeoff.

Barometric pressure can be obtained either from an internal sensor or via a Bluetooth XC-Tracer ®, BlueFly vario or MipBip+ vario.

2) A pilot list, showing their photo (wing), where they are, their tracker type and status messages etc. Contacts permission is requested if the integrated contact features are used.

3) A map showing other pilots, retrieve buses, airspace, way-points, thermal hot-spots, flight trails plus safety and retrieve messages. FANET weather reports and thermals appear on the map automatically.

4) Navigation tool to manage waypoints and tasks.

5) Thermal assistant widget on the map.

6) Rain radar widget on the map.

7) Competition race tasks. Tasks are fully compatible with the new PG-Race.aero service. Camera permission is requested when scanning QR codes, for easy task sharing.

Audible warnings alert you to ‘SOS’ and ‘Need Retrieve’ messages, airspace proximity, XC TRACER FLARM ® collision warnings, and new FANET messages.

Flights are logged as IGC and KML files, and can be replayed.

IGC files from XC Guide are accepted by FAI/CIVL and verified by the online validation service. They are also accepted by XContest.

XC Guide can automatically send an email to your safety contacts when you take off and land.

Detailed help in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi and Chinese is included in the App.

Note: Since Version 300, XC Guide folders are located in:
If un-installing XC Guide, all these folders are deleted automatically by the operating system. So please backup important files, such as your flight logbook and IGC flight logs, beforehand.”

5. AvNav: Flight Planning and Navigation (USA Only)

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“The Most Advanced Flight Planning and Navigation App for Pilots on Android. AvNav is for pilots who enjoy local and cross country flying through variety of terrain and weather (sometimes in IFR condition). For Flying in the United States only.
•Stitched seamless VFR Sectional, TAC and IFR charts whether its North up or Track up mode, our charts are always high quality and fast rendering
• Vector map layer shows physical features like rivers, roads, and lakes alongside aeronautical features such as air-spaces, airports and weather markers. Even details like taxiways and runways are embedded in the map.
•Victor Airways, DPs and STARs in the flight plan only Android App to do so. AvNav will insert all intermediate waypoints of an approach and provide vertical guidance along the route.
•Geo-referenced Approach plates and Airport Diagrams see your plane on Airport diagrams and Approach plates. They can also be seen as overlays on map page.
•FBO Information and Fuel prices (updated daily) are included in the App. Fuel prices can be shown on the map page itself. You can search for lower priced fuel and FBOs in the Air.
•Terrain: see terrain over your altitude in red and know that you will be able to clear terrain ahead of you. New in Version 4 is is our unique, hardware accelerated hillshading.
•In the Air, AvNav shows your GPS position on the charts and gets updated information from ADS-B receiver of your choice to display traffic and weather on the map page.
•Uncluttered Weather Icons on the Map pagesee METAR parameters such as Sky condition, Ceiling, temperature on the map page itself.
•Fast downloads via Amazon AWS- while you do not need any download other than the App to get started, for cockpit use offline charts are required and available via AWS. Our downloads are fast and you can download multiple charts at the same time. You can also continue to use the app while download is in progress.
•Preferred routes see what other pilots are filing for your origin and destination.
•Always-on rubber-banding simply drag the route to plan around SUAs, TFRs, bad weather or terrain.
•Winds aloft-optimized flight plans and Altitude optimizer do not fly without wind data – it makes a difference!
•Static and animated/looping Nexrad overlay on the map page along with Satellite imagery and AIRMET/SIGMET/PIREPs.
•TFRs, Class A, B, C Airspaces and Active or Pending SUA and MOA overlays on the map page
•DUAT Filing and Briefing – You can file an FAA Flight Plan and get weather briefing from the App itself. Most information is automatically copied from active flight plan thus reducing any need for typing.
Pricing: 30-day free trial then $74.95/year or $7.95/month – includes Fuel prices, Terrain and Geo-referenced approach plates and airport diagrams.”

6. Sporty’s Pilot Training

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“Sporty’s innovative Pilot Training app brings a variety of aviation training courses to one location, allowing you to access all your aviation content from your Android phone and tablet.

It’s free to get started – including interactive free FAA practice tests and HD training videos.


For the cost of a single flight lesson, Sporty’s Learn to Fly course will save you time and money earning your pilot certificate. This is not a weekend “cram course” or a boring ground school lecture on video. It is a comprehensive flight-training companion designed to make your lessons more efficient, more complete and more fun. There is nothing extra to buy—just add flight instructor!

INCLUDES: 20 hours of HD video training with search, knowledge test prep, interactive flight maneuvers guide, video-referenced Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Flight Training Syllabus, Ask a CFI service.

After successful course completion, you’ll earn an FAA knowledge test endorsement and FAA WINGS credit.

With Sporty’s Complete Instrument Rating Course, you’ll ace your FAA written test—we guarantee it! But this app is much more than just test prep. With incredible in-flight footage and 3D animations, we unlock the secrets of the IFR system so you can be a safe, smooth and proficient pilot. Detailed video segments cover both glass cockpits and analog gauges.

INCLUDES: 13 hours of video training, knowledge test prep, interactive instrument maneuvers guide, video-referenced Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Flight Training Syllabus, Ask a CFI service.

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