10 Best Android App For Identity Documents

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Identity Documents to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Android App For Identity Documents that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 10 Best Android App For Identity Documents, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

10 Best Android App For Identity Documents

1. Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID Card Creator

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“This Card maker with photo makes it easy to create any type of cards including but not limited to Business card, Holiday cards, employee card, invitation cards etc. The best feature of this card maker with photo – employee id card creator is auto card designer app which anyone can put their creativity work with a perfect and amazing card designs. When you make any type of card you can send it on Gmail and you can able to get it printed.

This Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator has been a pure delight to use creating own personal card and professional businesses cards. You can make so many cards and it’s easy to print multiple business cards which you want to print for own business.

There are two options available in this Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator which will let you chose whether you want to design your own card in landscape or portrait where cards templates are given. You can make card with Landscape for your business and in the portrait for employee card.
Readymade templates of business card and employee card is available, only you can add text to readymade card and save it on HD format.

Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator features
✅ 1000+ cards templates
✅ Just select the card template and customize
✅ You can edit Front and back of any cards
✅ HD cards templates
✅ Auto card designs available
✅ You can upload own photo and company logo
✅ Perfectly rotate any text and logos
✅ Add QR code or Barcode to your business card
✅ PDF export to easily print the business card
✅ Easily Align any text straight
✅ Upload my own logo
✅ Save On SD Card and gallery
✅ SHARE on any Social Media

Key Features of Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator

✔Options to create your card in two ways portrait and landscape
✔Create cards for employees and company
✔Insert Card Background from gallery
✔Create card of your own choice by choosing the background color
✔Add stickers and text with different fonts styles and colors
✔Manage text size accordingly with card size
✔Bundles of icons of your card like social icons, phone Icons, contact Icon, message Icons, location Icons.
✔Insert your company logo for business card
✔Insert employee photo for employee card
✔Rotate and flip your text and photo.
✔Save HD cards.”

2. Folio: Digital ID Wallet

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“Secure digital wallet & ID scanner
Store all your cards and IDs in one place, with Folio’s ID scanner app! Advanced face recognition biometrics lets you in and keeps others out. Digitize your wallet in seconds.

Folio is your safe and secure mobile digital wallet app. Protect your personal documents and IDs with Folio’s mobile ID card scanner and password protection. Folio makes it easy to scan, store, and save IDs and cards in this digital mobile wallet app.

Now all your personal documents are digital, safe, and secure in Folio’s mobile wallet app. Scan and save your mobile passport, digital drivers license, health care cards, banking cards, credit cards, gym membership ID card, loyalty, and other important documents.

ID Cards & Documents in One Place
Never worry about carrying or losing your digital wallet and card keeper, simply scan and save your ID cards in this mobile wallet app and credit card scanner.

Scan your identity, ID cards into this digital card wallet app easily, and store securely with Folio’s mobile wallet app.

• Save all your cards in one place with this free mobile digital wallet app
• Scan IDs, health cards, credit cards, bank cards, drivers license, documents
• Verify your identity quickly with face recognition and government issued ID
• Confirm your ID with banks, businesses, and governments
• Access your mobile wallet safely anywhere, anytime
• Latest character recognition and scanning software
• Guided instructions to help you along the way
• Your encrypted information is not visible to Folio or sent to a third party without your explicit consent

Face Recognition
Highly accurate face recognition & matching engine to link the user with their documents and verify you are always dealing with the same person.
Folio is your digital card holder to store membership cards, save digital documents, securely and easily. This free app is a digital drivers license scanner, card ID scanner, that saves and protects your IDs and personal cards in a mobile digital wallet.

Save your digital ID and your virtual mobile wallet in this free card scanner app.


3. KopieID

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“Do not just give someone your ID or a copy of your ID. With the KopieID app, you can protect your identity details. Use KopieID to make a safe copy of your identity card, passport or driving licence.

– Take a photo of your identity document.
– Cross out privacy-sensitive information, such as your burgerservicenummer (BSN).
– Indicate who the copy is intended for and for what purpose. This text and the date are added on the copy as a watermark.
– You can now send the copy, print it or save it safely for later use. Saving the copy is only possible if you have crossed out something.

KopieID app – with the option to save the copy – is for security reasons only available for devices with storage encryption, usually from Android version 7.”

4. Yoti – your digital identity

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“Yoti is your secure digital ID.

Your Digital ID gives you a safe and convenient way to prove who you are to businesses.

What you can do with Yoti

– Prove your identity or age to businesses.

– Securely store and share credentials issued to you by third parties, including staff ID cards and health test results.

– Get an extra layer of security when you log in to online accounts.

– Manage all your logins with our free password manager.

Your details are safe

Add details to your Yoti by scanning a government-approved ID document. We accept passports, driving licences and national ID cards from 185+ countries.

Any details you add to your Yoti are encrypted into unreadable data that only you can unlock. The private encryption key to your data is stored safely on your phone – only you can activate this key and access your details using your PIN or fingerprint.

Protecting your privacy

We cannot share your details without your permission or mine or sell your data to third parties.

We encourage businesses to only ask for the details they need, so when you choose to share your details with a business using Yoti, you can feel safe sharing less data.

Create your Digital ID in minutes

1. Add a phone number and create a 5 digit PIN to protect your account.

2. Take a scan of your face so we can be sure you’re a real person.

3. Scan your ID document to add your details.

Join over 10 million people who have already downloaded the Yoti app.”

5. ID Card Wallet – Card Holder

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“ID Card Wallet – Card Holder app is an offline id card holder wallet app to keep details of your important cards in one place securely.

You can store your ID card info such as Passport, RC Book, Driving Licensee or Debit and Credit cards.

You can keep as many documents, cards, id etc:
– RC Book, Driving License
– Debit Cards, Credit Cards
– Transport Cards
– Shopping Cards
– Key Cards (Hotel / Office)
– Kids School Id
– Bike / Car RC (Registration Certificate) Book
– Loyalty Cards
– Office ID card
– Health / Insurance Cards
– Business Card
– Ticket (Train / Bus / Flight etc)
– Passport
– Certificates

ID Card Wallet – Card Holder App Unique Features:
– 100% data security as it stored in private android storage offline.
– Add your all cards at one safe place, add multiple ids or cards
– Organized Cards, Easy to find all documents at one place
– Add your card front and back, save you card info
– List of Cards Details (for all family members)
– Easy to view, edit and share cards
– Secure your all Card Details by Security Lock
– ID card Mobile Wallet, Card Holder Mobile Wallet, ID card Holder”

6. BlinkID – ID card and passport scanner

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“Keep all your documents in one place. Fill out forms without reaching for your wallet with BlinkID.

Scan and extract your personal information from virtually any identity document in the world; ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, visas or work permits. BlinkID keeps all your cards in one place, including membership, loyalty, library and any other card.

Why is saving documents on your phone a good idea?
As we know, time is the most precious resource. By keeping personal documents on your phone, you will have more time to do what you really enjoy instead of typing in your information over and over again. Let the AI-powered features do all the work for you.

What’s great about BlinkID — an ID document scanner?
• Scanning and saving all kinds of paper and plastic cards
• Wallet that helps you keep all your documents in one place
• Sharing your documents as PDF, image or text via email or any other app on your phone
• Getting notified before your document expires
• Last but not least, it’s completely free from ads and any kinds of in-app purchases. Explore all BlinkID features without any distractions.

Microblink Ltd. is an AI company developing proprietary mobile vision technology that solves real-life problems for more than 100 million end-users.”

7. ID Photo

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“ID Photo App is a simple, easy and free App for Android mobile for making photos ready instantly for any type of documents (passport, driver’s license, etc.). ID Photo App supports predefined photo layouts for various types of documents as its requirements. ID Photo App knows the requirements of many types of documents of different countries. It can use a new photo instantly taken by camera or photo from your gallery. After processing, ID Photo generates a printable graphical file of your document. Additionally, ID Photo offers touch to crop and adjust color (gray-scale) for your photos.

•Simple interface
•Adjust color (grayscale)
•Easy crop
•Use photos from your gallery
•Save images in JPEG
•Lots of layout templates of different types of documents of different countries
•Canvas print of your photo for document
•Processing time max-one minute.

Thus, ID Photo App makes any type of document photo very easy and fast for you.
So hurry up and download ID Photo App for free for your Android!
Feel free to give your feedback!”

8. ID Card Checker

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“Check identity documents such as id cards and passports on its validity

You are a police or customs officer, working in a bank, or working in a rental car company and have to do with identity cards and passports?

Then download the ID Card Checker on your phone or tablet!

The ID Card Checker will help you to evaluate the machine-readable zone of the identity card for accuracy.

The machine-readable zone of a passport document is produced by the ICAO standard. It generates from the personal data of the visibility zone. The ID Card Checker calculates from the data of the birth date and the expiration date the correct check digits and proofs them for accuracy.

In the pro-version you can check the completely machine-readable zone (such as serial number, date of birth, expiration date, personal number and total check id) on its correctness. In the settings you can find a demo.

It also provides an overview of the digits of the used OCR-B font, including counter-examples. This template gives you the opportunity to compare the present number with the OCR-B font.

The app shows examples of fake identity documents with a incorrect machine-readable zone.

The ID Card Checker was developed with advisory support from detectives and is available in over 190 countries to proof identity documents.

★ Features:

✔ Check for validity of the checked digits from the machine-readable zone
✔ Overview of how the numbers and letters look like in standard OCR-B
✔ Examples to identify fake identity documents
✔ Demo of the pro-feature expert-mode

★ Declaration on the permissions:

For advertising in the free version. The ID Card Checker Pro does not need permissions.”

9. identity autoID

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“The identity autoID app provides a quick, easy to use and free of charge identity check, driver’s license check, or age verification. With identity’s autoID process, driving license or ID card data can be extracted and transmitted in seconds via text recognition software, using smartphone or tablet. To use and complete the process, all you need is a valid ID or driving license and a stable internet connection. Through mobile data transmission, identification can be carried out at any time and at any place.

Save time by replacing any traditional KYC or personal identification with this app. Identification procedures offered by identity Trust Management AG have been certified and meet highest security and data protection requirements.

For more information: https://www.identity.tm”

10. Genuine-ID Document Check

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“Genuine-ID Document Check is a free app for secure document verification in seconds. It reliably reads and checks passports, ID cards, and driver’s licenses in real-time and at any time of day – be it from home or on the road. The system recognizes all documents officially issued in Europe. This describes a demo use of the application.

The Process:
1. With your smartphone camera, take a picture of your identity document. In the first verification step, the system categorizes which type of document it is. In the second step, the document is checked for numerous security features.

2. If the document is genuine, it verifies that you are the same person in document. You will be asked to look into the camera. Your facial features are then compared with those on the document photo (“Face Matching”). Then you will be asked to close your eyes for a certain amount of time, and finally, you will be prompted to smile (“Liveness Detection”).

With Face Matching and Liveness Detection you can be certain that no one else can impersonate you during the process.

Please contact us if you would like to integrate ID document verification into your business processes and applications.
Contact: sales@jenidsolutions.com , +49 3641 31610 70″