6 Best Android App For Nissan Leaf

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Nissan Leaf to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android App For Nissan Leaf that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Android App For Nissan Leaf, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android App For Nissan Leaf

1. My Leaf

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“Possibly the best app for Nissan Leaf! 😎

😭 Problems? Please contact via email instead of doing a negative review! Please show some appreciation for the FREE and open source alternative! Thank you!

📌 Setup / Before you use

Remember to first complete the initial sign up process of your NissanConnect account and vehicle with the official app from Nissan before trying My Leaf!

Remember that My Leaf is directly affected by Nissan’s sometimes unreliable services! If the services/official app are down/unreliable so is My Leaf!

To use My Leaf a NissanConnect subscription from Nissan is required!

📌 Features

This app is exclusively used for the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan e-NV200 at the moment.

My Leaf is a simple, striving to be great looking, and fast open source alternative to the official NissanConnect apps from Nissan.

✅ Battery statistics; SOC, range and charging statuses
✅ Charging control; schedule(**) and start charging
✅ Climate control; set temperature(*), scheduling, starting and stopping of climate control
✅ Locate your vehicle(*)
✅ Detailed history of your trips
✅ You get access to Climate and Charging Control widgets as a donator!(**)
✅ FREE “as in free speech” 📢 and open source!

(*)Only for vehicles produced after May 2019
(**)Only for European vehicles produced prior to May 2019

📌 FREE! and open source! Want to support development? Be a donator!

My Leaf is free 🎉 and open source ✌️ It takes effort to continually maintain and improve! Therefore donations are more than welcome! 😎 You can do it directly in-app!

Join the help, testing and feedback community at;

2. NissanConnect EV

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– Nissan LEAF sold between December 2010 and May 2019
– Nissan e-NV200 sold from June 2014

Electrify the world – Previously called CARWINGS, NissanConnect EV brings brand new features and an intuitive interface that will ensure you enjoy everything that your Nissan EV has to offer.

With the NissanConnect EV App, you can:

– Check your current charge level
– Turn on your climate control
– Start charging of your Nissan
– Check when your charging will be completed
– Check your estimated driving range

For more information, please visit our website www.nissan.co.uk”

3. NissanConnect® EV & Services

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“The NissanConnect® EV & Services** app is designed especially for owners and drivers of the Nissan LEAF®. The NissanConnect EV & Services** app lets you manage the unique features of your LEAF like charging the battery, adjusting climate controls and checking the battery status, all from your mobile device. You can also personalize the app dashboard with the features that you use the most.

LEAF drivers require an active subscription to access the features of NissanConnect EV**, but it is complimentary for the first three years of ownership.

NissanConnect EV & Services is available for the following models and trim levels:

Model year 2018-2022 LEAF owners require an active subscription to NissanConnect EV with Services** powered by SiriusXM®. As an added security measure, a PIN is required before the Remote Door Lock/Unlock feature can be used. This PIN is established when enrolling in NissanConnect EV with Services**. If you have not yet enrolled in NissanConnect EV with Services** or need to reset your PIN, download the NissanConnect EV & Services app or visit www.owners.nissanusa.com.

For more information on set up and using the NissanConnect EV & Services** app visit www.owners.nissanusa.com or contact a NissanConnect EV Customer Support Specialist at (877) NO GAS EV , Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Time.

Have feedback? Open the main menu in the app and click “HELP & SUPPORT”. From there, you’ll find methods to reach a NissanConnect EV Customer Support Specialist, like by calling (877) NO GAS EV or by sending an email to Nissanownerservices@nissan-usa.com. Please make sure to mention your device type to ensure that we can properly address your feedback.

This app allows model year 2011-2017 LEAF owners to access these features**:

•Remote Start Charge
•Remote Battery Status Check
•Remote Climate Control On/Off
•Remote Climate Control Timer
•Route Planner
•My Car Finder (MY16 and MY17)
•Plug-in Reminder Notification
•Charge Complete Notification
•and more

Please see important information below on 3G cellular network discontinuation impacting MY11-17 LEAF vehicles***.

This app allows model year 2018-2022 LEAF owners to access these features**:

•All of the features listed above for MY11-17 vehicles, plus:
•My Car Finder*
•Remote Door Lock/Unlock*
•Remote Horn & Lights*
•Curfew, Boundary and Speed alerts*
•and more

Please note that the Apple Watch app is a companion app and cannot be used without first downloading the iOS app and logging in.

* Feature availability is dependent on vehicle model, trim level, packaging and options.
** Available services/features may be shown. Use feature only when safe and legal. Compatible device and service required. Subject to third party service availability. For more information see http://www.nissanusa.com/connect/legal
***The NissanConnect Services telematics program will be affected by AT&T’s decision to discontinue its 3G cellular network. On February 22, 2022, all Nissan vehicles equipped with telematics hardware compatible for use with the 3G cellular network will be unable to connect to the 3G network and unable to access the NissanConnect Services features. Clients having purchased a Nissan vehicle with this type of hardware must have enrolled in NissanConnect Services prior to June 1, 2021 to activate the service to receive access through February 22, 2022 (access is subject to cellular network availability and coverage limitations). For more information, please visit http://www.nissanusa.com/connect/support.”

4. NissanConnect Services

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“The NissanConnect Services App redefines your relationship with your Nissan by allowing you to connect & control your car with your smartphone.

– Nissan NAVARA sold from July 2019
– Nissan LEAF sold from May 2019
– Nissan JUKE sold from November 2019
– Nissan Qashqai sold from June 2021

Create an account and connect directly from the app to discover all the features.
Activation of services is made a lot easier and directly through the app allowing you to add and activate all services & features.

With the NissanConnect Services App, you can*:

Bring your world to the one of your car:
– Connect laptops, tablets or smartphones to the In-Car WiFi hotspot
– Get information and control your car using your voice. Add your car to any Google Assistant device

Drive quickly and easily to your destination:
– Get daily, monthly or yearly reports on your driving
– Plan your trip from your smartphone by sending an address to your car before your journey starts
– After you have parked, the app can locate your position and guide you through the last mile walking

Experience more comfort and convenience:
– Remotely control your horn & lights to always find where you parked
– Easily access Nissan Customer Support & Assistance

Get to your desctination more safely and securely:
– Reach for assistance in case of any breakdown directly from your car
– Monitor the usage of your car by parametering alerts of its speed, area or time of driving

Manage the charge and battery level of your Nissan LEAF:
– Set the temperature of your car before starting your journey
– Access & check the battery level
– Start vehicle charging remotely

* The availability of features varies between models and/or grades. For more information, please contact your Nissan dealer or please visit our website www.nissan.co.uk””

5. QuickLeaf

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“QuickLeaf is designed to remotely control the key features of the Nissan Leaf in the most robust, easy and fast way.

This is achieved by providing a very simple interface without unnecessary navigation, automatically retry if something fails, and run in the background.

You can log into the app with your You+Nissan account, just like in the NissanConnect EV app.

The app supports all Nissan Leafs and Nissan e-NV200 with app-support. But the support for Leafs released after may 2019 is currently at an early stage, and missing some funtionality. Please report back if it doesn’t work for your car, or some funtionality is missing

NOTE: If you’re unable to log in to both this app and the official app, please update your password at You+Nissan. You should also note that the API frequently has temporarily issues that makes the login not work.


The app offers a simple interface with various functions that can be run with just one click. These are dependent on the Nissan’s API, which in turn requires communication with the car to run. The app does what it can to make the experience of the delays as least annoying as possible.

Fuctions that can be run:
⚫ Start/Stop AC
⚫ Check battery status/percentage
⚫ Monitor battery (Continuously updates the battery status during charging, and estimates charging speed and when charging is done)
⚫ Start charging


Logging in is only done the first time you open the app. Passwords are securely encrypted via the Android KeyStore API and stored in the app upon login so the app can automatically log in again whenever the API requires it.


App shortcuts is supported for some of the functions. To use these press and hold the app icon until the menu appears. From here you can click on the pin to add the shortcut to your home screen.

Free app

The app is free, but all contributions are greatly appreciated.

This can be done from within the app if you like the it. Only you know what the app is worth to you, so this is up to you. Anyway, I appreciate everyone who tries the app and gives feedback if something doesn’t work properly.”

6. Leaf Spy Pro

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“The Leaf Spy Pro application allows anyone with a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, Android device with Bluetooth and a supported ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapter the ability to monitor their battery and other vehicle information normally visible only to the dealer.

With the release of version 0.39.97 LeafSpy Pro now supports two Bluetooth 4.x LE approved adapters. The recommended one is the LELink available from Amazon. Bluetooth 4.x LE has the advantage of not needing to be paired and lower power from both the Android device and the Leaf. The LELink is highly recommended and also works with the iOS version of LeafSpy Pro.

The built-in help file is available as a PDF by sending an email with subject “Android PDF Help” to WattsLeft.meter@gmail.com

Information displayed by Leaf Spy Lite & Leaf Spy:

* Voltage of each of the 96 cell pairs (highlighted if shunt active)
* Minimum, average, maximum cell pair voltages
* Histogram of cell pair voltages
* Battery Temperature readings (4 sensors for 2011/12 models, 3 for 2013 models)
* Battery AHr rating (this will decease with age and is an indication of remaining capacity)
* Odometer
* Number of Quick Charge connections
* Number of L1/L2 Charge connections
* EVSE Max available amps
* EVSE voltage

Additional information displayed by Leaf Spy:
* Battery energy level in GIDs & kWh
* Resetable energy usage meter (Wh resolution)
* Graphic display of SOC, GIDs and DTE (Distance to Empty)
* Remaining distance meter (miles/km) to Event (Low Battery Warning, Very Low Battery Warning or Reserve) based on user selectable energy efficiency
* Graphic display of battery temperature with min, avg, max temperatures
* Tire Pressure of each of the four tires with low pressure warning and delta pressure warning alarm (at the moment only for 2011-2017 Leafs)
* Ambient Temperature
* Logging function that records most data and optionally GPS location to a csv file that can be easily imported into excel.

The “Pro” version adds the ability to perform functions normally requiring a visit to the dealer.
* Change automatic door lock/unlock settings
* Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
* Register Tire Positions (required after tire rotation or seasonal tire changes so your Leaf knows the correct location of each tire on the car)
* Ability to reset DTCs from selected ECUs
* Control VSP Sounds on 2011-2017 Leafs. (Nissan disabled this function on 2018 and newer Leafs.)
* Clear P3102 DTC after a battery replacement.”