6 Best Android App For Onkyo

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Onkyo to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android App For Onkyo that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Android App For Onkyo, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android App For Onkyo

1. Onkyo Remote for Android 2.3

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“Onkyo’s Remote App supports wireless audio and remote control functionality.
Onkyo’s Remote App allows owners to integrate wireless audio stored on an Android device into their Onkyo home network system. The app operates over a wireless LAN and enables a range of remote control functions, such as volume and tone control and input selection.
• Wirelessly streams music stored on an Android device
• Operates general remote-control functions (e.g. play, stop, power on/off)
• Controls multi-zone audio
• Selects input source, network source, and radio station
• Adjusts tone control, listening modes, and speaker volume
• Displays content information
• Compatible with Spotify Connect
• Compatible with Onkyo’s existing RI (Remote Interactive) system
*For details on RI-compatible systems, please refer to the Onkyo website.
*This application program does not support tablet devices.
*This application program does not support smartphones in QVGA or HVGA resolution.

Compatible Onkyo Models:
• All network A/V receivers released in 2010/11/12/13, TX-8050 Network Stereo Receiver, T-4070 Network Stereo Tuner, and CR-N755*
*All models may require a firmware update available for download at the Onkyo website.”

2. Enhanced Controller for Onkyo and Pioneer

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“This app allows remote control of an Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra Network Player or a Network A/V Receiver via the “Integra Serial Communication Protocol”. Some TEAC models like Teac NT-503 are also supported.

The two most popular features of the app are music playback and sound profile management.

Other benefits include:
– Maximum privacy: No ads, no trackers, no telemetry, no special permissions like GPS
– The modern Material design supports different color themes and works on smartphones and/or tablets in portrait and landscape mode
– One-click access to music playback actions
– One-click access to media items using shortcuts
– Full music playback control (play, stop, pause, track up/down, time seek, repeat and random modes)
– Full tone control (listening modes, bass, center, treble and subwoofer levels)
– Enhanced Play Queue support (add, replace, remove, remove all, change playback order)
– TuneIn Radio, Deezer, and Tidal streaming (if supported by receiver)
– DAB / FM / AM (if supported by receiver)
– Multi-zone support (if supported by receiver)
– Multi-room support: Allows control of groups of devices attached via FlareConnect (like Wireless Audio System NCP-302)
– Ability to control FlareConnect without WiFi
– Control of devices attached via RI
– Display device details and control device settings such as dimmer level, digital filter, auto power, and sleep timer
– Allows control of receivers over an OpenVPN connection (even over a cellular connection)
– Integration with “Tasker”

Known limitations:
– Please note that the app does not support the music streaming from your phone to the network player or the receiver
– Track time seek is missing in Tidal (that is a limitation of the Onkyo firmware)
– In order to use Spotify, you need the official Spotify app additionally to this app
– Amazon Music HD subscription: broadcast in AAC 256 kbps only (that is a limitation of the Onkyo firmware)
– Following Pioneer models are NOT supported: VSX-529, VSX-830, VSX-923, VSX-924, VSX-1021, VSX-1121, SC-95, N-50, N-50a, N-70A
– Following models do not support “Play Queue” feature (that is a limitation of the Onkyo firmware): CR-N765, DTR-40.5, HM76, HT-R693, HT-R695, TX-8130, TX-8150, TX-NR626, TX-NR636, TX-NR646, TX-RZ900

At the moment, the app is tested with following devices:
– Onkyo: TX-L50, TX-NR414, TX-NR509, TX-NR525, TX-NR575E, TX-NR616, TX-NR636, TX-NR646, TX-NR656, TX-NR676E, TX-NR686, TX-RZ810, TX-RZ830, TX-RZ900, TX-RZ1100, HT-S7805, NS-6130, NS-6170, TX-8130, TX-8150, TX-8250, TX-8270, TX-8390, TX-L20D, R-N855, CS-N575D, CR-N765, CR-N775D, NCP-302
– Integra: DTM-6, DRX-5.2, DTR 30.7, DTR 40.7
– Pioneer: VSX-LX303, VSX-LX503, VSX-LX504, VSX-832, VSX-932, VSX-933, SC-LX701, NC-50DAB, N-70AE, XC-HM86D, MRX-3, MRX-5
– Teac: NT-503, AG-D500

The app is 100% open source. Please feel free to download, explore, fork or contribute to it on https://github.com/mkulesh/onpc”

3. Onkyo Controller

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“To use Application it needs to read and agree Terms of Service.

Onkyo Controller is the official Onkyo remote control application that allows users to conveniently operate compatible Onkyo network products from their Android handset.
The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to get more from your audio entertainment experience.
This app not only has the usual remote control functions (play/stop, volume control, etc.), it also has a multi-room feature that allows you to stream a different music track in every room or in a group of rooms. With this single app, you can stream CDs or Internet radio played through an AV amplifier in the living room to Onkyo compatible products in other rooms. *(Only compatible products released in 2016 or later)

Get more from your AV home entertainment experience with this app!

Main functions that can be operated through this application.
(1) Play music in each room or every room
– Lets you play music from music streaming services such as Pandora , Spotify, DEEZER and TIDAL, your music library on your smart device, or your NAS drive on FireConnect compatible products.
– You can play your music via radio, Bluetooth and USB.

(2) Remote control functions
– You can operate general control functions (play/stop, control the volume, select the input source, etc.) from your smartphone.

(3) Operation of connected product(home theater product such as AV amplifier)
– Lets you control a Blu-Ray Disc player player or TV that is connected to an AV amplifier or home theater product via HDMI.

(4) Control of streaming audio files from a DLNA-compatible server. Your Android device can be used to select music directly from the server

(5) FLAC, DSD, and Apple Lossless playback capability via Home Media function (selected models only)

*By setting the “Network Standby” menu item in the unit’s initial settings to ON, you can use this application to turn on the power of the unit.

Compatible models (Models released in April 2016 or later)
Network AV Receivers launched in 2016
Home Theater: SBT-A500, HT-S7800
Wireless Speaker: NCP-302

■ Please note
・Onkyo Controller requires at least Android 5.0.
*Operation not guaranteed on all devices.
・All models require a firmware update to use Onkyo Controller.
・Available Service depends on regions
・In case of use Android 5, the permission indication will be indicated when install this app or update to the latest version
・Why the device’s location is needed? Answer: In order to set-up your wireless devices which are located around you, the access point information such as SSID is needed. There is no other purpose to use the information of the device’s location.”

4. Onkyo Remote

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“A refreshed and streamlined user interface makes it easy to get more from your home entertainment experience.
Available as a free download, the app is compatible with all network-capable Onkyo A/V products as well as selected network-ready products released during or after 2009.

Note: Onkyo network components manufactured prior to 2009 will gain compatibility on a model-by-model basis.

Functions Enabled by Onkyo Remote
(1) Audio streaming services operation. Stations are touchscreen-selectable, with no need to view a TV display
(2) Control of streaming audio files from a DLNA-compatible server. Your android device can be used to select music directly from the server
(3) General remote control and playback functionality
(4) Volume-control function
(5) Information including station frequency displayed when listening to radio. (Note: available only on A/V products with a built-in radio tuner)
(6) Stream music stored on your Android device wirelessly (selected models only)
(7) FLAC, DSD, and Apple Lossless playback capability via Home Media function (selected models only)
(8) Compatibility with Spotify Connect* (A/V network with Spotify compatibility)
*Availability depends on region

Compatible Onkyo Products
– All Network A/V Receivers released during or after 2009**
– T-4070 Network Tuner
– CR-N755 Network Hi-Fi Mini System
– Network Stereo Receiver after 2011 (TX-8050 and after)
**2009 models are not compatible with streaming music stored on Android device.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or later.
* Operation of this application is not guaranteed for all devices.

Enjoy a new world of audio convenience with this free app.”

5. Onkyo Music Control App

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“Onkyo makes simple, great-sounding whole-home wireless audio systems for Android phones and tablets. Using DTS’s breakthrough Play-Fi(R) technology, you can stream your favorite tunes over Wi-Fi right from the app to Onkyo Speaker(s) and/or Onkyo Receiver(s) connected to your existing stereo system. It’s a huge step up from Bluetooth – the audio quality is outstanding, and you can enjoy music from your phone in one room, or all your rooms, anytime.

The app offers a wide range of built-in streaming options: play anything from your music library, enjoy songs from DLNA servers on your home network.

Please also note that the Onkyo Music Control App is companion software to audio products enabled with Play-Fi technology. It is not intended as a stand-alone audio player.”

6. Remote Control For Onkyo

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Remote Control For Onkyo

Support models:
And probably more