3 Best Android App For Scosche Rhythm Plus

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Scosche Rhythm Plus to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Android App For Scosche Rhythm Plus that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Android App For Scosche Rhythm Plus, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Android App For Scosche Rhythm Plus

1. Rhythm SYNC

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“The award-winning Rhythm Heart Rate Monitors use patented technology to capture exceptionally accurate performance in both wet and dry conditions.

This Scosche Rhythm Sync app:

· Connects to Rhythm 24 and Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitors
· Manages Rhythm 24 activity modes and biometrics
functionality: Heart Rate Only, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Heart Rate Variability, Duathlon, and Triathlon
· Displays heart rate data from your Rhythm Monitors
· Displays Rhythm battery level
· Configures sharing with compatible heart rate tracking apps, fitness watches, bike computers, and fitness equipment, to stream your fitness-data in real time, track heart rate history, and more!
· Collects Rhythm 24 recorded activities and has download capabilities
· Allows for Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor firmware updates”

2. FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

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“FITIV Pulse is your ultimate heart rate monitor and workout tracking tool for Android and Wear OS. Use your heart rate tracker with Bluetooth and Smart Watch capabilities to track your calories, monitor your exercise and daily activity. Workout planning, tracking and monitoring tools are core to FITIV Pulse and make it easier to measure and understand your progress for your health and fitness journey.

Workout smarter, not harder with FITIV Pulse’s range of features, including:

Track heart rate, fitness and health metrics.
Heart rate monitor, pulse, resting heart rate, and more can be measured in the app
Samsung Health and Google Fit integrate seamlessly with FITIV Pulse
Heart rate zone training is simple with the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and the Mobvoi Ticwatch.
Monitor fitness with new Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) tools
Measure weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle mass
Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor compatible

*- Workout Planning: with our Workout Builder
*- Fitness Recording: with standalone tracking and configurable metrics
*- Live Exercise Coaching: with voice and visual in-workout feedback
*- Heart Rate Analysis: with detailed charts and graphs
*- Workout Motivation: with personal challenges and community features

Custom workouts supported
Workout routine presets. Dozens of pre-made workouts included!
Personal trainer experience with voice coaching and visual feedback to guide you.
Heart Rate monitor with alerts and notifications
Heart rate zone training lets you accomplish fitness goals faster.
GPS route data, speed, and pace data for running and jogging with clear visual graphing and mapping.
F45 and Orange Theory compatible. FITIV Pulse gives the in-workout data recreate your favorite routines at home

Workout and train smarter with visual feedback to help you understand your progress.
Health dashboard keeps your data clear, accessible, and comparable.
Cardio, GPS mapping for running and jogging, HIIT; however you want to get fit, FITIV pulse can help.
Track health and fitness all in one place.

Workout groups let you connect with other fitness buddies to stay motivated.
Athletes can join others training for the same sport.
Competitions, leaderboards, events and badges add more motivation to work out and track your progress through FITIV Pulse.
Share workouts, invite friends, and compete with family.
Workout advice and questions, share progress, be a part of a fitness community.

Compatible with Wear OS Smartwatch
* Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Active 2
* Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS, Ticwatch E3, Ticwatch C2+
* Fossil SportGen 5E, Gen 5, Sport
* Suunto 7, Polar M600, Moto 360
* Other Wear OS Smart watches
Compatible with Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (BLE)
* Polar H10, Polar H7, Polar OH1
* Wahoo Tickr, Wahoo Tickr X, Wahoo Tickr Fit
* Scosche Rhythm+, Rhythm24
* Orange Theory Fitness (OT Beat Flex, OT Beat Core, OT Beat Burn)
* F45 (Lionheart)
* Other Bluetooth heart rate monitors

Achieve your fitness goals this year! Download FITIV Pulse today!

Terms of service: https://fitiv.com/terms-conditions/
Privacy Policy: https://fitiv.com/privacy-policy”

3. Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness

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“Are you looking for an accurate and easy-to-use heart rate variability (HRV) tracking app to monitor your stress and well-being?

The Elite HRV Wellness app gives you a deeper understanding of your stress, recovery, and well-being.

Download the app today to:
-Prevent burnout and improve well-being
-Optimize your training and recovery
-Reduce stress & predict illness risk
-Boost resilience and balance your nervous system
-Get out of survival mode (fight or flight) and into recovery mode
-Identify sources of chronic inflammation
-Stay accountable and objectively measure progress toward your goals.

The Elite HRV Wellness app is free for personal use.

HRV-capable sensor required
-Recommended HRV Sensor: https://elitehrv.com/corsense
-All Compatible HRV Sensors: http://www.elitehrv.com/compatible-devices
-Bluetooth 4.0 is recommended. ANT+ is supported for some devices.

“An excellent way to quantify your recovery and take the emotional bias out of your training intentions. Let the numbers do the talking.”

Elite HRV removes the guesswork by answering questions like:
-Am I getting enough quality sleep?
-Should I prioritize self-care today?
-Am I at risk for burnout?
-Did I recover well after my last workout?
-Can I push hard today?

Accuracy is our first priority
–> Our accuracy is comparable to a 5-lead EEG, the gold-standard for HRV analysis. It is continually tested for accuracy through our research partnerships with 115+ universities including Harvard Medical School and Columbia University. The app is used by elite athletes, doctors, police, fire, military personnel and individuals seeking to improve their well-being and performance.

Rewire Your Stress Response with HRV Biofeedback
–> Get exclusive access to Dr. Leah Lagos’s 10-week Guided Biofeedback Breathing Program called “Heart Breath Mind: Train your heart to conquer stress and achieve success.” Dr. Lagos uses this program to help her patients and clients regulate their emotions, get better sleep, build resilience to stress, and improve their mental and physical performance.

Important App Features:
+ Daily HRV & Morning Readiness Score
+ Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) balance gauge
+ HRV Metrics (Time-domain and Frequency-domain)
+ Guided breathing
+ HRV biofeedback training
+ Team Coaching Platform

Find out if you are parasympathetic dominant or sympathetic dominant – are you constantly in fight or flight (stress) mode? And learn breathing techniques to quickly rebalance your nervous system and prime you for deep sleep.

Monitor progress during your recovery journey from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Fibromyalgia, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and chronic pain.

Why choose Elite HRV?
+ HRV readings take as little as 60 seconds
+ Automated signal cleaning and artifact removal
+ Population data from the largest HRV database
+ Export your HR and HRV data
+ Secure backup
+ Gold standard HRV accuracy

Elite HRV Integrates with Training Peaks, Heads Up Health, Final Surge, Strava, Google Fit, and Sport Tracks.

Live HRV Biofeedback features include:
+ Resonance/Coherence Breathing Pacer
+ Real Time/Live HRV charted visually
+ Audio and visual breathing pacer
+ Set the breathing pacer to your personal resonance frequency

Easily tag and organize your HRV scores with contextual data for more useful trending and analysis.

Create custom tags or choose from tags like:
+ Exercise and RPE
+ Sleep tracking
+ Mood
+ Blood glucose
+ Bodyweight
+ Energy and soreness ratings
+ Custom user-defined tags
+ and more!

Using tags you can track heart rate recovery (HRR), post-exercise cool down, the effects of alcohol, or just about anything you can imagine.

Elite HRV for Teams
Automatically sync your HRV data to your coach, doctor, trainer, or group leader. Teams, groups, and gyms will save hours each day by analyzing their members’ data all in one place.

Download the Elite HRV Wellness App now!”