6 Best Android App For Subsonic

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Subsonic to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android App For Subsonic that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Android App For Subsonic, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android App For Subsonic

1. Subsonic Music Streamer

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“All your media – anywhere, anytime!

Songs are cached for offline playback. Supports virtually all audio formats, including mp3, ogg, aac, flac and wma. Video playback is powered by MX Player.

You can also use this app as a remote control for music playing on your server.

Features offline mode, adaptive bitrates, equalizer and visualizer.

Server software available for Windows, Mac, Linux on subsonic.org.”

2. Otter for Funkwhale

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Otter is a simple music player that allows you to stream the audio content of your self-hosted Funkwhale pod.

This app requires an account on a Funkwhale instance to work.

You can get support or take a part in Otter’s development by visiting our GitHub project or join us on Matrix.

Source code : https://github.com/apognu/otter
Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/#otter:matrix.org
Funkwhale : https://funkwhale.audio

3. Music Stash

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“Please switch over to substreamer, all features from music stash and more have been rolled into the substreamer app.


A client for the subsonic media streaming server, listen to your music when and how you want.”

4. DSub for Subsonic

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“DSub is a music streaming app for Subsonic servers. Use DSub to connect to your remote Subsonic server and listen to your music wherever you go!

Top Features
– ChromeCast for audio (both online and offline)
– DLNA casting for audio (both online and offline)
– Browse by tags or by folder structure
– Lockscreen controls (ICS+)
– Local Gapless Playback (JB+)
– Wear Support (Lolipop+)
– Auto Support (Lolipop+)
– Replay Gain
– Manage/Listen to Podcasts (And auto sync new podcasts)
– Playlist Management
– Better offline support (cached playlists, search, etc…)
– Better Bluetooth controls (works with more devices, sends metadata on devices which support it)
– Better Shuffle (size of playlist option + by year, genre, etc…)
– Quick add/remove songs to playlist
– Pause playback when other apps request audio focus (navigation, etc)
– Stuttering playback fixes for the users who were effected by it
– Drag and Drop songs to rearrange your playlist on the Now Playing tab
– Chat tab
– Internet Radio Stations
– Bookmarks tab
– Automatic bookmark management
– Share tab
– Admin tab to manage users from
– Tasker support
– Rate albums/songs
– More options!
– Random minor improvements

The code for this project is released under the GPL and is available on Github: https://github.com/daneren2005/Subsonic

Note: The permission to read system logs is only for the option to send logs via email (which you have to explicitly click and then send) and isn’t used anywhere else.”

5. Ultrasonic

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“Ultrasonic is a Subsonic (and compatible servers) client to Android. You can use Ultrasonic to connect with your server and listen music.

Main features:
* Thin
* Fast
* Dark and light theme
* Multiple server support
* Offline Mode
* Bookmarks
* Playlists on server
* Ramdom play
* Jukebox mode
* Server chat
* And much more!!!

The source code is available with GPL license in Github: https://github.com/ultrasonic/ultrasonic
If you have any issue, please post in: https://github.com/ultrasonic/ultrasonic/issues
Play store icon designed by: http://www.flaticon.com/authors/sebastien-gabriel”

6. substreamer – Subsonic Client

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“substreamer is a completely free app to use with subsonic compatible music servers (subsonic, airsonic, navidrome, ampache etc). Your music when you want it, where you want it, online or offline.

Easily see newly added, recently played and most played albums or just grab a list of random albums or songs for something different.

Like that song? Play similar songs with a tap!

Discover new songs and old favorites by genre and time period with SubStreamer radio. Pick your filters and get a random generated playlist, just like radio without the ads!

Got a song stuck in your head? Sure that you have it on an album somewhere but just can’t remember where? Just search!

Connect your subsonic server with your last.fm account and Substreamer can also tap into last.fm to give you more information about artists, songs and albums in your collection and recommend similar artists, similar songs or give you a list of the top rated songs in your own collection for you to explore.

Build up a play queue of your favorite rock songs and just hit save as playlist to have it stored on the server for later.

Of course you can also just hit your favorite album and press play.

Oh and if Music isn’t enough we also support podcasts that you have synced with your subsonic server both online and offline!

Chromecast Support.

Full offline support. Store albums, songs and playlists and podcasts on your device and listen offline.

Keep your starred songs automatically synced to your device!

Automatic caching of upcoming songs for smooth playback.

Easy playlist management for adding single or multiple tracks to a playlist or starting a new playlist.

Radio mode generates random playlists for your chosen genre or time period (or both!)

Quick lists of random / recently played / frequently played and newest albums right up front.

Search for artists, albums, songs

last.fm integration for fetching artist info, recommendations and playlists based on ratings

last.fm scrobbling

Airplay support (just open the volume controls in the player to access airplay directly or use the control center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen)

if you run into any bugs please let me know, i use this app every day myself and am always trying to make it better! ghenry22.apps@gmail.com


Subsonic API compatible server (API level 1.13.0) or equivalent.

Note that for SSL support you must have a valid certificate. Invalid certificates will cause connection errors.

Get Subsonic server at: http://www.subsonic.org
Substreamer: http://substreamerapp.com

*Please note all the music, images and names in the screenshots are free, and courtesy of Jamendo (jamendo.com) and the respective artists and provided for the subsonic demo server at http://demo.subsonic.org”