6 Best Android App For Ukulele

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Ukulele to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android App For Ukulele that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Android App For Ukulele, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android App For Ukulele

1. Uke Like The Pros Play Ukulele

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“NEW LOW PRICE of $2.99 for all the lessons in the app.

Uke Like The Pros – Ukulele lessons is perfect for the absolute beginner or if you already rip the uke up. You will become a better ukulele player, Guaranteed. If you’re not 100% satisfied with these lessons, I will refund your money.

Why Uke Like The Pros?
Uke Like The Pros ukulele lessons are taught by me, Terry Carter, whose 25 years as a professional musician has allowed me to work with such greats as Josh Groban, Weezer, Robbie Krieger, Christopher Tin, Duff McKagen, Grant Geissman, Ron Eschete, and Steve Trovato. Mix in my experience teaching thousands of students at schools such as the University of Southern California, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles Trade Teach College, and San Diego State University and you get some of the most fun and educational ukulele lessons available.

What will you learn in the Uke Like The Pros app?
Learn some of the most popular and awesome songs from artists like “IZ”, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Vance Joy, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz, Chuck Berry, and more.

What makes Uke Like The Pros lessons good?
Every lesson in the app includes on-screen chord diagrams, TAB, rhythmic notation, and strum patterns that makes the learning process faster.

What else is in the Uke Like The Pros app?
Besides learning great songs, you will learn a variety of styles including the basics of strumming, chords, fingerpicking, scales, blues, reggae, the triplet strum, and the rasqueado.

Are the videos good quality?
Every lesson is filmed with the highest quality HD cameras with 3 different camera angles capturing every movement so it is easy to follow along and learn.

Did I mention the money back guarantee?
100% risk free. I believe so strongly in these ukulele lessons that I will personally refund your money if you’re not completely satisfied with the lessons.

Need additional help?
I am available to all of my students for any questions, comments, suggestions or song requests. My goal is to not only make you a better ukulele player but to give you the personal attention you would receive if you were taking private lessons.

Private lessons can cost $30-$50 per lesson. Why are you giving giving so many lessons for such a reasonable price?
I believe that every individual has the right to learn ukulele no matter what your background. I have spent countless hours writing, recording, and editing the lessons because I believe you can be a great musician.

Exactly what will I learn in the Uke Like The Pros app?
Here are the lessons that appear in the app:
1. Parts of the ukulele
2. Understanding Rhythms
3. Essential strum pattern #1
4. Essential strum pattern #2
5. Essential strum pattern #3
6. Essential strum pattern #4
7. Essential strum pattern #5
8. Essential strum pattern #6
9. Style of Let It Be
10. Blues Shuffle
11. Fingerpicking
12. Style of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
13. Style of Brown Eyed Girl
14. Style of Johnny B. Goode
15. Style of Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay
16. Style of La Bamba
17. Style of Riptide
18. Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales
19. Major Scales
20. Natural Minor and Harmonica Minor Scales
21. Whole Tone Scale
22. Style of I’m Yours
23. Style of Somewhere Over The Rainbow
24. Reggae
25. Blues Rasqueado
26. Blues Triplet Strum
27. Style of Stormy Monday
28. Jazz Blues

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you take your ukulele playing to the next level.

Uke Like The Pros is brought to you by Rock Like The Pros and published by Blinky Publishing.

Thank you,
Terry Carter”

2. Fret Trainer – Learn the Fretboard

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“Fret Trainer is the ultimate educational game to learn the notes and chords on the fretboard of the guitar and other stringed instruments. There are 6 instruments available to practice on:

5-String Bass

Choose your instrument and pick one of the many games available to you to practice the fretboard until you have mastered every fret and every chord pattern.

Customize your experience by selecting which section of the fretboard you want to practice on. Practice the first frets, a section in the middle, or the entire fretboard.

Many games are available. Choose how you want to train. Learn by simply matching random notes with the fret on the fretboard, or try something different with the Color Matching game!

Learn and master all kinds of chord patterns on the guitar with the Name Chord game. Choose which chords you want to practice on any section of the fretboard, and go at your own pace. You will learn to identify any chord pattern very quickly!

Learn how to quickly read notes on a staff in the Staff game. Choose whatever section of the staff you want to practice on, choose the staff type, and start training!

Or master the fretboard and staff at the same time in the Staff and Fretboard game. Select a fret on the fretboard that matches a note on the staff!

Explore scales on the fretboard of your instrument with the Scale Explorer game. Choose a root note, pick one of the 63 different scales available, and start memorizing your scale. Change the color of the notes on the fretboard to identify intervals easier.

View your progress as statistics are logged for each instrument, tuning, and fret. A heat-map is used to show your progress. Share your progress with your friends!

More games and features to come!


– 6 different instruments available to master!
– Explore any of the 63 musical scales with any root note while customizing the scale how you want!
– Train any section of the fretboard. Choose any range of frets that you want.
– Learn and master many kinds of chords on any section of the guitar with any tuning! From simple major and minor triads, to more complicated patterns like diminished sevenths!
– Use the Staff game to learn the position of notes on the musical staff. Learn to read music!
– Follow your progress by viewing your fretboard heat-map. Each fret has its own statistics.
– Common tunings included for every instrument, or add your own.
– Compete with your friends on Game Center or share your fretboard heat-map with them.
– Left-handed mode is available as well.

This version of the application comes with free access to train the first few frets of each instrument. Each instrument can be fully unlocked via in-app-purchases.”

3. BandLab – Music Making Studio

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“BandLab is the best free music recording and leading social music creation platform with more than 37 million users worldwide.

BandLab lets you make and share music, no matter your skill level or background. Our multi-track Mix Editor is a music maker that lets you record, edit and remix your music. Make beats, add creative effects, use loops and samples from our royalty-free sounds packs from genres like EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, and more.

There are no limits to how much music you can create. With unlimited cloud storage and accessibility across all devices, you can access the music you created on your phone from your desktop browser. Music making is everywhere.

With BandLab’s social networking features, you can find new friends, connect with collaborators or start a band with fellow musicians, guitarists, beatmakers, rappers, and more – no audition needed! Creator Connect matches you to potential beat makers, producers or DJs who share your music tastes and inspirations.

BandLab is more than just a music maker, beat maker, recording app or song recorder. You can discover millions of tracks made by artists and DJs, create personalized playlists and even watch live streams of music performances from top creators.

BandLab is 100% FREE to use. No subscription fees, paywalls or limits to your experience. Download the BandLab app and be a music maker today!


• *NEW* Sampler – A new tool for you to create custom instruments. Make a new Sampler Kit by recording sounds you hear in the world around you, or by selecting samples from over 15,000 royalty-free sounds provided by BandLab, or simply import your own sounds. You can even customize each sample to get just the sound you want. Musical creativity is limitless with the Sampler.

• 16-Track Mix Editor – This is where you make music – the Mix Editor is a multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW) in your pocket. Use it as an audio recording app, beat maker, audio editor and so much more. You are a music maker anytime, anywhere.

• 330+ Virtual MIDI Instruments – Need 808s for your beat? Synthesizers for your lead lines? How about the sitar?! We’ve got a huge variety of Virtual MIDI instruments you can make music with, all within an app that fits in your pocket.

• 180+ Vocal/Guitar/Bass effect presets – Give your tracks that extra kick with world-class effects with real-time monitoring. From ambient sounds to crazy modulations, there’s something for everyone to get creative.

• Looper – Anyone can be a beat maker no matter your skill level. Make beats instantly from a huge library of loops, add some synth or reverb, or just freestyle your way to a whole new mixtape while on the go.

• Mastering – Get your tracks ready for distribution. Upload your song or recording and let our built-in mastering work its magic. Supports mp3 and other formats.

• Video Mix – Create expressive video clips, whether you’re a rapper freestyling over a beat or a songwriter laying down a hot solo. Jazz up your video with world-class effects!

• Explore – Not in the mood to create? No problem! Let BandLab be a source of entertainment as you explore and get inspired by new artists, genres, and collections curated just for you.

• Creator Connect – Looking for a beat maker, producer, or singer? Find like-minded creators just around the corner or halfway across the world! Just fill out your profile and we’ll match you to potential collaborators who share your musical taste and inspiration.

• Tuner and Metronome – The essential audio tools for the modern music maker and producer so you never go out of beat or tune.

• Remix Tracks – Need inspiration to start a track? ‘Fork’ a public track that any creator has shared to make your own beat and remix.”

4. The Ukulele App

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““The smartphone app for the smartphone of instruments!”

Created in conjunction with YouTube’s “The Ukulele Teacher” – the Internet’s most popular ukulele channel – this app has everything you need to get started with your ukulele!

A Tuner that helps you keep your ukulele in tune so that it sounds great!

The most extensive Chord library available – any chord, any key, every possible variation, everywhere on the fretboard!

Reverse chord look-up – You tell the app what notes you’re playing and it tells you the name of the chord.

The most complete Scale library – generate hundreds of different scales and modes across any key.

Fully searchable video library featuring over 400 lessons and playlists from The Ukulele Teacher himself with new videos being added every week!

And a new Chord progression tool with a built in metronome to help you master changing chords smoothly and easily!

This is the ultimate ukulele practice tool!

Connect with the Ukulele Teacher via all his social media channels.

Not sure how to use a feature? Click on The Ukulele Teacher’s face in the top right-hand corner of every screen and he’ll help you out.

And we’re just getting started! The Ukulele App is constantly being worked on and improved – and we still have lots of big ideas for the future.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the app, please email support@theukuleleapp.com with your ideas!”

5. “Real Ukulele Free – Tabs, Chords and Songs on Uke”

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“Real Ukulele is one of the most realistic hawaiian guitar (ukelele or 4-string mini guitar) simulator apps featuring a user-friendly interface and an awesome sound quality. All the notes have been recorded from the live ukulele. With the help of Real Ukulele you can easily strum, pluck, and strike the strings to play the chords of any complexity and figure out your favourite tunes, riffs and songs or make up your own. You can learn and master new chords and jingles with Real Ukulele, as well.

♩♬♪ Main features: ♬♪♩
✔ A huge ukulele chords database with tabs (tablature)
✔ Solo mode
✔ Songbook for uke
✔ Hi-Fi sound
✔ On-the-fly chords switching
✔ Two type of ukulele: with nylon and steel strings”

6. Ukulele Tuner and Learn Ukeoke

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“Ukeoke, the fastest way to learn new ukulele chords and songs: Master your favorite hit songs with this beginner-friendly tuner and ukulele songbook! From the latest pop tunes to classic rock anthems, Ukeoke breaks down your favorite songs into simple ukulele chords so you can learn them in an instant, no knowledge of ukulele tabs or sheet music required. Just start playing your uke from the get-go!

Thousands of ukulele songs are displayed in a play-along style with easy ukulele chords, adjustable uke backing tracks, and lyrics. The app listens to your ukulele playing and gives you feedback on how to improve, so grab your ukulele and start your free trial now! Only 10 minutes of daily ukulele practice will get you playing your first ukulele song in no time! Ukeoke is the perfect ukulele learning tool for beginners and an awesome uke songbook for advanced ukulele players.

“​Really useful tool for beginner Ukulele players who want to increase their repertoire and learn bunch of new songs​.” Justin Sandercoe, JustinGuitar.com

“Love it. It taught me the ukalele in half a day. This app deserves to be used by every uke wannabe.*****Fabulous” – user review by Thisappisthebestever100

Instant Play Method™, with simplified ukulele chords for every song in the uke songbook — play-along by learning just 4 ukulele chords.
Video lessons and ukulele tutorials by Justin Guitar — don’t worry if you are unsure about the ukulele chords!
Easy-to-follow play-along style — forget the frustration with complicated ukelele notes and tabs.
Ukulele chord charts, adjustable tempo, and transposition to easier uke chords, so you can practice your ukulele skills at your own pace.
Track your progress and receive useful ukulele tips and feedback.
Manual ukulele tuner makes it easy to learn to tune your uke.

Extensive uke songbook with songs ready to be played at first sight.
Lyrics included so you can sing along and have fun with your friends.
Automatic uke tuner for quick ukulele tuning.

NEW UKE SONGS added to Ukulele Tuner and Learn Ukeoke EVERY WEEK!

MUSIC GENRES for your ukelele include:
* POP (Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift…)
* ROCK (The Lumineers, Oasis, Journey…)
* CLASSIC ROCK (Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix, CCR…)
* COUNTRY (Johnny Cash, Shania Twain…)
* R&B (Amy Winehouse, Bill Withers…)
* Christian Rock (Chris Tomlin, Hillsong Live…)

Feel free to send us opinions or ukelele song requests. We will love to hear what you think about Ukulele Tuner and Learn Ukeoke!
Ping us: info@ukeoke.net

Important Subscription information
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