7 Best Android App For Vcard

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Vcard to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Android App For Vcard that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 7 Best Android App For Vcard, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Android App For Vcard

1. Pocket vCard

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“Physical business cards are a thing of the past . . .Go digital (for FREE) and share your contact details in just a second !

Pocket vCard is a drop-in replacement for traditional business cards. Physical business cards can be misplaced but the contact saved with Pocket vCard stays with you forever.

Imagine how much business you lose if you run out of your business card. Never run out of business cards when you are on a business trip or attending a conference.

Features :

– Share via QR Code: Just show the QR Code in your Pocket vCard app and the other person can scan the same with their Phone using Pocket vCard app. That’s it ! Your contact details are shared.

– Profile Picture: Personalize your business card with a profile picture.

– Contact Change Notifications: With this exclusive feature if any of your contacts change their details in future, you will be notified with the updated details and you can save the same.

Note: You can choose who should be notified when you change your details.

– Multilingual: Pocket vCard supports 16 languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak and Chinese.

– Share as a link: Share your contact as a link, the other person just needs to open that link. That’s it ! Your contact details are shared.

– Share as an image: Export your contact as an image and stick it on your desk or your conference booth, anyone passing by can scan your contact QR Code. That’s it ! Your contact details are shared.

– Best Suited for Conferences: Pocket vCard is the best tool you can carry to conferences where you would like to share your contact details with hundreds of attendees.

– Privacy Guaranteed: We respect your privacy and your details will never be shared without your permission.

– It’s FREE: Pocket vCard is completely free for unlimited usage. Go ahead and give it a try!

Pocket vCard aims at saving your time in sharing your contact details, so you can use that time to deliver your million dollar sales pitch.”

2. Contacts VCF

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“The application allows you to open files with the extension of import contacts .vcf (vCard) as a phone book to add and edit the contacts, make calls. It can be used as an alternative to contacts Android.
Get a copy of all the contacts from the device easily.
Print out your contacts using the export to .txt or web page.”

3. vCard Export Import(Lite)

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“vCard Export Import is the perfect Android app to import and export contacts from or to vCard (VCF) files. It can export single and combined vCard files in both vCard 4.0 and 2.1 standards. The app can import both individual or combined vCard file(s) in vCard 2.1,3.0 and 4.0 formats. Support of multiple formats allows it to import vCard files from multiple sources like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo as well as other Android, Windows and iOS apps.

With this app you can store the exported vCard file(s) in your phone to send them to a friend via email, message, WhatsApp etc. or store them in the cloud using Google Drive, Dropbox etc. During import, the app automatically finds all the vCard files in your phone and lists them. You just select one by tapping on it and tap ‘Apply’ and all your contacts will be imported and a progress bar will be shown during import. The import utility also has a ‘Browse’ button that allows you to go to a Cloud location like Google Drive or any other location in your phone to select a vCard file.

Contacts to export to VCard can be easily select using a selection option. The app also comes with a dialer which is shown when you click on a contact image. The dialer allows you to call/message any of your existing contacts. You can also Add or Delete contacts with this app.

Designed with efficiency the app takes up only a few MB of space in your phone or tablet. The Lite(FREE) version of the app has full functionality but ONLY 200 contacts can be exported/imported at a time.

For more information please visit: http://www.coju.mobi”

4. vCard Viewer

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You can view vCard file (*.vcf) in SD Card.

5. vCard Splitter

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“As you may know large vCard files can be difficult to import in Android phones, or even in applications like Microsoft Outlook. Wouldn’t it be nice to break a large vCard file with several contacts into multiple smaller vCard files that you can transfer or import easily? The vCard Splitter app is now here to help you with that.

This vCard Splitter app allows you to split a single vCard file into multiple vCard files, and you can specify how many vCard files to split into. The contacts will be equally divided between each file.

You can also split each contact into its own individual vCard file, allowing you to easily import the contacts in programs which may not be able to import vCard files with multiple contacts, like Microsoft Outlook.

At startup, the app automatically lists all the VCF file(s) in your device and just by clicking on it you can split it into multiple vCard file. If your file is not listed, there is also a Browse option to allow you select the file from other places, like Google Drive.

Designed with efficiency the app takes up only a few MB of space in your phone or tablet. The FREE version of the app has full functionality but a single vCard can ONLY be split into a maximum of 10 vCard files. The Pro version has no such limitations.

For more information please visit: http://www.coju.mobi”

6. Vcf File Contact Import

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“Vcf File Contact Import is an easy to use application that imports contacts from a VCF file to your android phone contact list.

The following contact fields can be edited –

* Photo (remove, gallery, camera)

* Name (first name, middle name, last name, prefix, suffix, nickname, phonetic name)

* Work (title, description, company)

* Telephone Number (mobile, home, work, main, work fax, home fax, pager …)

* Email (home, work, other, custom)

* Address (home, work, other, custom)

* Messenger Account (aim, facebook, hangouts, icq, irc, jabber, msn, …)

* Important dates (anniversary, Birthday, other, custom)

* Relationship (assistant, brother, child, domestic partner, father, …)

* Categories

* Websites

* Notes


7. ContactSync – CardDAV and more

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“ContactSync is an Android app which allows you to sync your Android contacts with CardDAV, FTP, HTTP, WebDAV servers, Cloudstorage, or local files (stored on the device or e.g. as a mail attachment). A quick overview on the most important features is given below.

Do you want to check out the app for free? You can test the app and all its features without any limitations for two weeks. Simply install its free trial version from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vcard.android.free

You would like to access the next major update bringing a novel user interface, new features, and guidance/support system? Then check out the open beta test here:

The app has been successfully tested with more then 50 different CardDAV Servers like Nextcloud, Apple iCloud, Fruux, Marketcircle Daylight, Synology, or Owncloud. You can find a list of tested systems here: http://ntbab.dyndns.org/apache2-default/seite/carddavproviderCE.html

Overview on the most important features:
⊛Comprehensive support – Questions or suggestions? Simply write me a mail.
⊛Syncs with many different sources – CardDAV, WebDAV, FTP, HTTP, Cloudstorage, local files, mail attachments and many more (Of course, it also supports encryption and two way sync)
⊛Complex configuration? No worries, the app guides you through all the steps
⊛Create backups or archive your contacts manually or automatically
⊛Flexibility – There are already contacts/groups stored on the device which should be pushed to the server? You need individual sync intervals for each of your contact data sources? No worries, this is possible!
⊛Designed for high speed and resilient address book synchronization
⊛Seamless integration with your device and your preferred contact apps
⊛Secure: All the sensitive information are encrypted before they are stored
⊛No secrets, you can – if you wish – always see what is happening and why
⊛Supports complex address books situations, servers and clients
⊛Supporting vCards (contacts/groups) in all available versions (4.0, 3.0, and 2.1)
⊛Supports self-signed certificates
⊛Can create calendar entries for birthdays, anniversaries and other events
⊛Unique solutions for a variety of common and rare tasks. You have special requirements? Then the app is likely your solution.
⊛New device? Switch from trial to full version? Simply exportbackup your configuration and import it on the new device or the full version
⊛The app handles more contact/group data then other apps, an overview is given at http://ntbab.dyndns.org/apache2-default/seite/contactsync.html
⊛Multilingual: Supports English, German and partly French, Russian
If you are interested in translating the app then simply send me a mail.

Interesting features for large-scale orders:
⊛Setup and configure your server connections through adb
⊛Licensing for large-scale orders

You can find detailed information to the permissions at our website.

If you struggle with the configuration or need some assistance please contact me at consync@gmx.at. If you only add your questions to the comments I can hardly help you because I commonly need more information about your configuration and so on. I’m sure that I can help you to reach your goals and that I can provide the necessary support :)”