6 Best Android App For Verbal Ability

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If you are looking for the Best Android App For Verbal Ability to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android App For Verbal Ability that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Android App For Verbal Ability, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android App For Verbal Ability

1. IQ and Aptitude Test Practice

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“Call it an Intelligence test, IQ test, aptitude test, or psychometric test, they are used in schools, admission exams, and job interviews to assess the ability of applicants in processing information. This free IQ test application provides more than 100 IQ test questions with answers. The aptitude test questions are nonverbal and are categorized into logical, spatial, and numerical tests.
If you plan to take SHL or Kenexa logical or inductive Reasoning Test as part of a job interview then these tests can be useful, also for other similar tests like a general IQ test, MENSA test, Logical test, Intelligence test, or DAT test.

Besides preparing for a job application assessment, solving these short puzzles is a mental exercise, potentially improving the inductive and logical reasoning, numerical and spatial abilities of the users.

Hints and solutions are provided for most of the questions. Based on your performance you will receive an IQ (Intelligence Quota) score. The IQ score is calculated based on the deviation of your score to the average score by other users. Every standard deviation is counted as 15 units of IQ score.

Taking the IQ test and scoring is offline and the score is given free of charge(does not require internet connection).

You must consider that the sample population that is used to calculate the IQ score in this application is probably smarter than the average population of the world. Hence the IQ score calculated by this app would be lower than the IQ score that is calculated based on the whole population of the world.

The focus of this application is on three types of tests:
1- Logical reasoning tests (or inductive reasoning tests): Logical tests appear in several categories and variations, namely: analogies, progressive series, Raven’s matrix test, and classification tests.

2- Numerical tests: In the form of number series, number analogies and number matrices. These are encountered in IQ tests, and job interview tests for quantitative roles (e.g. trading, finance, banking, and software developing).

3- Spatial reasoning: In the form of two-dimensional pattern matching, and paper folding.

4- Memory test: Test your short-term memory and compare it with the average population

5- Unlimited practice with cube test (three-dimensional spatial ability)

6- Unlimited practice with mental arithmetic test

The following non-verbal tests are available now:

Nonverbal Logical reasoning test:
– Visual analogy (a.k.a shape analogy)
– Progressive series (A sequence of shapes)
-Classification (Choose the odd one!)
– Matrix tests (A grid of shapes)

Numerical reasoning:
-Numerical analogies (Find a logical relation between two sets of numbers)
– Number series (Find the next number in a sequence of numbers!)
– Number matrices (Find the missing number in a grid of numbers)
– Mental arithmetic

Spatial reasoning test:
– Two-dimensional spatial ability (Pattern matching and assembling)
– Three-dimensional spatial ability (Folding 2-dimensional shapes into 3-dimensional objects- Cube test)

Short-term memory test:
-Memorize and recall a sequence of numbers, letters, colors, and pictures. Comparison to average population is offered.

mental arithmetic test:
Perform arithmetic operations mentally”

2. Verbal Ability Offline

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“Verbal Ability is an offline App useful for various exams like Placemets, GATE exam, CAT Exam, SBI IBPS Bank exams, other MBA exams and UPSC exam etc.

This Application can be very helpful to improve your Verbal score.
By taking tests you can know your strength in Verbal.

Start your Verbal Ability Preparation now using this App.”

3. Pocket Verbal Ability

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“Pocket Verbal Ability is a collection of 3100+ verbal aptitude questions frequently asked in competitive examinations, placement papers, bank and other entrance exams.

• 3100+ English Questions
• Improve your Vocabulary
• Segregated into topics
• Questions of varying difficulty levels
• User-friendly Interface
• Bookmarks

Pocket Verbal Ability can help you prepare for

– Campus Placements
– Bank PO, IBPS, Clerk


+ Antonyms
+ Fill in the Blanks
+ Idioms & Phrases
+ One Word Substitutes
+ Ordering of Sentences
+ Sentence Correction
+ Spell Check
+ Spotting Errors
+ Synonyms
+ Verbal Analogies

Developer: Sasi Dharani
Designer : Yalini Kumaraguru”

4. Verbal Reasoning Mock Tests for Best Results

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“Verbal reasoning is understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words. It aims at evaluating ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition. Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand and logically work through concepts and problems expressed in words. It tests tell employers how well a candidate can extract and work with meaning, information and implications from text. It is beneficial in many competitive exams.

Special Features 🤩 of EduGorilla’s Verbal reasoning Mock Test app
👉 Accessible 💻 24*7 from any & all devices
👉 Latest pattern Mock Tests 📖 & Current Affairs 📖 present in Verbal reasoning Practice Exam App
👉 35+ Mock Tests ⏳ with questions as per the latest exam pattern
👉 Smart user-interface that saves 40% of study time ⏱️
👉 Daily News 📖 provided for the latest issues
👉 Relevant Current Affairs 📖 for the exams
👉 Reminders for Regular Exam Updates 📖
👉 Daily Quiz ⏳ to test your preparation
👉 Detailed analysis 💡 and performance comparison 🤟 on All-India & State-Level basis
👉 Accessible in Hindi & English Language ✍️
👉 The best online exam preparation app available at modest price 🤩

Topics Covered in Verbal Reasoning Mock Test App
Verbal Reasoning requires expertise in various fields like Analytical skills, An understanding of trends, an ability to respond to customers’ wishes, creativity and an ability to produce innovative and original ideas, team working skills, the ability to manage and allocate budgets. The online test series and online learning apps offered by EduGoilla cover all these important topics.

Importance of Verbal Reasoning Mock Test
The Verbal Reasoning mock test app and Verbal Reasoning exam preparation app designed by EduGorilla aims to provide a platform for easy, effective, and efficient learning. EduGorilla offers a plethora of online test series and online learning apps are designed to cater to the needs of our learners. The Verbal Reasoning practice test app covers the entire syllabus and contains an abundance of practice questions.

Verbal reasoning mock test pattern
👉 Mode of Exam Online
👉 Duration 30 mins
👉 Number of Questions 20
👉 TotaL Marks 20

About Us
EduGorilla’s team of experts are driven to make the best mock test series apps for students. We provide the best exam preparation apps at a modest price to help all students in preparation for various exams. EduGorilla’s best online exam preparation apps provide keen insight into the latest exam pattern. Therefore, get our apps today to get the best mock tests.

Alerts & Notifications-
Start your preparation today with one of the Best Online Learning Apps, anytime & at any place.
Get the latest alerts, like, Exam Notification, Admit Card, & Results, etc.
Start preparing today on EduGorilla: India’s Best Mock Test App.

Contact Details-
We are eager to help you. Feel free to contact us at support@edugorilla.com”

5. Verbal Reasoning Questions

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“This Application helps in improving problem-solving skills by focusing on Verbal Reasoning Questions. Application will help you in your carrier plan and helps in preparation of CAT and other different kind of exams.

For Entrance Examination:

1. MBA, CAT, Hotel Management
3. BSRB Recruitment
4. Railway Recruitment, SCRA
5. LIC-AAO, GIC-AAO, Asst. Grade
7. I Tax & Central Excise, CBI, CPO
8. B.Ed., MBBS
9. IAS, PCS, IFS, etc.,

1. 1200+ questions that prepare you for any type of Verbal Reasoning paper,Exam and Tests.
2. The application will help you prepare for Exam/test while travelling , at Lunch time. The application does not require Internet Connections.
3. Provide an option for users to practice his/her own answers as your application will present you with a question. User can think of his answer then compare how his answer is different from our answer.
4. Questions has been categories in Section for ease of use.
5. Comprehensive coverage of topics with a large number of illustrative examples.
6. The application allows the user to Share Quotes with other peoples and friends using Facebook, email, SMS, twitter etc.

Categories :
Application Cover questions from Following 10 broad Categories.
1. Spotting Errors
2. Selecting Words
3. Ordering of Words
4. Completing Statements
5. Idioms and Phrases
6. Verbal Analogies
7. Synonyms
8. Synonyms II
9. Spellings
10. Sentence Correction
11. Ordering of Sentences
12. Change of Voice
13. Antonyms
14. Antonyms II

SAMPLE QUESTIONS (Application has more tham 1200 Questions)

In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.


A. Soft
B. Average
C. Tiny
D. Weak

Answer: Option C


A. Gentle
B. Sincere
C. Amiable
D. Dependable

Answer: Option A”

6. Verbal Ability Reasoning Q & A

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“Verbal Ability Reasoning Q & A is a collection of verbal aptitude questions frequently asked in GRE competitive examinations, placement papers and bank exams.This offline FREE app is easy to use with examples & answers for company job interview or for entrance exams. Fast Loading & No annoying ads!

English aptitude and Logical Reasoning is very important to crack competitive exams. Logical reasoning reveals a person’s ability to analyze & to make best decisions based on the given conditions. Verbal reasoning test is an important part of English proficiency test included in verbal ability questions answers of English aptitude for IBPS, SSC, SBI Bank Clerk PO, LIC IT officer, GRE, GATE, FMS, MBA Interview, CAT entrance exam, gmat online test & other competitive exams.

App Features:
• Offline app in tiny pocket apps size.
• Completely FREE & easy to use pocket app software.
• 1000+ Questions and answers & 30+ topics.
• A personal assistant app for English Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Verbal Ability prep.
• Practice test patterns are categorized into topics.
• Verbal Aptitude and logical reasoning tests are listed as objective english multiple choice questions.
• Questions of all difficulty levels from previous years papers.
• Answer section has the answers for all questions.

The verbal and nonverbal reasoning interview is the first stage of short listing candidates for all kinds of recruitments for jobs in both govt and private sectors. This is the best app for verbal ability to improve your general English aptitude and reasoning for jobs. Many questions here are taken from the previous year question papers. Also with question patterns for English aptitude test preparation for job placements at TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Virtusa, etc. This offline app is a starting point for Verbal ability and logical reasoning part of Verbal English Preparation.

This application has huge list of verbal reasoning aptitude puzzles under different topics like:
+ Fill in the Blanks
+ Idioms and Phrases
+ One Word Substitutes
+ Verbal Analogies
+ Word Formation
+ Ordering of Sentences
+ Sentence Completion
+ Spotting Grammar Errors
+ Verbal Reasoning
+ Objective English test
+ Synonyms and antonyms
+ Spell Check Verbal Ability
+ Logical sequence of words

This application is useful for:
– All Job Aspirants for bank exams (Bank PO, SBI PO, RBI, Bank Clerical Exams).
– Company interview knowledge test for campus placement of engineering students.
– General intelligence in verbal reasoning for AAO, LIC, GIC, IGNOU, gate exam.
– Bank PO, IBPS, Clerk
– RRB, Railways recruitment