4 Best Android Apps For Fear Of Flying

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If you are looking for the Best Android Apps For Fear Of Flying to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Android Apps For Fear Of Flying that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Android Apps For Fear Of Flying, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Android Apps For Fear Of Flying

1. Vlieg App Pro

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“***English Version Users***
Hello, English version users.
The English version has moved to a separate app. Those how have bought this app and want to have an English version can send me an email to fearofflying@kamsteegsoftware.nl with the receipt of this app and after verification you will receive a promocode that you can redeem for the English version.

De Vlieg App Pro van Westworld. Je vliegcoach voor onderweg.

Moet je vliegen en zie je er tegen op? Deze Vlieg App Pro helpt je er doorheen.
De App coacht je door alle moeilijke momenten. Voorafgaand aan de reis, direct voor je vlucht, op de luchthaven of in het vliegtuig; je vliegcoach support je. Met feiten over angst en luchtvaart (zodat je gedachten niet met je op de loop gaan), met oefeningen (zodat je stressniveau daalt), met tips en met een speciale knop voor paniekbeheersing.

De App is gebaseerd op wetenschappelijke behandelmethoden in samenwerking met de Universiteit, die bij behandeling leiden tot een slagingspercentage van 98%.

Tijdens de vlucht kun je de App gebruiken in de vliegtuigmodus. Is de app eenmaal gedownload, dan heb je geen internetverbinding meer nodig.

Het hoofdmenu bestaat uit:
Vliegen, Weten, Oefeningen, Vluchten, Paniek, Info

Kies uit informatie en tips ter voorbereiding van je vlucht, over alles wat er gebeurt tijdens de start, tijdens de vlucht, tijdens turbulentie en bij de landing.

Met feiten over vliegen (een minicursus luchtvaart), belangrijke statistieken, informatie over wat angst met je doet en tips voor tijdens de vliegreis.

Hulp om te voorkomen dat je ademhaling met je op de loop gaat en met ontspanningsoefeningen in tekst en audio.

Zelf bij kunnen houden hoe je vlucht verlopen is.

Bij moeilijke momenten als de angst opkomt, kan de paniekknop je helpen. Je hoort hierbij een therapeut die je vertelt hoe je je spanningsniveau kunt verlagen.”

2. Fear of Flying – SOAR

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“SOAR – established in 1982 – has opened up the world to 10,000 fearful fliers. Now available as an app created by the leading authority on flight phobia: author, airline captain and licensed therapist Tom Bunn, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Other approaches offer partial answers. SOAR provides a complete answer – even for extreme cases – by controlling panic, claustrophobia, and anxiety automatically.

App Features

• Get immediate access to weather information and turbulence forecasts.
• Become an expert in how flying works and how safety is maintained.
• Know how back-up systems – and back-ups to the back-up – are activated if needed.
• Learn about safety systems that prevent pilot error.
• Download “Take Me Along” and let Capt. Bunn coach you step-by-step through the flight.

Main Menu

• About Us
• Client Reviews
• In The Media
• Basics
• Automatic Control
• Course
• Counseling
• Turbulence
• SOAR Forum
• Blogs
• Contact SOAR

Why no panic button?

The panic button on other apps is nothing more than a recorded message. With SOAR, no panic button is needed. SOAR is uniquely effective. It allows anxious fliers to fly as others do by controlling panic, as well as claustrophobia and anxiety, automatically.

Why no hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an inadequate answer. Like relaxation exercises, hypnosis can help you achieve a relaxed state in a quiet, secure, and comfortable environment. It cannot produce or maintain that state in flight, which is a completely different environment.

What Others Say About This Program

I’ve been home for a week; I still feel a profound sense of personal power—a feeling of competence. I feel more centered. I keep waiting for this feeling to disappear but thank God, it hasn’t. I don’t really understand the internal psychological process that your SOAR course affected within me; however, I know it happened. I feel almost as good and comfortable about flying as I did prior to my fear of flying days. And if this could happen to me, I know the SOAR course can work for anyone.


Until I had taken SOAR I absolutely did not travel by airplane or step into an elevator because of being confined to small areas and the feeling of being trapped as well as the fear of not being safe. Now I don’t even think twice about it! The course absolutely works. . . . Thanks for the enlightenment. Boldly going where I’ve never gone before!


Your course has been wonderful so far! It is so easy to follow and understand. I actually am looking forward to flying in two days! Thank you so much for SOAR – I’m glad I’ve discovered it!


There are no words to describe the impact. I cried, laughed, and sometimes my mouth just gaped open at hearing such new, concrete information about fear and fear management. Some of this information has affected all aspects of my life. Sound dramatic? It has been.

Unbelievable. Unforgettable. And impossible had it not been for SOAR. I only wish I had found you sooner. I was given your name by a client who took your course to help his occupation as a rock-n-roll tour manager. I said if it can help him, why not give it a shot? Many thanks for my new life.


Two years of psychotherapy couldn’t get me into the air, but SOAR did. Your course has helped me acquire renewed personal confidence and pride.”

3. Fear Of Flying Hypnosis

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“This hypnosis session trains your subconscious mind to be fully prepared for each flight. This session allows you to be at ease through all aspects of your flight. It allows you to even look forward to future traveling!

Eliminate your fear of flying once and for all. Look forward to new adventures and a world of possibilities now that you can fly fearlessly!

Please Note:
-You must be connected to a WiFi connection for this app to download.
-Please use headphones for best results.
-Please do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this session.

Listen to this session for 7 days before your flight and your fear will be lifted once and for all. For an added benefit, listen once you buckle your seat belt on the plane.”

4. FlightAware Flight Tracker

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“Free, live flight tracker and flight status app from FlightAware for Android!

This app allows you to track the real-time flight status and see the live map flight track of any commercial flight worldwide and general aviation (private, charter, etc) in the United States and Canada.

Track by aircraft registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair, or airport code. Tracking data includes complete flight details and full-screen maps with NEXRAD radar overlay.

Receive real-time push notification flight alerts, view airport delays, see nearby flights (in the sky overhead), and more!

Permission to access your Contacts is used only when you choose to create a flight alert to be sent to another person. We do not store or transmit your contacts list in any other way.

Please send your feedback to support-android@flightaware.com”