6 Best Android Bug Detector App

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If you are looking for the Best Android Bug Detector App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android Bug Detector App that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 6 Best Android Bug Detector App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android Bug Detector App

1. Hidden Camera Detector

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“* Our response via comments goes to update section of your gmail app*
Detect Hidden spy camera using hidden camera detector app :

Magnetometer feature need to have magnetic sensor in your phone, other wise this feature will not work.

How to use this app. How to find camera ?
Move app near to any device that you have doubt. For example – shower, flowerpot, lens looking part or changing room mirror.

This app analyse the magnetic activity around the device. If magnetic activity seems similar to that of camera, this app will beep and raise alarm for you so that you can further investigate.

You have to move app facing your sensor towards the object.To know sensor position of your phone, have any camera and move nearby top of your phone and bottom of your phone. When it beeps, you find the sensor position

Infrared camera detector – This app has one more tool which is detect infrared lights.Just open the infrared detector and scan for white light that appear on screen but not visible by naked eye. Such white light indicate infrared light.It could be infrared camera. Your normal cam can also detect it but what we have is inbuilt feature with luminescence effect.

What less, get some easy techniques that can save you from potential exposure to hidden camera.
You can share the location with friends easily if you find the camera so that they can take precaution when they visit this place.

If app crashes, for Infrared detector, please close other camera apps and try again.
Do rate us and for any issues write to futureappstech@gmail.com


My phone does not have magnetic sensor –
This app analyse magnetic activity based on readings from magnetic sensor of your android device. If this sensor is not available, you can only use infrared detector feature. Other way is you can try on some other device having magnetic sensor.

App beeps near metal or electronics –
This app is not designed to detect metals. Metals are good conductor for electricity so they have electromagnetism but it is very weak and app is designed to ignore it.
But sometimes, some type of metals depending on their length, material, temperature may exhibit same magnetic activity as that of camera. In that case app may beep. If so always look for lens on the suspect if app beeps.

What do I do if it beeps near metal –
Check if there is any lens on the suspect. If not, then you are secure. if you find lens like object, then there should be hidden camera.

What is the use of this app, if I have to detect manually
App analyses magnetic activity and warn you if it find magnetic activity similar to camera.
So if app beeps, check for lens.
App can not see if suspect is having lens on it but your eyes can see it likewise you can not see its magnetic/ electromagnetic activity but the app can analyze ! App will help you many times and may also fail sometimes and there it needs your intervention.

Infrared detector is just a fancy green tool of normal camera. Normal camera can also detect infrared
You are partially-correct. Along with this, infrared detector have luminescence effect to glow white light. If you feel better with normal camera, go for it. We never claimed something false. But please give credit to the app if you never knew IR camera can be detected using digicam. And off course, its a quick scanning feature within the app.

App does not open Infrared camera detector. It shows not responding
Please kill all other camera apps that are running in background.

* Get app for iphone & ipad from itunes – https://goo.gl/xWHE15 .visit https://futureapps.site for privacy policy and more apps *”

2. Detectify – Detect Hidden Devices

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“Spy bug devices are very common. They are everywhere. Try to be safe by using Detectify – Detect Hidden Devices. Our app helps you find potential hidden devices nearby.

This app uses an algorithm to detect hidden devices using magnetometer readings. When the magnetic field value is higher than usual, the app alerts user to search for potential hidden electronic devices in the surroundings.

Features of Detectify – Detect Hidden Devices:
– Simple to use
– Helps you to find hidden devices
– Graphical representation of Magnetic field values
– Tips for Manual detection of hidden devices

Open the feature named Detect by using magnetometer in the app, then move your phone in your surroundings. The app will show a message that potential electronic device nearby, if this happens then check the area manually for any spy bugs. Mostly holes or gaps in the corners, such as bedside lamps, drawer locks and stuffed toys can be used to hide electronic devices. This feature may also be used as a bug detector scanner to scan the surroundings for potential electronic bugs.

Electronic devices have magnetic field which our app measures by using magnetometer sensor to give you an idea about the presence of potential electronic devices in your surroundings. Rather than using manual listening device detector you can make use of this app to find potential spy devices.

The magnetic field value depends on quality of magnetometer sensor and its position. Do not rely solely on its readings rather check the area manually to detect hidden cameras and microphones. Your phone must have a magnetometer sensor to use the app.

Do write to us for any suggestions or complaints.”

3. Radarbot: Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer

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“The only app that combines real-time alerts with the best offline radar detection alert system. With Radarbot, you will have the best radar alerts, real time traffic alerts and specific speed limit alerts for different vehicles (cars, motorbikes, trucks and commercial vehicles) in one powerful app. Drive while focusing on what really matters and enjoy your trip.

With Radarbot, drive more peacefully. Safer. Better.

Enjoy driving without having to worry about jeopardizing your driver’s license or your safety. Avoid traffic fines and penalties by receiving clear warnings before reaching a radar:

– Fixed radars.
– Speed trap hotspots.
– Tunnel radars.
– Average speed cameras (the app shows your average speed).
– Traffic light cameras.

– Dangerous driving areas.
– Seat belt or cell phone use cameras.
– Restricted area access control cameras.
– Potholes and speed bumps on the road.

– It works in any country.
– It is compatible with other apps. You can use Radarbot simultaneously with other GPS navigators or your favorite music app. You will continue to receive alerts in the background or while the screen is turned off.
– Alerts only in the direction you are driving. The app automatically ignores radars in the opposite direction or off route.
– Voice alerts.
– Sound alerts when approaching a radar or going over the speed limit.
– Vibration mode for motorists.
– Completely configurable warning distances and parameters.
– Automatic Bluetooth connection and startup.
– Compatible with Wear OS.

Real-time alerts will warn you of any unexpected circumstances. Radarbot has a community of over 50 million drivers worldwide to share and receive alerts. Find out immediately what is happening on the road and avoid traffic jams, road hazards, accidents, mobile radars, police, helicopters, drones and much more.

Radarbot has the most powerful and updated radar database in the world. Our team of experts performs daily updates to ensure that the database is always up-to-date. Not a single radar can escape the prying eyes of Radarbot!

Try our “FREE” version totally free of charge and with no time limits. If you want to enjoy the full experience, you can try “Radarbot GOLD” or “Radarbot GOLD RoadPro” with integrated GPS navigation, unique advantages and, of course, no advertising.

Discover the power of Radarbot. The GOLD version provides you everything you need while on the road in a single app: GPS navigation, radars and speed limits. You will reach your destination safely, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Travel and receive radar alerts all over the world, without worrying about mobile network coverage.

Where would you like to go?

– Offline navigation and 3D maps.
– Option to choose a route with fewer radars.
– Road speed limits.
– Alert for school areas and their radars.
– Radarbot copilot. Put your seat belt on!

“Radarbot GOLD RoadPro” includes everything a professional driver could need:

– Routes with special restrictions for trucks and commercial vehicles.
– Speed limits and specific radars for trucks.
– Distance alerts adapted to heavy vehicles.

If you have any doubts or questions, we would be more than happy to assist you at radarbot@iteration-mobile.com or from the customer support option within the app.

Download Radarbot now and become a member of the “Enjoy driving!” movement.”

4. Bug Detector Scanner – Spy Device Detector

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“Bug Detector Scanner helps you detect devices in your surroundings

Introduction to the app:
There are many tiny devices such as cameras and microphones that can be Hazardous for your Privacy. You cannot ignore them in public places. The simplest way is to find them by using our app called Bug Detector Scanner.

It Analyses the Magnetic Field Radiations from its surroundings. When this matches the approximate value of Camera or Electronic Device the app gives visual and audio alerts to the user.

Move your phone in surroundings with Bug Detector Scanner opened in it. It will give a beep when it finds a hidden spy bug or electronic device.

If for some reason reading of Bug Detector simulator is stuck on very high without any magnetic distortion nearby, Just shake the phone 4 to 5 times to re calibrate the sensor

– Detection of Hidden Cameras by using Magnetometer
– Detection of hidden devices by using magnetometer
– Bug Detector Scanner detects spy bugs in public places etc.

Bug Detector Scanner is a must have app for your phone if you travel and mostly use public spaces. This would save you from embarrassment.”

5. Detect Bug -Camera Microphone Bug Detector Scanner

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“Move your phone in surroundings with Hidden Camera Locator opened in it. It will give a beep when it finds a hidden spy bug or electronic device.

If for some reason reading of Bug Detector simulator is stuck on very high without any magnetic distortion nearby, Just shake the phone 4 to 5 times to re calibrate the sensor

Our app uses the magnetometer sensor to determine the magnetic value of surrounding. Based on this reading the app gives a prompt when the reading is higher than usual. This means there might be a hidden big detector nearby. This also works as electronic bug detector as electronic devices have their magnetic fields which we detect and let the users know when they are higher than usual.

Whenever you are using this app we recommend that you check the area manually for electronic bug detection. This can be used for hidden microphone detector as well as for spy bug detectors.

Usage of Bug Detector:
To use this Electronic Bug Detector you first have to open the bug detector section of the app. Then you can move the phone in the surroundings. This will let you know if the magnetic field reading is higher than usual. Then you can check whether this is a hidden device or hidden bug by searching the area manually

Bug Detector Scanner is a must have app for your phone if you travel and mostly use public spaces. This would save you from embarrassment whenever you want to stay in a hotel or public place.”

6. Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones Simulator

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“This app helps you to detect potential hidden cameras and microphones in your surroundings. Spy cameras are so common these days because of the advancement in technology they come in very small sizes. Due to the small size they are not recognizable easily. By using this detect hidden cameras and microphones simulator app you can find out the area nearby where magnetic field value is higher. You can then manually check that area for hidden camera detection purpose.

The hidden camera detector feature uses magnetometer sensor to find out magnetic value of surroundings. These readings are then calculated to find out higher magnetic field. When the magnetic field is higher than usual, the app tells user to check the nearby area for any surveillance device.

Usage of this app is very simple. You can use this as hidden microphone detector to check your living room, hotel room, rest room or changing room for any hidden devices. You just have to open the hidden device detector section of the app and then move your phone in the surroundings. When it tells you that magnetic field is higher than usual you just have to check the area manually because this means there may be an electronic bug or spying device in that area.

This app can be used as a multipurpose bug detector scanner because of its capability to let you know about surrounding magnetic field. When you are staying in public places due to work or any other purpose you can use this to detect hidden cameras such as when you are staying in hotel or public room. This will help you to get rid of anyone breaching your privacy.

We have also added some tips to manually detect electronic devices. You can check these details in the ‘Tips for manual detection’ section of the app.”