5 Best Android Mqtt App

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If you are looking for the Best Android Mqtt App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Android Mqtt App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Android Mqtt App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Android Mqtt App


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Known from the german technology magazines JavaMagazin (http://goo.gl/uZzudD) and Mobile Technology (http://goo.gl/v1PDhh).

★ Connect to MQTT v3.1 Broker (optional with username and password)
★ Subscribe to variouse topics
★ Publish messages to a topic
★ Save messages
★ Filter received Messages

Comming soon:
★ Set Quality of Services for messages
★ Show android notification if app isn’t running
★ Export and import of stored messages
★ Connect to broker with SSL support

This App is still in development!
We would like to hear your feedback: office@instant-it.at

2. “MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home)”

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“Warning: This app is for nerds only 🙂 If you don’t know what MQTT is, this app is likely not for you.
– User forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/routix

– With the app you can create dashboards for your MQTT enabled IoT Smart Home devices, applications and Home automation.
– Phones and tablets are supported in both orientations
– Share metrics among devices via shared topic
– Simple and easy to use dashboard-like UI
– Designed to run 24/7 (memory efficient, reconnects automatically)
– Scripting support (JavaScript)
– Unique to the app: Image metric and custom URLs to open
– Unlike Blynk, this app uses industry standard protocol (MQTT) instead of custom one, so it’s much easier to connect all of your smart devices together

Support for M2M, Sonoff, Electrodragon, esp8266, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microcontrollers (MCU), sensors, computers, pumps, thermostats, remote control and other things.

Friends! This app was created for my own needs in my free from work time. I’m not making money from it. It doesn’t contain advertisements, in-app purchases or any hidden cost, so please be considerate when rate the app.
Positive ratings are appreciated! The app will evolve depending on your ratings, because I’m investing my free time in the app.

If you are native English speaker, please help me to improve English translation of the app. So, if you are feeling, that something must be re-phrased or changed in the translation, send your corrections to me please!

Thank you!”

3. MQTT Client

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Connect to any MQTT v3.1 broker and subscribe to topics. Perform Tasker actions on message publish or publish messages on tasker events. The app still might be rough around the edges. Would be releasing the code soon on github so that the development could continue over there.

Tasker Integration works as follows:

-To publish messages from tasker simply create a action in tasker. The configuration is pretty simple. You may use tasker variables in topic and message.
-To perform action whenever a message is received. Create a event in tasker from the plugin. In the tasker configuration screen, there’ll be a topics drop-down and topic variable name field and message variable name field. The drop-down will have topics subscribed. In the topic variable name field, you can add any string in lowercase characters. Same for message variable name field. Now, whenever a message is pulblished on selected topic, two tasker local variable will be created with the names as entered in the textbox for the published topic and published message.

-Multiple Brokers
-Websockets Support!
-Add/Remove topics easily!
-Messages are automatically saved!
-SSL support
-Publish Messages
-Support any app that supports locale SDK

Github URL : https://github.com/dc297/mqttclpro

Please report issues on github

Feedback is highly appreciated!”

4. Linear MQTT Dashboard

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“Easy, customizable control panel – MQTT-client.
The solution for your IoT, DIY devices.

Source codes – https://github.com/ravendmaster/linear-mqtt-dashboard-kotlin

Available widgets:
– Header
– Slider
– Value
– Switch
– Button
– Meter
– Graph
– Buttons set
– Combo box


★ Tabs

★ Order of widgets can be changed. Number of widgets is not limited to the size of the screen – the list can be scrolled.

★ Status of network connection and MQTT broker displayed RGB LED.

★ Ability to receive push notifications even when the app is closed.

★ Corrective message from the widget “Value” by long press on the value (in the widget settings, you must specify the topic of publication of the new value).

★ Two meanings of the text messages and the two labels are available for the widget “Button” – for the states “pressed” / “not pressed” respectively. You can also specify a “retained” for messages.

★ Widget “Meter” can display the value of by a different color (alarm zone, yellow and red), if value approaches the limits of measurement. Thresholds limit values can be specified separately for the lower and upper boundaries.

★ Widgets Slider and Meter can handle decimals

★ Share settings

★ JavaScript to represent the value of some widgets

★ Graph widget displays the value of an array of double and integer types in JSON format, payload for example of payload: [1,2,100.88] or [100.5, 200, 0, 0, 0, -10]

★ Graph widget in live mode

★ Graph widget in ‘historical’ mode (1h, 4h etc.), see “Application server mode” in application serttings

★ “Buttons set” widget allows place several buttons in one place

★ Widget Combo box to work with a predefined list of values

★ “Application server mode” – the ability to handle incoming MQTT messages using JavaScript even when the app is in the background. See OnReceive().”

5. Mqtt Dashboard – IoT and Node-RED controller

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“Mqtt Dashboard is a simple and beautiful tool to control your MQTT-enabled devices and manage your home automation system. It’s compatible with Node-RED, Tasmota Sonoff, all internet enabled Arduino board and much more…
If it has MQTT, it works with this app.

👉🏼 Create and customize your dashboard with a clean and fresh user interface.
👉🏼 Use shortcuts to easily engage with your most-used devices.
👉🏼 Receive messages formatted as JSON and extract the payload from the specified path.
👉🏼 Define different broker connections and switch easily between them (PRO).
👉🏼 Dark or light mode!
👉🏼 Background connection – may drain the battey!

Available tile types:
Compound ones:
💡 Light: manage brightness and color of lights and similar devices
🌡 Thermostat: display and send setpoint, mode, temperature and humidity

Standard ones:
💬 Button: sends a predefined message; output only.
💬 Multiselect: offers a selection of pre saved messages you can choose from; output only.
💬 Toggle: toggle the state of the topic, from on to off and vice versa; input and output.
💬 Text: send and receives any type of string; input and output.
💬 Progress: sends numerical value in a fixed range and displays the received one; input and output.
💬 Date & time: choose and send messages containing date or time, and displays the received one; input and output.
💬 Color: sends a numerical color value chosen from an RGB selector, and displays the received tint; input and output.
💬 Line chart: displays a chart from received formatted data; input only.
💬 Image: show a picture from the received url.

The app is still under development, and could therefore be subjected to changes, bugs, weird behaviours and all sort of bad stuff; if you encounter a bug, want to share a feedback or help translating, reach me out via email.”