Best Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse

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Best Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse


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“The most intuitive and reliable parental control app finally hits Google Play!

As an award-winning parental control App, KidsGuard gives you full control over your children’s activities and habits with their smart devices. Blocking apps and websites, managing screen time, taking remote screenshot, setting geofences and tracking real time location has never been easier!

With KidsGuard, you, as a parent who wants to keep your kids from bad screen time habits and harmful online contents, can finally rest assured!

Everyone can use KidsGuard parental control app to supervise up to 3 devices, purchased or not!

✋ Limit or Block Any App Flexibly
Worrying about the little ones spending too much time on TikTok or games? Block any app or set a schedule to form a regular and healthy screen time habit!

👀 Real Time Screen Capture & Screen Lock
Take a screenshot remotely or lock screen instantly in one tap. Be aware and in control of all activities, anytime.

📃 Thorough Reports and Alerts
Supervise your kids’ every activity in a dedicated, thorough report. Be aware of any activity takes place!

🚫 Block Malicious and Harmful Sites
Use our category presets to block malicious, harmful, porn and other inappropriate websites. Or add any website to block!

🚦 Real Time Location and Geofence
Always be aware of your kids’ whereabouts. Get alerted immediately when they enter or leave home/school or any certain area.

🧡 We Care about The Next Generation
We believe that the next generation should not get flooded by the overwhelming online contents. Let’s work together and make sure of that!

How to block apps, monitor activities, manage screen time, block porn/harmful/adult/inappropriate websites for children with KidsGuard?

1 – Download KidsGuard on your own device and register an account.
2 – Install KidsGuard Jr as instructed in the app on your kid’s device.
3 – Follow the guide to bind two devices.
4 – Manage screen time, block apps or websites, take screenshots by entering the corresponding function module on the KidsGuard dashboard.

Note: KidsGuard may require permissions on your kid’s device. Giving all permissions is necessary for KidsGuard to function properly.”