6 Best Android Whiskey App

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If you are looking for the Best Android Whiskey App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Android Whiskey App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Android Whiskey App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Android Whiskey App

1. Flavordex Tasting Journal

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“For those of you who like to try new things, Flavordex provides a convenient way to keep track of the things you taste. This is a highly customizable tasting journal designed for both tablets and phones. Never forget the things you’ve tried and may want to try again (or never again).

Flavordex has categories preloaded for beer, wine, whiskey, and coffee. If none of those fit your needs you can add your own categories.

– The Flavor Chart visually represents the flavor profile of an item as a radar graph
– Record details about each product including the maker, price, tasting location, date, notes, and more
– Attach photos to each entry from your camera or storage
– Customize categories by adding custom fields and changing the flavor chart
– Add your own custom categories for any type of product you want
– Sort your entries by title, date, or rating
– Filter your entries by title, maker, location, or date
– Import and export entries as CSV files

For users of the original Flavordex journals, you can easily import all of your existing journal entries into this app using the import feature. Just make sure all of your journal apps are up to date.

Licensed under The MIT License
Source available at: https://github.com/ultramega/flavordex”

2. Whisky App

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“Are you a Whisky fan? Do you like to drink a good glass of whisky?
Then this is the app for you!

With the Official Whisky App you can:
✓ Rate whiskies
✓ Write tasting, nosing and finish notes
✓ Read others notes
✓ Keep and Share a wish list
✓ Get advice
✓ Share whiskys with your friends
✓ Browse all whiskies
✓ Find a map and location of whiskys on the International Whisky Festival in The Hague

Download now and check it out yourself!

We store your ratings, notes and wishlist in relation to your email address to make sure your data stays synchronised. We do not use your data for any other purpose than to store your info for you.

We appreciate all feedback. If you would like to see a feature that is not there yet contact us at: info@vansteinengroentjes.nl.
The app can also be used online at: www.whiskyapp.nl

Contact us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VanSteinEnGroentjes
Twitter: @SteinGroentjes”

3. The Whiskypedia

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“The Whiskypedia is an attempt at creating a rich repository of all that there is to whisky. Here you can:

• Scan the label on any whisky bottle to know all about it
• Look up any and all whisky-related terms in the glossary
• Search and learn more about whiskies from domestic as well as international brands

The water of life, lovingly known by one and all as whisky has been mankind’s favorite for a very long time. The drink that has enamored so many across the world for generations has as colourful a history as any. The one and only place to uncover all of this history: The Whiskypedia.

From the unique processes of distilling to the different kinds of grains used in making Scotch, Bourbon, Irish whiskey and others, the lifecycle of whisky is a fascinating rendezvous of epicurean delight and Bacchanalian pursuit. On The Whiskypedia, embark on a journey of unveiling enticing tales about the much-loved golden tipple.
From knowing the subtle differences between Scotch and Irish whiskey to learning about the origins of bourbon, varieties of whiskies, famous distilleries, mouth-watering recipes, show-stealing cocktails and the nuanced art of tasting whisky like a true connoisseur, The Whiskypedia has got it all covered.

The Whiskypedia lets you get a close look at distillery tours, whisky festivals, tasting sessions and enthralling whisky holidays!
Meet the new expert on whisky: The Whiskypedia.

Let’s take a closer look at how to navigate the app:

• Scan & Find: This section allows you to capture and scan the label on any whisky bottle. This feature uses image recognition to extract all details about the bottle of whisky, like the distillery it comes from, age proof, ABV, etc.

• Whisky Brands from around the World: Get up, close, and personal with the best brands across the globe. Not all whiskies come from Scotland. Some come from as far as Japan, Indonesia, or China as well. Know brands by the country they originate from, glance at their production history, and unearth family secrets that make each of the brands unique.

• Whisky 101: Whether you’re a whisky aficionado or a debutante to the world of whiskies, chances are you might’ve missed on nitty-gritty. Whisky 101 is the Holy Grail of whisky-making. You can learn new things about your favourite drink.

• Types of Whisky: Do you know your Scotch from your Kentucky Straight Bourbon? Or, is it a single malt that you prefer? No matter what the choice, this section helps you discern the tasting notes of all kinds of whisky. Mark the subtle differences between each and gain whisky wisdom like no other!

• Whisky Times: Whisky doesn’t lie. No wonder, there’s no dearth of whisky stories. Encounter tales about whisky, whisky in folklore and lots more on Whisky Times.

• Recipes & Cocktails: Swirling a glass of Speyside single malt, or downing a peg of blended scotch neat isn’t the only way whisky can be enjoyed. Pairing whisky with food is a delightful gourmet experience. Learn about barkeep’s secrets, the art of pairing whisky with cheese, cook up a storm with recipes old and new and throw a rocking party with unforgettable whisky cocktails-for we’ve got you all covered.

• Bar Neighbourhood: Going on a world tour and want to enjoy a dram at famous bars? Do not know which bars to visit and which ones to give a miss? Head straight to our bar neighborhood. Locate and visit the best bars spread across the whisky-loving communities of the world. Get a taste of local spirits.

The Whiskypedia welcomes you to the world of whisky, the only one-stop destination where you can discover new stories, engage with fellow enthusiasts, get social, share experiences and raise a toast to the golden tipple by just downloading the app on your phone in a few clicks.”

4. Whisky Suggest

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“Scan a bottle, see the flavours.

Discover the world’s most accurate whisky flavour profiles. Use the barcode scanner to easily find out what a whisky tastes like and get personalized whisky recommendations.

By analysing well over 75,000 whisky reviews and tasting notes, WhiskySuggest has created unique and highly detailed Flavour Profiles. Use these flavour profiles to:
– Find whiskies by flavour. We have over 250 flavours to choose from.
– Find whisky that is similar to whiskies you like.
– Browse through our inventory of 30,000+ whiskies.
– Scan a whisky barcode and get flavour information instantly.

WhiskySuggest allows you to easily find a salty and smoky whisky. Or perhaps you prefer a rye-spicy bourbon? Find whisky that is similar to both Glenfiddich 12 Year Old and The Glenlivet 12 Year Old within seconds. And use the barcode scanner to find out what a whisky tastes like (and what others think about it) when you’re in a liquor store, or anywhere else.

But that’s not all:
– Create your own personal whisky collection. Make it public or keep it private.
– Rate, review and save tasting notes of whiskies you have enjoyed (or hated!)
– Discover new whiskies and add them to your whisky wishlist.
– Follow other users and browse through their collections.
– Get recommendations based on your personal preferences and whisky history.
– Find whisky retailers that ship to your location very easily.

This is the very first version of the WhiskySuggest app. Questions, feedback and feature requests are always welcome. You can contact us here: http://www.whiskysuggest.com/contact/”

5. Drammer whisky app

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“Easily track and share your wish list, collection and reviews. Search whiskies by taste. Find the best deals, news, events and compare 15.000 whisky prices. We are often described as: “Untappd for whisky”.

✓ Barcode scanner
✓ Search whiskies by taste
✓ Top 100 best rated whiskies in one list
✓ Export collection, wish list and reviews to CSV/Excel document
✓ Whisky festival calendar
✓ No mandatory account signup
✓ The latest whisky news
✓ Manage and share your collection, wish list and reviews
✓ 20,000 daily updated prices
✓ Overview of the best whisky deals
✓ Compare the prices of 47 Dutch, Belgian, German and UK whisky web shops
✓ See all your friends whisky experiences on your personal timeline.
✓ Distillery location shown on a map
✓ Earn over 50 badges for your activities
✓ Show prices in AUD, BGN, PLN, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD and ZAR
✓ App available in Dutch or English

** Why we need certain permissions **
✓ Camera – To take pictures of your whiskies and scan barcodes
✓ Storage – To store the taken pictures or to allow you to pick pictures from your gallery
✓ Control Torch – To turn on the torch during barcode scanning

*For some of the mentioned features, you have to create a Drammer account.”

6. Distiller – Your Personal Liquor Expert

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“Learn about spirits before you ever spend a cent, so you know you’re making the right purchase.

With a panel of alcohol industry experts writing reviews, and a growing community of spirits fans sharing their own ratings and tasting notes, you’ll never have to guess which whiskey to buy, which mezcal to try, which rum would be good for your cocktail, what bottle of gin to pick up, or which brandy you should give as a gift.

– Thousands of expert reviews of all types of liquor, with new reviews added daily
– Scan barcodes on bottles to quickly get information about the spirit inside
– The Distiller flavor profile on every reviewed spirit shows you what tastes to expect
– Keep track of what you’ve tried by creating Tastes
– Track what you’ve paid and where you’ve purchased something
– Get recommendations for what to try next
– Find information on everything from rare bottles to every day staples
– Build your collection and wishlist to keep track of what you’ve tried, and what to try next
– Create your own custom lists of spirits, like playlists of what you love, or what you want to try next
– Easily search, sort, and filter through thousands of original reviews
– Discuss your favorite spirits with other Distiller users, and follow them to see what they’re saying
– Share your tasting notes, recommendations, lists, and favorite spirits to your social networks

With thousands of reviews or whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rye, mezcal, tequila, rum, cachaça, brandy, cognac, pisco, gin, vodka, and everything in between, Distiller is the best app for liquor consumers!

“With expert ratings and thousands of data points, it’s like a well-curated music feed, but for booze.” — Gizmodo.com

“It’s like having one of those snooty liquor connoisseurs on call, in your pocket. Except no annoying mustache. ” — Yahoo! Tech

“It feels almost like a throwback startup. Booze Google.” — Business Insider

“Distiller is the best app on earth for liquor fans, and probably everyone else too.” — Abraham Lincoln

OK that last one wasn’t real. Lincoln couldn’t be reached for comment so we made it up. The rest are 100% real though!

Say hi or get support at hello@distiller.com!”