8 Best App For Memory Optimizer Android

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If you are looking for the Best App For Memory Optimizer Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 8 Best App For Memory Optimizer Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 8 Best App For Memory Optimizer Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

8 Best App For Memory Optimizer Android

1. Smart Phone Cleaner – Speed Booster & Optimizer

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“Smart Phone Cleaner is an all-rounder app for Android devices. It boosts and optimizes the performance of your Android Phone.

What Smart Phone Cleaner offers?:

✔ Free and Easy to use android Phone cleaner & Optimizer
✔ Junk Files Cleaner : App Cache and Junk Cleaner
✔ Duplicate Files Cleaner : Delete Duplicate Files and recover phone storage space.
✔ Malware Protection : Antimalware protects your phone device against Malware attacks and infections
✔ Private Browser : It assures that it does not save browsing history, cookies & cache or any other information filled online
✔ App Lock : Fast App Locker with Pattern & Passcode to lock any application.
✔ CPU Cooler : Cooling CPU temperature to speedup phone performance.
✔ File Explorer : File Manager helps you organize and manage all your files in categories in one place.
✔ Hibernate Apps : where in apps that lead to battery drainage are hibernated and puts your device in a low power state.
✔ Game Speedup : It frees up RAM to give your phone a significant speed boost. Also, it closes background running processes to enhance gaming performance.
✔ App Manager : uninstall and disable apps to recover space and speed up your Android Phone.
✔ Battery Saver : Smartly analyze your phone’s battery usage and terminates apps that cause battery drainage.
✔ One tap RAM booster, cache & temp files cleaner

One-Tap Booster
With Smart Phone Cleaner, optimizing RAM is made extremely easy. Simply hit ‘TAP TO BOOST’ and all your problems are solved. It releases cache out of your device and optimizes its performance.

Junk File Cleaner
With continuous use, an Android device gets cluttered with hundreds of junk files. Finding and cleaning all this junk isn’t easy, but Smart Phone Cleaner lets you clean and declutter your device to free up space and improve your device’s performance.

Battery Saver
Smart Phone Cleaner lets you analyze your device’s battery usage and terminates apps that cause battery drainage. Battery drainage may be due to apps that are no longer in use, or the ones that run in background. It allows you to shut such apps and save battery power. Moreover, it also shows the device temperature.

Game Speed Up
Smart Phone Cleaner not only cleans junk on your device but also lets you make the most of it. You can enhance your gaming experience with its Game Speed Up feature.

App Manager
App Manager by Smart Phone Cleaner locates and displays space-hogging apps that are no longer in use. You can rely on this app to uninstall and disable apps to recover space and speed up your Android device. Moreover, it allows you to Archive files.

File Explorer
Make the best use of File Explorer to manage files stored on your device efficiently. This is an amazing feature offered by Smart Phone Cleaner to categorize files and folders. It further lets you share, remove and take backup of your files.

Duplicate Files Remover
Recover maximum storage with Smart Phone Cleaner’s duplicate files cleaning module. It lets you quickly scan your device for duplicates based on their file name, content and file type. Once the duplicates are detected, select them quickly with Auto-Mark and remove them to recover significant storage space.

Smart Phone Cleaner also protects your device against Malware attacks and infections. With the integration of the Anti-Malware app, you can easily scan for malware and prevent data corruption and infection.

Hibernate Apps
Hibernate Apps is one of the important modules by Smart Phone Cleaner wherein apps that lead to battery drainage are hibernated and puts your device in a low power state. Usually, the process hibernates apps that are either unused or have been inactive for a long time. Enable accessibility services just for the informational purpose.

WhatsApp Module
Smart Phone Cleaner lets you view and manage all your WhatsApp media at a single place. It will let you free up space taken over by WhatsApp media and improve your device performance.”

2. SD Maid Pro – Unlocker

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“SD Maid is an app and file management tool that helps you to keep your device clean and tidy!

This app unlocks the “Pro” status in the free version of SD Maid, enabling all additional features.
This is not a stand-alone app. You still need to install the free version of SD Maid.

I don’t mind a quick mail if you have questions.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, mail me within a week and ask for a refund.”

3. Memory Booster – Super Cleaner & Max Booster

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“Memory Booster is a small but powerful cleaning application for Android. It can effectively improve the speed of your Android devices with one tap.

Feature List

🚀Speed Booster🚀
Memory Booster help you to reduce the RAM usage by killing the programs and tasks running in the background with one click. It can dramatically improve the speed of the device, especially when you are playing games and shopping on the internet.

Whitelist: Add the apps you use everyday into whitelist to prevent them from killing when you boost your phone.

✅Startup Boost ✅
With the Startup Boost function, you can choose those apps that you don’t use usually and stop them from starting when you start your phone, thus reducing the occupation of the RAM and saving more storage.

🍃Real-time Memory Monitoring🍃
You can check the current RAM usage of your device at any time to know if your device is in a good condition.

Download Memory Booster to optimize your Android devices now! 🔥😜

If you have any comments and suggestions, please leave us a message or email us. Hope you like this App. 💓

Contact us:
Facebook Page: https://business.facebook.com/Memory-Booster-163736101089401
Email: support@aiotoolbox.com”

4. Max Memory Booster

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“Max Memory Booster frees and boosts your Android devices memory by killing unwanted apps, cleaning cache and optimizing memory usage. It boosts system speed and reclaims memory space. It also features a task-killer and application uninstaller. Memory boosts can be performed from the app through the Quick Boost and Optimize Memory option as well as through the app widget.

Features of Max Memory Booster:

1. Quick Boost:
The Quick Boost feature kills running tasks and apps to boost memory and frees up space immediately so your device performs faster.

2. Optimize Memory:
The Optimize memory feature terminates all running processes (except system processes) to free RAM and stops them from draining your device’s battery.

3. App Manager:
The App Manager feature shows a list of all installed applications on your device along with the memory space used by them. It allows you to delete unwanted apps to increase storage space.

Stay connected on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MaxSecureSoftware”

5. Memory Booster

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“Memory Booster is a powerful RAM & Cache boosting app designed for Android devices which will make your phone or tablet work faster.
The application uses a sophisticated technology to optimize the performance of your device. It automatically kills low priority tasks every 2 hours. For maximum results you should do a manual boost once a day.

– Auto boost allows Memory Booster to run in the background and automatically reclaims memory for your Android at interval.
* Notices
– You receive notifications ones your phone runs out of memory.
* Running programs
– Lets you decide which programs you want to kill.

Advertising Policy Disclosure:
We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever.
In order to keep our development running, Memory Booster is ad-supported to generate some revenue.
When you click on advertisements delivered by Memory Booster, you will typically be directed to a third-party’s web page.”

6. Memory Booster – Boost & Clean

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“Memory Booster – Speed Booster & Memory Cleaner is a professional phone cleaner designed to improve your Android performance. It can clean up junk files, boost phone speed, manage installed-apps and cool down CPU. With simple design and powerful functions, Memory Booster got popular in many countries once it’s published.

❤️Why choose Memory Booster as your Android cleaner?

Except with powerful cleaning functions, Memory Booster is also smaller, faster and easier to use. It’s your top choice for Android cleaner and booster!

Memory Booster 4 Main Features:

🚀Phone booster – fix lagging issues & boost your phone with one tap.
❎Startup Booster – block seldom-used Apps from running when device starts.
🍃Phone Cleaner – clean up unwanted junk files on your device.
📂App Manager – batch uninstall applications with the least permission.

✅Memory Booster – Powerful Speed Booster With Only One Click

With the advanced scanning technique, Memory Booster can frees up device memory by killing background tasks and stopping apps that run without your knowledge. It can speed up your Android device effectively, especially when you are shopping, browsing website and playing games.

Whitelist: You can protect frequently-used apps from killing by adding them to the whitelist.

✅Memory Booster – Useful Startup Booster

Stop those uncommonly-used apps from auto-starts when your device start. Free up memory, speed up your device and save more battery.

✅Memory Booster -Multi-function Phone Cleaner

✔️Junk Cleaner – Delete unwanted junk files from your phone.
✔️Cache Cleaner – Clean up your browsing records and cache files.
✔️Temp Files Cleaner – Clean up temp files on the device in time to free up storage.
✔️APK Cleaner – Delete the APK files after you install the apps in your phone.
✔️Empty Folder Cleaner – Clean the empty folder in your device to save memory.

✅Memory Booster – App Manager

List all installed applications on the your device and allow you to uninstall those unnecessary applications in a batch with on tap. It’s very helpful to free up the device memory and speed up the phone.

Download Memory Booster to optimize your Android devices now!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Facebook Page: https://business.facebook.com/Memory-Booster-2019-370835817051081/
Email: support@aiotoolbox.com”

7. Speed BOOSTER – Memory Cleaner & CPU Task Manager

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“Need more memory and a faster device? You need Speed Booster – the world’s most powerful speed booster for Android!

Designed to optimize your Android’s CPU speed, free up memory and free up RAM – Speed Booster will have your phone’s memory, speed and battery in perfect condition all in one tap! You can also use the task manager to clear up background tasks that may be draining your phone.

In this one tap app you can enjoy ALL of these features and more!

Automatic Boosting
Speed Booster will notify you when it’s time to give your device the boost it deserves! Based on lad and system analysis you can boost your Android according to usage or you can schedule boosts every 12 hours.

💪 One Tap Power

Speed Booster is the easiest and most powerful way to give your Android a new lease of life! The powerful app optimization tool, with a simple, intuitive interface will help you manage Android speed, generate a task management plan and assist you with the RAM cleaner for optimal device performance – all this and more in ONE tap!

🚀 Task Manager
Shut down background tasks that drain your Android’s battery and alter your phone’s performance. Most Speed Booster apps allow apps to reopen after 2 minutes, but Speed Booster will keep them closed until you want to use them again!

📱 Homescreen Memory Cleaner Widget

Clean your cache, boost RAM, and enhance CPU speed in boost mode directly from your home screen with the Speed Booster widget.

🔋 Boost Battery Life
Not only can you make your device faster, but the cleaner system will get rid of all the junk so that your Android device functions at its optimal performance level.

📈 Statistics
Monitor exactly how much RAM and CPU power you’ve saved directly on the app!

💎 NO Ads!
Speed Booster is ad-free and will never bother you with annoying ads!

♿ Speed Booster enables users, including those with disabilities, to improve the performance of their mobile device and close apps running in the background without having to go in and close each and every app individually, which may be difficult for any user, and in particular those with mobility disabilities.

Speed Booster improves your device’s performance by using Accessibility services to clean memory and close apps that run in the background. As part of this process, Mobile Health Club receives and analyzes aggregated information about your mobile data and app use. We respect our users privacy, which s why we will never save personal or sensitive user data (PII).
You are welcome to read how we collect and handle our data in our privacy policy: https://mobilehealth.club/privacy.html
Terms of Service: https://mobilehealth.club/terms.html”

8. RAM Booster (Memory Cleaner)

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“Ram booster is a very powerful booster for your phone’s ram. You can also monitor storage and ram information at the same time, clean the memory and boost your phone. Ram booster provides many kinds of tools. including: ram booster widget, cpu widget, battery widget. The desktop floating window can show ram usage percent cpu temperature and battery temperature, you can monitor the ram, cpu and battery information very convenient. Ram booster support overheat alarm. The detail features including:

💡 Ram booster and memory cleaner
Clean the ram and boost your phone, and you can set the ignore list based on your own personal needs.

💡 Temperature Over Heat Alarm
Ram booster will trigger an alarm when cpu’s or battery’s temperature is overheat, you can choose open or close the over heat alarm as your like.

💡 Floating Window
Floating window show the cpu temperature, battery temperature, ram usage real time.

💡 Ram Booster Widget
Support ram booster widget, cpu temperature widget and battery temperature widget.

💡 Dark Mode
You can choose the dark theme or light theme as you like. Both modes are very beautiful.

💡 Custom theme colors
Ram booster has five different colors for theme. You can choose the style you like.

If you like RAM Booster, you can upgrade to pro version “Powerful System Monitor”, including: cpu monitor, Storage cleaner, ram booster, battery monitor and battery saver all in one!”