4 Best App To Print Out Text Messages From iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best App To Print Out Text Messages From iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best App To Print Out Text Messages From iPhone that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 4 Best App To Print Out Text Messages From iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best App To Print Out Text Messages From iPhone

1. Export Messages – Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages

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“Export Messages App allows you to Save/Export all Text Messages,Audio messages, Images/Pictures,videos and other attachments to your MAC/PC from Messages App.If you need to print text messages for legal purpose, this is right app for you to take a print of any Text conversation.

[IMPORTANT] You need to Download latest Desktop app from http://backupsms.weebly.com for iOS 10.0 or latest iOS support

WIndows PC users & Mac users must follow the instructions given in “FaQ” tab with in the Application.

Make use of Export Messages App and take a copy all the Text Messages in Messages App to your Computer and keep it safely before Upgrading to a new iPhone

Please refer FAQ tab with in the App for instructions on how to Export Messages using the App.
Detailed user guides provided in App support website http://backupsms.weebly.com/

+ Never worry about losing SMS/iMessages/Text Messages, you can now take backup of all text messages including pictures, videos and other attachments in your messages app to your MAC/PC.
+ You can free up memory by saving all the the messages permanently to MAC/PC in PDF/HTML/Excel format
+ You can print save or email SMS, iMessages & Text Messages, MMS, attachments, audio, video messages.
+ You can filter messages by contact and date range
+ All attachments saved in a separate folder
+ This is the Only App in App Store supports iOS10.2 encrypted backups, so export/save messages without compromising on security.

Don’t waste your time, contact support if you are having any kind of difficulty in using the app.

+ No in App purchases, you can do unlimited exports for the device on which App is installed.

Minimum Requirements:
+ Mac or Windows PC
+ Latest iTunes installed on your computer
+ iTunes backup encryption password required only for Encrypted backup users.

Note: Companion PC/MAC applications are having advanced features, you download and use it for free from http://backupsms.weebly.com/”

2. iPRINT – Text Printing

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“iPRINT is the text printing / PDF output / viewer / editor application for iPhone / iPad. iPRINT customized iText Pad, which has been popular as iOS advanced text editor, for printing on printer paper. iPRINT have specialized iText Pad’s functions, such as vertical writing and the original paper layout “Aozora Bunko” style ruby display, for displaying printed images on printer paper. On the iPhone / iPad screen, you can print on a printer paper with one touch, while checking the print image of vertically written original paper etc, easy operation enables you to print various layouts.
For printing on a printer, easy printing using AirPrint of iOS printing function. And high-quality PDF file of printing image, you can use advanced printing by printer manufacturer’s printing application. Even if you do not have a printer, it is also compatible with Convenience-Print that can be printed at convenience stores nationwide (Japanese only).
Also, iPRINT can be used not only as text printing, but also as a viewer that allows you to browse e-books with print images, or as text editor to enter text while checking sentences with print images.

We sincerely hope iPRINT will serve you well, being a good friend for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. With iPRINT, enjoy printing flexibly anytime, anywhere!

iPRINT Features
* Text printing / PDF output / viewer / editor application.
* It supports printing of japanese manuscript paper.
* It supports vertical writing.
* It corresponds to ruby printing.
* You can customize the paper to be printed by settings.
* A variety of print layouts can be selected.
* Output high-quality PDF file.
* Easy printing using AirPrint of iOS printing function is supported.
* Cooperate with printer-specific application of printer manufacturer.
* It corresponds to Convenience-Print which can be printed at convenience store.
* You can view the text of the e-book with the print image.
* Text can be entered while checking sentences with print image.
* You can open a text file of another application.
* Up to 500 text files can be saved.
* The display size can be increased to 500%.
* It corresponds to the operation when the iPhone is set horizontally.
* The number of characters can be counted.
* “iWriters” can be used for text input of iPRINT.”

3. Make It Big

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“Type a message and Make It BIG!
The message will be ENLARGED to fill the entire screen.

Tap screen to edit text, Tap screen again to hide the keyboard.

Show your latest message in a widget.

Rotate and hold your device in any direction, the text will automatically resize to fill the entire screen.

Shake device to flash your message (alternates between background colour and text colour).

– Change font
– Change text & background colours
– Swap colours
– Enable/disable haptic feedback
– Enable/disable shake to flash mode
– Set the flash speed

All messages shown will now be stored so you can easily show them again.

WARNING: Flashing screen may cause seizures, use responsibly.


4. Messages & SMS Export to PDF

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Record your favorite messages from any application and save them as video! This is the perfect way to backup your conversations. You can trim your video recording to remove unwanted parts, and you can crop the top and bottom parts (same as you do with stitching method). Also, you can even speed down the video for easier message reading.

Record in 5 easy steps
1. Open App
2. Press the record button
3. Open the messages app you would like to record and scroll the conversation.
4. Go back to the app and stop the recording
5. Trim and crop video. Done!

Recording Features
+ Start and stop the recording right from the app
+ Every recording is store securely on your device only.
+ Crop and trim tools

It does not get any easier than this! With Messages Export, you can create one beautiful image or PDF from your conversations. This will allow you to backup your chats, or share it with your friends.

+ Stitch your favorite conversations in 4 easy steps +
1. Open App
2. Select screenshots
3. Edit and cut
4. Share!

Stitching Features:

+ Simplicity +
Select your recent screenshots and start editing/stitching them. No over complications with nonsense features.

+ Precise tools +
Cut your screenshots with precision. Also, we facilitate the stitching process by showing a transparent overlay

+ Fast and secure +
Every PDF|JPG|PNG conversion is done right on your device. That means all your images and files are securely stored on your device and the conversion is done in seconds (As it should be!)

+ Organized +
Manage your files with folder management and file naming. Keep the app uncluttered when you have a lot of files!

+ Share and Print PDF
Export and share all your messages conversations right from the app with a single tap. Send via iMessage, Open in other apps, Print, etc.

+ Share and Print as JPG, PNG and Multi Page PDF
(In App Purchase Required)”