5 Best Ar Measuring App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Ar Measuring App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Ar Measuring App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Ar Measuring App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Ar Measuring App For iPhone

1. AirMeasure – AR Tape & Ruler

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“AirMeasure™ is The Ultimate Augmented Reality Measuring ToolKit with over 15+ unique modes to create the most accurate measurements possible. ( Formerly named ‘AR Measure’ )

Loaded with features, the app includes tools that let you measure anything from small items, to room dimensions, to faraway buildings & structures – even people too! We’ve bundled additional tools to help with your measuring-related tasks, such as: laser levels that can be added to any wall or surface; brushes for drawing or marking things in 3D space; and a catalog filled with virtual furniture you can preview in a room.

IMPORTANT: You must have an ARKit enabled device to have access to all the available tools. (i.e. 6S or better)

Just some of the many amazing features:

– Tape Measure with three different modes: Air, Surface & Points
– Multiple Measurements
– Choose between metric (meters/cm ) or imperial/standard ( inches/feet ) units
– Floor Plan – Trace the outline of a room
– Draw a 3D Cube – Figure out if something will fit by Drawing & Resizing 3D Cubes
– Find Someone’s Height – Use the Person’s Height tool
– Furniture – preview furniture in your space. Choose from a catalog.
– Sports Fields – Mark the outline of a sports field using a stencil to guide you.
– AirBrush – Draw or annotate things in 3D space.
– Trajectory – Trace a path of where you’ve been.
– Laser Level – Provides a reference when hanging a picture.
– Laser Distance – Get the distance to a point.
– Height Tool – Measure the height of anything.
– Triangulation – Refine measurements by capturing them from second perspective.
– Metal Detector / stud finder
– Angle measurement tool
– Traditional Bubble Level
– On-Screen Ruler for measuring small items
– History – Capture your measurements to review later or share with a friend 😉
– Projects – Store groups of measurements together for easy retrieval

AirMeasure is the tape measure that’s always in your pocket. Great for contractors and builders, home improvement, plumbers, DIY enthusiasts, gardening, remodeling, interior designers, teachers, and much more.”

2. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure

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“AR Ruler app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to tape measure the real world with your smartphone’s camera. Target aim on the detected plane and start to use ar tape measure tool:

1) AR Ruler app – allows to tape measure linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet, yard.
2) Distance meter – allows to tape measure distance from device camera to a fixed point on the detected 3D plane.
3) Angle – allows to tape measure corners on 3D planes.
4) Area and Perimeter – allows to tape measure perimeter and area of the room.
5) Volume – allows to tape measure size of 3D objects.
6) Polyline – allows to calculate the length of the path.
7) Height – allows to tape measure height relative to the recognized surface.

Try AR Ruler app now – we’d love to hear your feedback!

Customer Support:
Should you have any questions about AR Ruler app or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us via developer email.

Premium – 3 day free trial then 49.99$ / year
• No ads
• Unlimited number of projects

Price may vary by country. You won’t be charged if you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of trial period. Active subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current active period (year). You can manage subscriptions in your iTunes Account Settings. Subscription is charged to your credit card through your iTunes account.

Terms of Service: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/”

3. CamToPlan – AR tape measure

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“Measure anything with CamToPlan! Horizontally and vertically! Length, distance, area of any surface… Measure everything with this virtual ruler and tape measure thanks to augmented reality.

Measuring a length is now easier than with a laser meter or any other measure tool. You draw your measurement lines in 3D thanks to the camera directly on the video of your phone or tablet. You export your plans in PDF, PNG or DXF. CamToPlan is the AR measuring app that brings your measures from cam…to…plan !

For personal or professional use, always measure like a pro. Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), you can measure floors, dimensions of walls, windows, doors or a whole home in a few seconds. No more tape measure or ruler needed!

This app has infinite applications for everybody:
– Personal use: the length measure app for the handyman who loves DIY !
– Real estate professionals (real estate agent, interior design decorator or designer, architect, topographer, energy adviser…): this app will help you make a floorplan of a house, apartment, a specific room of a flat.
– Construction workers can use it to quickly measure jobs : concreter, tile layer, carpet fitter, painter, drywall guy, plasterer, builder, carpenter, electrician, plumber, slater…
– For gardener, landscaper, swimming pool builders and maintenance, digger, earth-moving, navvy: this app also works outside
– Cost estimation professionals: this length measure app can make pricing estimates, it will be a great assistant for quantity surveyor, price studies technician, economist…
– Building industry: foreman, site manager or engineer can drop their tape measure and ruler to perform a quick measurement check

How does this measuring app work?
It relies on ARKit by Apple. Machine learning algorithms combine the device sensors data (accelerometer, gyroscope…) with odometry which analyses in real time the video of the camera and relies on visual details of images, in order to scan the environment and find the position and rotation angle of the device.

Please note:
– you can measure in metric (meters, centimeters) or imperial units (feet, inches)
– the app measures distances horizontally (= on the ground) and vertically!
– no need to remove the furniture from the room for measurements. The application determines the intersection between the floor and the target, even if it is hidden.
– The application may have difficulty with some types of tiles.
– The accuracy is not guaranteed.
– you can move while performing measurements to get closer to your target point, for maximum precision, even if it is not visible and calculated by extrapolation.

CamToPlan Premium =
+ No ads
+ Vertical mode
+ Expert mode
+ Unlock Edit & Export
+ Access all your drawings

CamToPlan Premium is a recurring subscription. You can cancel a free trial or subscription anytime by going to your account settings on the App Store. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your Apple ID account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

Terms of use: http://misc.tasmanic.com/camtoplanterms2.html
Privacy policy: http://misc.tasmanic.com/iosctppolicy2.html”

4. Measure – AR

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“Measure can easily measure the length of anything with your iPhone camera.
Bring the latest technology, AR (Augmented Reality) into your life now!

◆ Don’t miss the “I want to measure” moment
You will say good bye to the days when you didn’t have a ruler but you had to measure something.

You can use Measure in such scenes.
· When you fell in love with a furniture during shopping, but you don’t know if it fits your room.
· How big is this box … How much does it cost deliver this…
· Did my son become taller? Frequently check your child’s height!
· When your son asks you at the zoo, “Dad! How long is the kneck of that giraffe?”.

In addition, by installing Measure, you can know the length of everything, anytime, anywhere.

◆Absolutely accurate
We have repeatedly improved this app since ARKit was released.
As a result, Measure has the highest precision which other apps can’t realize.

◆Experience the latest technology “AR (augmented reality)” ASAP!
Bring the latest technology which has been growing remarkably recently.
You can experience a strange feeling as if theres a REAL ruler in front of you.”

5. Measured by Lowe’s

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“This fun, simple app measures objects or distances using Augmented Reality. Just pop open the app, place your points and get instant measurements!
With so many objects in the world, there are infinite ways to use Measured. Here are just a few:

Measure Your Kids
Snap and save your kids’ measurements to document growth milestones. Be sure to post it on Grandma’s Facebook!
Prove Your Fish Story
Snap the dimensions of your catch, then share the photo (complete with those jaw-dropping measurements) on your social feed. Fish will fear you and no one will question you next time you catch the Big One!
Play Like a Pro
Guessing is for amateurs! Set up your regulation cornhole game with 27 feet between each board.
Hang Holiday Lights
Know before you glow! How many feet of lights will you need for the most dazzling display? Measure your roof eaves, porch rails, windows, doors, shrubs, trees and more. Tape measures are a thing of the past!
Get Answers to Life’s Most Burning Questions
Will that couch fit through my front door?
How wide is my window?
Will that iguana fit in my bathtub?
How far is my golf putt?
Will the giant purple teddy bear I won at the carnival fit in my car?
Will that rug cover my floor?
Exactly how long is that centipede?”