5 Best Black Light App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Black Light App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Black Light App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Black Light App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Black Light App For iPhone

1. Best Flash Light – Flashlight

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“* Best Front Camera Flash Light With Video Zoom *

*Fastest Front Camera Zoom Light*

Don’t wait! Get The Best Front Camera Zoom Light!

Get the brightest, fastest, and most feature rich front light with video camera zoom for the iPhone in the market!!! The app uses the front camera light on iPhone as a camera light and then allows you to zoom in! Plus you can setup a timer so that the light turns off after a few minutes as well. You can also use your camera zoom flash light with additional light. There are many ways you can use a camera light.

Is a front facing camera light a necessity for an iPhone? Yes, Yes, & Yes!!!

*Special Feature: Light + Video Zoom View
We’ve added a special video view to the light! When would this be useful? Lets say you are replacing the bulb in the backyard and need to read the bulb voltage in the dark. Turn on the app, activate camera light & video and viola. Not only will you have light but you’ll also be able to zoom in and see the exactly voltage of the bulb you are replacing from the phone.

* How can you use the front light? Let us count the ways!
– Set Light Timer – Light Up Room For Few Minutes.
– Use it to open doors in low light
– Find things in your purse
– Find your keys in the dark
– Read in the dark
– Replace backyard bulb at night
– walking to your car at night
– During a power outage
– Hiking or outdoors
– SOS During Emergencies

– Instant On Light When App Activates
– Front Light With Video (Must Have)
– Strobe Light Effect with Speed Control
– Clap For Light On/Off Control
– Flip Device On/Off Control
– Multiple Tap Light On/Off
– Energy Saving Light
– Set Custom Light Timing
– Battery Indicator

* One example of where you can use the light with zoom feature is, if you wanted to read the label on the back of the washer and dryer to replace a part. Simple turn on the light & video view and then read the label from the app. This is just two of thousands of different incidents that the front light with zoom could come in handy.

User Reviews:
1) It works like a charm. No ads. Many features and it’s free!

2) Great app. Wow. Love the clap on clap off feature.

3) Best flash light ever

Many more amazing reviews, see below 🙂 Thank you all for your support and for using the app.

Extended use of the light will drain your battery quickly.”

2. Black Light

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“With Black Light you can apply a combination of visual effects to your screen by manipulating the gamma curve. Opening Black Light will automatically apply the selected effects. Quitting the application will restore the original settings.

You can toggle the selected effect combination by clicking on the Black Light icon in the dock, by using a global hotkey, or through the optional Black Light menu icon that can appear on the right side of the menu bar. (Note: this last option is only available with OS X 10.7 or later.)

– Invert Screen
Reverse blacks and whites, giving you a negative of the image on your screen.

– Overexposure
Replace white grays with white to remove stripes, making white the background of most windows. Lighter colors might change hue slightly.

– HDTV Luminance Adjustment
Adapt image for the 16–235 luminance range used by some high-definition television sets when connected by HDMI. Normally, your computer should be capable of automatically adjusting output values accordingly, but this isn’t always possible when the TV is connected through an adapter.

– Dim Screen
Reduce screen luminosity by dimming each pixel. Useful to reduce the luminosity of LCD screens beyond the minimal value of the back light.

– Color Filter
Simulation of a color filter put in front of the screen. Lets you change the tint by setting the white point.

Compatibility notes:
– Exported effects are compatible with Black Light Pro.
– Black Light works great with Night Shift, but cannot run simultaneously with the app f.lux.
– The invert filter does not work in macOS Sierra 10.12.4 through 10.12.6 due to a bug in macOS. Upgrade to High Sierra to get a functionning invert filter.”

3. Black Light – Codebreaker

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You are in a bank vault and have three minutes to open as many deposit boxes as you can. Using your Black Light you can reveal the fingerprints on the keypads – now decode the password.

Totally free. No in-app purchases!!

You can change the difficulty by choosing a password length. Longer passwords give more money.

4. Black Light Vision

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“Black Light Vision create the black light effect through the iPhone camera.

A black light, also referred to as a UV light or ultraviolet light, is a lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation (UV) in the long-wave (near ultraviolet, UVA) range, and little visible light. Other types of ultraviolet lamp emit large amounts of visible light along with the ultraviolet; but a “black light” usually refers to a lamp that has a dark blue optical filtering material in the glass envelope of the bulb (or the lamp housing) which blocks most of the visible light, so the lamp emits mostly ultraviolet.

Black Light Vision does not produce UV light.”

5. Blacklight: Cut and clip

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“Blacklight is THE novel way of producing video content on the ground with any camera gear and even unsynced multicam setups.

With Blacklight you can film uninterrupted with every camera you have and mark in time when you have a good take or when you’re about to start / end a highlight.
You’re sure to never miss any of the action and thanks to its Video processing engine Blacklight can export those clips in seconds directly from your camera(s) with no loss in quality.
(USB Camera adapter / SD card adapter available in most Apple Stores)

NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!Blacklight lets you get the best from your camera rushes to publish immediately on social media or for professional use!
Empowered by the world renowned FFmpeg codec engine, Blacklight can take in virtually any video and audio formats even the highest bitrates and resolutions, cut them up and export them in Full Quality as well as resolutions appropriate for social media.
We also just implemented the option to apply your own custom image watermark on produced content. (because yeah, we know about content thieves)”