3 Best Breath Holding App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Breath Holding App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Breath Holding App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Breath Holding App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Breath Holding App For Android

1. STAmina Apnea Trainer

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“STAmina Apnea Trainer – the best apnea app to improve the breath-holding time for freediving, scuba diving and spearfishing with 5 different apnea tables types.

STAmina allows you to train static apnea at home without extra effort. An apnea trainer is a great opportunity for beginner divers to prepare for diving effectively and for the professionals to improve their skills.

Features of the STAmina Apnea Trainer:

◆ 5 apnea table options ◆

O2 deprivation table – accustoms a body to lower oxygen levels. This is achieved by increasing the amount of time that you hold your breath on each attempt, while the resting time is fixed.

CO2 Tolerance table – helps a body to adapt to high carbon dioxide levels. This is achieved by decreasing the length of resting time between fixed breath-hold periods.

Wonka table – a variation of CO2 tables. Apnea timer starts after the first contraction, the rest time takes one breath.

Mix table – tables where apnea time increases and rest time decreases with each round.

Custom table – allows mixing different approaches to create a custom training, thus to generate the most effective training program.

◆ Personalized training with varying difficulty ◆

When you start working with the application, you set your personal record in breath holding. Based on this data, the app will offer a personalized training program with exercises of 3 difficulty levels to choose from: easy, normal and hard.

◆ Personalized exercise settings ◆

Each exercise can be edited by setting your own number of repetitions, breath hold time, rest time, etc.

◆ Training reminders ◆

Get the notification to start your apnea training. In the application, you can set a reminder for the day and the time, which will send a notification that it is time to go through a training session.

◆ Personal statistics and detailed training history ◆

All your workouts and exercises are recorded in the app. You can track the detailed progress of each training.

◆ Voice guidance ◆

Training may be accompanied by voice guidance with male/female voices recorded by professional voice actors. STAmina supports English, French and Russian voice guidance.

◆ Broad language coverage ◆

STAmina app has English, German, Russian, Franch, Italian localizations.

Stamina Apnea Trainer is suitable for:

beginner or professional freedivers who want to learn how to hold their breath as long as possible;
scuba divers to learn how to dive longer on one tank;
surfers in case of unexpected breath hold;
everyone who is involved in underwater sports such as underwater rugby, hockey, etc.

Stamina Apnea Trainer allows to train breath hold effectively for anyone who cares about all kinds of diving.

◆ More info https://getstamina.app/
◆ Rate us https://www.facebook.com/staminamobile/
◆ Questions and suggestions hello@squarecrowdapps.com”

2. Freedive

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A simple but effective breathhold training application for freedivers.

– Use auto-generated tables for CO2 Tolerance and O2 Deprivation
– Create your own custom tables by choosing table size freely and setting all durations individually
– Test your breath hold duration and have a history of your attempts.

3. Freediving Apnea Trainer

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“Improve your apnea and breath stamina! Hold your breath longer. Apnea trainer!
Freediving apnea timer for beginners or advanced freedivers, underwater hunters, yoga trainees! Increase your apnea.

One of many uses:
First, set your current maximum breath holding time and the application will automatically calculate the training tables based on this time. Then using the given training plan from this apnea trainer, do the tables and other exercises (see detailed how-to guide in app).

Extra capabilities and features:
⚡️ Auto calculated tables based on best time
⚡️ Edit existing tables and create your own
⚡️ Full history of completed trainings with statistics and charts
⚡️ Improve and save you progress in “Best time”
⚡️ Supporting pulse oximeters such as Jumper 500f and other
⚡️ Supporting bluetooth devices for heart rate measurements (Mi Band 3 and 4, Polar etc.)
⚡️ Use also phone camera for heart rate measurement (see ‘Sensors’)
⚡️ Flexible “Square breath” training timer for preparation and relaxation
⚡️ AIDA time notifications during tables’ prepare and breath-hold phases
⚡️ Voice and vibration notification of the remaining time
⚡️ Ability to mark the start of contractions
⚡️ Pause, early transition to the next phase, +10 seconds ability

We are open to get assistance in translating the application into your native language 🙂

Oximeter connection video https://www.youtube.com

Some results here https://www.youtube.com 😉

Improve stamina breath with us!”