7 Best Bucket List App iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Bucket List App iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Bucket List App iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Bucket List App iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Bucket List App iPhone

1. Bucket List Maker – Life Listr

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“***AS FEATURED BY APPLE*** Life Listr is the best way to help live a life that, one day, you’ll look back on with pride. Don’t let this quick life just pass you by!

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

Instead, create the most important list you will ever make.

* Write down all of your dreams. From travel to food, from learning to owning… anything!
* Categorize your list with our preset categories, or create your own.
* Take action! Add steps to accomplish goals… each with its own price so you can plan it all.
* Stay on track with customized reminders. Life sure doesn’t wait for us!
* Add up to 5 of your goals to our signature ‘Focus’ section. Not trying to do it all will help you get it all done!
* Add your own pics to each goal, or just use some of ours.
* Quickly invite friends to share in some adventures.
* Keep your list private… if you want.

Your feedback is so important to us. Please don’t hesitate to email our dedicated support team if you find any bugs, issues, or if you have some suggestions: support@journohq.com

Now quit reading, download the app, become a fellow Life Listr, and get living!

To YOU living an adventure,
The Journo Team

PS. Please share your successes with us online! We can’t wait to hear about them!

2. “Bucket List Pro (Goals,Habits)”

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“*Major Update*
Get more out of Bucketlist PRO & The Habit Factor, subscribe to the Habits 2 Goals Podcast

– FREE! Test the new, updated version for yourself!
– #1 Request: Historical Experiences can be added!
– Track Action Items/Steps for active Bucket List items
– Stamp your experience Completed! Then post it!
– Library of Experiences for quick adding and ideas!

Stuck In a rut? Looking to add some excitement to your life?
There is NO better way to give yourself (your life) clarity, meaning and direction than to create your Bucket List! Do it TODAY!

Remember, purpose creates passion… Start your bucket list today!
MORE Bucket List PRO

“Finally, a Bucket List App done right!”

“What a cool way to keep track of what’s really important in your life. Powerful! I LOVE this app!”

“It’s so FUN to see my updates on these experiences post to Twitter. Very cool!”

“Ingenious! I love adding your own PHOTO proof once you complete your bucket list item.

Why use Bucket List PRO?

Pause for a moment and consider what GREAT LIFE EXPERIENCES YOU MUST have before you kick the bucket, start pushing daisies or, take that extended dirt nap.

What must you do/experience before you die?

Are you ready to…
Run with the Bulls in Pamplona?
Swim with dolphins or better yet, sharks?
Visit the Pyramids?
Go on an African safari?
Write a book?
Be a game-show contestant?
Run a marathon?
Do an Ironman?
Donate Millions of $$ to a charity?

Bucket List PRO easily lets you establish, maintain, track and record your dream life experiences to help ensure you live the fullest life possible!!!

How to use:
Simply tap the “+” to setup a new Bucket List Pro item. Each item can be stored for later or activated and tracked. Each day the bucket list item is “active” the “Track” screen will allow you to add new activity or “steps” to help you achieve your experience! When you’ve completed the Bucket List PRO item, simply tap the “Completed” check box then, ADD A PHOTO of the event direct from your iPhone or photo library to record the proof!

Check out the other great Equilibrium Apps: The Habit Factor® and Brian Tracy’s, Eat That Frog!”

3. Bucket: A Bucket List App

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“Meet Bucket – the first bucket list social media app designed to connect us through real experiences. Because social media has become too focused on likes, followers, and filters, we made one focused on goals, community, and authenticity.

How Bucket works:

• Create and share your bucket list, filled with “buckets” created by you or other users

• See what your friends or the rest of the world are adding to their lists on the home feed

• Search and get inspired on the explore page, filled with new ideas and collections every week

• Complete the things on your bucket list by posting a storybook, filled with photos, videos, text, and prompts
• See what you have in common with friends (or strangers) – yes, this will be great for weekend plans and date ideas

So that’s what you can do on the app, but why did we make it?

• We believe that social media should be used to build genuine connections and share authentic experiences.

• Until now, social media has been primarily focused on connecting people through *past* experiences. Bucket is here to break that cycle by connecting people through their *future* experiences – aka intentions and aspirations.

• Life is a miracle. We are literally floating in space on a giant rock. There are an infinite amount of things on this rock to try, taste, experience, learn and see. We celebrate trying to do it all.

So, what do you want to do?

Hit that download button and find out.”

4. Bucketlist

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“Bucketlist is a rewards and recognition platform that motivates employees to grow, thrive and be more productive by helping them achieve personal life goals. Connect your company’s Bucketlist site to Slack to make it even easier for employees to recognize each other – and achieve their Bucketlist goals. To get started, you must have a paid Bucketlist account.”

5. iBucket: Bucket List

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“Losing focus on the things you want to achieve in life? We’ll keep you motivated and organised to accomplish your bucket list dreams. Life is too short. Let’s make new memories together.

Accomplish your goals
Short and long-term goals will help you work towards something. And you’ll always get inspired by new ideas. Track your progress by adding tasks or organise multiple goals in lists.

– Organise lists together
– Set tasks and reminders
– Discover new ideas

Plan your next trip
Travel itineraries helps you prioritise, estimate costs and maximise your experiences. Plan your next day-by-day trip, track places you wish to visit and get fully prepared to achieve them.

– Prepare trips together
– Build your scratch map
– Manage your reservations

Create memories together
Connect with your friends and family or meet new people to collaborate together. Visualise your goals with photos and experiences. And fulfil your dreams to share your stories with the world.

– Follow your friends
– Collaborate with people
– Share via social media

Dream it. Plan it. Do it.”

6. “iWish – Life Goals, Wishlist, Bucket List”

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“iWish is the most beautiful and powerful app to achieve your Life Goals!
Discover 1200+ amazing ideas, Dream the life you want, Imagine it is possible, Believe in yourself and Succeed!

Rated 5 stars and loved by thousands of people around the world!

“It is inspiring, motivating and just plain fun. It helps you Dream Big”
“Found this app a year ago and been in love ever since”

With iWish you have all the tools you need to set Smart Goals and Fulfill your Dreams!

DISCOVER :: Get inspired with a collection of more than 1200 amazing ideas
• Wellness activities for Health and Happiness
• Relationship goals with Friends and Family
• Beautiful Travel destinations and Places to See
• Sport and Adventures experiences
• Career and financial goals, personal development
• Lifestyle tips, interesting facts and helpful advices

DREAM :: Identify life goals and keep track of your accomplishments
• Don’t you ever yearn for change?
• Make a resolution to be happier, get healthier, enrich and energize your way of life
• Add to iWish list all the things you want to do, experience and achieve
• With iDid list build up a history of your accomplishments

PLAN :: Stay organized with to do lists, priorities and reminders
• “The future depends on what you do today” – Mahatma Gandhi
• Achieve ambitious goals with to do planning and progress tracking
• Prioritize your short term and long term goals
• Set routine and long term reminders to stay focused

VISUALIZE :: Enjoy beautiful collage, slideshow and travel map
• Create vision board with all your dreams
• Make and print beautiful collages
• Visualize by running a slideshow
• Plan travel destinations – locate places to see and things to do on a map
• Keep track of countries and places you have been to

GET MOTIVATED :: Inspirational quotes and your life purpose
• Enjoy collection of 600+ inspirational quotes from the great authors and speakers
• Every day have a happy start with a morning motivational message
• Create your life mission statement to stay focused on the important things in your life
• Answer a set of questions to create personal life purpose

ACHIEVE :: Live the life you’ve imagined!
• iWish gives you long term vision and short term motivation
• Helps you to get everything you want and make the very most of your life

• Access anytime and anywhere – works offline
• No registration required, completely personal
• Optional lock protection with password or Touch ID
• Allows you to create goals collage and export for print
• Share dreams and successes with friends
• Synchronize all devices with iCloud back-up
And more to come…

Download iWish now and May All Your Wishes Come True!

Follow us: facebook.com/iwish.bucket.list
Contact us: develop.highdream@gmail.com”


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“”MY BUCKET LIST 100” is an application that can manage your “want to do”, “want”, “want to dream”, etc. in a list.

Not only can you check what you want to do in the list, you can also set the image and manage the progress of small steps / intermediate goals.This app supports the realization of your dream you want with “Language” + “Visualization” + “Division of Action”.

【Characteristics of MY BUCKET LIST 100】
・List management of what you want to do
・Lists can be categorized by category
・The date can be set for each list. Alert me when due date
・Set actions (small steps / intermediate targets) for each list to manage progress
・The list can be sorted by “creation date”, “deadline”, “priority”, etc.
・Check of statistical information such as “total number” and “achievement rate” “total budget” of list
・List that has been achieved is stored in the “achieved list” when checked. You can always look back in the list
・Countdown timer function to “average life” or “healthy life” calculated from birth date

Life seems long and short. First of all, how about picking up while thinking of things that you want to earn before death and important things in your life?”