4 Best Call Divert App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Call Divert App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Call Divert App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Call Divert App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Call Divert App For Android

1. Call Divert – Forwarding

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“Call Divert App takes you closer to the Call Forwarding Feature.

What is Call Forwarding?

“Call forwarding, or call diversion, is a telephony feature of some telephone switching systems which redirects a telephone call to another destination, which may be, for example, a mobile or another telephone number where the desired called party is available.” – Wiki

🔷 Activation of Call Divert.
🔷 Deactivation of Call Divert.
🔷 Status of Existing Call Divert.
🔷 Erase Call Divert.
🔷 Call Waiting Features.
🔷 Other useful USSD codes

Feel free to drop a hello, any issues or queries you might be facing at appshive7@gmail.com”

2. Simple Call Forwarding

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“NOTE: **Samsung Phones: Please whitelist this Simple Call Forwarding Mode Widget in the Battery Power Save settings.**

Simple call forwarding application with 1-click widget. Use the widget to activate and deactivate call forwarding quickly and simply. This application supports standard call forwarding (forwards all incoming calls without ringing first). Please verify your plan supports call forwarding before purchasing.

While I can respond to reviews, please email if you have an issue and I can help you diagnose it.

Built in configurations for major carriers in the US, Canada, UK, as well as a Default GSM settings (most of Europe). There is also the ability to make custom profiles.

Setup configuration is automatic on first use of the widget. Change settings by opening the application from the launcher.


– Please verify you have call forwarding on your plan. This application will not bypass your plan’s limitations
– Uninstall within 2 hours for a refund if this app doesn’t work on your phone


The following configurations are pre-configured:
Sprint (some plans)
T-Mobile (prepaid plans NOT supported)
Orange UK
O2 – UK
US Cellular
Republic Wireless
Custom – set it up as you’d like.

**Sprint charges per use depending on your plan.
**Metro PCS requires activation of call forwarding.
**Cricket only allows this on certain rate plans, please check with the carrier.
**Simple Mobile does not support call forwarding, so will not work.

-Custom Conditional Call Forwarding codes are not officially supported with my app.”

3. Call Forwarding

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“Your battery is flat? Want to forward your calls to your office or car?
Download Call Forwarding app for free, and start forwarding yours calls. It’s that easy!

Call Forwarding is easy and simple application to use.
Simply add numbers to the app and when you want to forward your calls just select the number from the list.
To cancel click again on the selected number or use the detected button for cancelling the call forwarding.”

4. Easy Call Forwarding

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“Easy Call Forwarding is a brand new Android app, which helps you to easily configure your call forwarding settings, without going through endless menus or typing special codes.

With the included widget, you can toggle call forwarding directly from your home screen.

The unique Dual-SIM support allows you to change the call forwarding configuration individually for each SIM card.

The app is ad-free and designed with the latest Material Design, making it look great on your new phone.

You can try out this app without any restrictions or annoying messages for 30 days, afterwards you can purchase it for a small amount via in-app-payment.

Note: This app supports unconditional forwarding only. Please check with your provider if your plan supports call forwarding and if you will be charged for using it.

Supported providers include: Most European providers, Airtel India, AT&T, Beeline, Bell, BNSL, Boost, Cricket, E-Plus, Jio, MegaFon, Metro PCS (with Value Bundle), MTS / MTC, O2, Orange, Rogers, Singtel, Sprint, Telstra, Telus, TIM, T-Mobile (Europe), T-Mobile US (Contract only, no prepaid), US Cellular, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Vodafone / Idea.

NOT supported on provider side: Metro PCS without “Value Bundle”, Republic Wireless, i-wireless (Iowa), T-Mobile US (Prepaid), ALDI / Medion Mobile in Germany.

Online help and quick start tutorial: https://www.simple-elements.com/apps/android/easy-call-forwarding/help/

If for some reason you are not able to deactivate call forwarding again, please check the following info: https://www.simple-elements.com/apps/android/easy-call-forwarding/help/#disableforwarding . Please note that uninstalling the app will NOT deactivate forwarding, since forwarding is activated and deactivated on provider level.

If you have any problems, please contact us first via android-support@simple-elements.com or use the feedback button in the app instead of giving a bad rating. We will try to fix all issues as soon as possible!

How this app works: The app configures call forwarding settings with your provider by dialing special codes called “USSD Codes”. After activation, the calls will never reach your phone but will be forwarded to your chosen destination directly by your provider. That means that forwarding will work even if you don’t have a signal or run out of battery. Please check if your provider will charge you for call forwarding, some do!

Removing the app will not change or deactivate call forwarding. If you have deactivated call forwarding within the app but the calls still don’t reach you, please contact your provider and ask them to disable call forwarding.”