5 Best Cat Apps iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Cat Apps iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Cat Apps iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Cat Apps iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Cat Apps iPhone

1. Cat Fishing 2

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“Catch & release feline fun from Friskies with Cat Fishing 2: purrhaps the best game ever created fur cats. It’s pawesome for playtime because it provides the mental stimulation to keep your cat’s mind active while also scratching their hunting itch. So it could save the day AND your furniture!

Cat Fishing 2 is the catch of the day for cats who crave a challenge. They’ll prowl for prey in the pond of your picking and earn points along the way. It’s crafted with cats in mind, freshly stocked with special sounds to keep their interest and schools of fish to keep ‘em clawing back for more. There are endless ways to play. You can create an account, customize your play and save your cat’s settings. Or you can skip those steps and get right to gaming. Either way, you’ll be feline great about squeezin’ in some good clean catfishing fun with your favorite felines – and Friskies!

How to play Friskies® Cat Fishing:
• Place your mobile phone or tablet on a flat surface near your cat.
• Tap “PLAY”
• Watch your cat tap the screen to catch fish and score points.
• To personalize the screen just for your little kitty, tap on the fish in upper right-hand corner. Select any of the 10 different fish and pond options and hit reset.
• If your cat stops playing for 30 seconds or more, the game will “meow” to attract her attention • Reward your cat for winning. (We suggest some Friskies® Seafood Sensations®.)
Please be aware that in our experience, the bare glass screen holds up trouble-free to a cat’s claws, but plastic add-on screen protectors might not.

Friskies Fun Membership FAQ
How much does it cost to subscribe?
• Membership is FREE.
• Users must signup and opt into the Friskies email list to join.

What features do you get?
• Endless game play with no time limits or screen interruptions
• No ads
• Unlimited access to all special fish types and settings”

2. Game for Cats

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“**RESTORE PREVIOUS PURCHASES FROM THE MOUSE SCENE** – You don’t have to pay a second time if you’ve previously bought the game

== NEW 2 Player Mode! Control with your iPhone! ==
== As seen on ANIMAL PLANET’s “Must Love Cats” ==

+++++  “Crazy fun for our cats!”
+++++  “Wow! My kitty loves this game!!! It really works!”
+++++  “My cats’ new favorite App!”
+++++  “My cat loves it. Great work”
+++++ “All my cats love it!”

* “I have a colleague whose cat is so engaged with Game for Cats that the animal won’t leave him alone when he takes out his iPad. ” – New York Times
* “The latest craze is video games for cats” – ABC News
* “Does anyone else think this is as hilarious as I do?” – CNet Digital City

See more of our press at: http://www.ipadgameforcats.com/press.html

– Free laser pointer for your cat to chase
– Control the laser pointer & mouse with your iPhone (paid upgrade)

The World’s Best Video Game for Cats! ** Mouse level on sale for a limited time **

Having trouble pausing the game?

Chase a laser! Chase a mouse! See how many points your cat can rack up.

= NOTE: The laser level is free to play as long as you like. However, the mouse level is an in-app-purchase =

This crazy fast action packed game will keep your cat (and your guests) entertained for hours.

The traditional laser pointer: everyone loves letting their cat chase a laser pointer, right? Well now you can keep your cat entertained without having to exert any effort! Game for Cats will pick random paths that keep your cat’s attention.

Free the mouse and then you can chase it! Cat’s love this adorable little mouse. He doesn’t mind either. But don’t take my word for it, let me let him say something:

“Squeak squaker squeak squeakum squeak!” – Mr. Mouse

We brought our game the cat shelter to bring some enrichment into the cat’s lives. They loved it! Your cat will too!


== Cat changes apps
Disable Multitasking Gestures! Many people report that their cat is switching apps. Make sure you disable multitasking gestures before playing this game. Here’s how:
– Press the Home button
– Pick ‘Settings’
– Choose ‘General’
– Disable ‘Multitasking Gestures’

== Pausing the game
Lots of people were complaining that their cat was pausing the game in the old version so we’ve changed how to pause the game.

To “paws” the game, hold down a paw and shake-shake-shake the iPad!

We hope you enjoy our cat games! You are always welcome to email me at nate@littlehiccup.com”

3. Games for Cats!

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“Games for Cats! is an all-new collection of six games designed especially for cats.

Choose a level and get ready to watch your cat chase a laser pointer, mouse, fish, bird and more!

How to play Games for Cats!:
• Place your iPad or iPhone on a flat surface near your cat.
• Choose a level
• Enjoy watching your kitten chase laser pointers, mice, fish, birds, insects or birds and score points!

• Many levels packed full with fun: Cat Fishing, Laser Pointers, Mouse Chase, Bird Catch, Squirrel Hunt & Fly Frenzy
• Exciting sounds to keep your cats attention
• Score that increases by every catch your cat makes
• Double the prey for your cat with the 2x feature!

Choose one of the many cat games and see how many points your cat can rack up by chasing lasers, a mouse and a fish or insect! Keep your kitty and friends entertained for hours on end with this exciting cat game!

Feel free to try it out with your pet dog as well! Many people say this is a great game for dogs and pups as well!”

4. Mouse for Cats

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“Mouse for Cats is legendary 2D game for cats. Catch the mouse in original HDR graphics.
There are 11 different, interesting and exciting mouse levels! Game is built, timed and optimized for cats! Three mini-games after each 100 hits. Mice are all in different colors with animated shape, irritating tail moves and sounds so your cat pays a serious attention to the game.
Important: This is game FOR CATS – NOT FOR DOGS! please READ How To use this app for cats bellow.

*** Game contains free squeak sounds – you must hear test sounds while tapping on Squeak menu entry.
!! Verify that your device is capable to play mice sounds before you buy unlocks !!
If you can’t hear any sounds, check your Ringer switch, Effect volume, close all apps or reset device setting. if problem remains, please contact us with your device model and iOS version. ***

Full version offers:
– Multi Mouse Mode (1,2,4) – 4 mice for more cat players!
– Select your cat’s favorite set of mice, all mice, or just single mouse
– Premium Queeny mouse
– Premium Robo mouse
– Mice sounds
– Random mouse level order
– Vibrations (iPhone)
– Mouse level speed selector
– Screen unlocked forever.
– no Ads.

* this game for cats helps to keep your cats happy and playful, do not leave them alone just with tablet, play with them anyway *

Please read HOWTO use this app for cats:
– check if there are no disturbing REFLECTIONS from the cats angle of view.
– if your cat constantly switching between apps, disable MULTITASKING gestures in your iPad settings (cat paw contains more segments it is like 5 figers…).
– adjust BRIGHTNESS – remember that cat needs lower values (10-40%).
– game has “Back to Menu button” – Minimize and restore app and Menu button will appear for 5 seconds.

This game for cats is recommended for active indoor cats.
Kittens always jump in action instantly, older or outdoor cats may ignore game, they know it is virtual, you can try it later ideally when your cat gets in hunters mood, mostly about 3am :))

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your CAT IS NOT ROBOT nor TOY with button to activate chase mode. Respect their nature and don’t expect that they will do exactly what you have seen on YouTube videos 😉

Mouse for Cats is free game for cats, 11 different mouse skins for every round. Offers more fun than just single laser point… You can support us by purchasing in-app Unlocks and you will get unlocked Mouse for Cats with real sounds, premium mice, multi mouse, set random or favorite mouse, speed, level order.

This game for cats is only for cats, please note:
As the real rubber toy is not real mouse and even does not squeak like the real mouse, mice in this game are toys and they are colored for cats – not for humans, same applies for selected sounds – everything was massively tested and it is interesting action game for most cats.

Try tap on mouse and move it around to get cat interested in game. Show how to tap on screen, they should follow you. Our cat testers reaching score above 100 in few moments, some of them are able to recognize Mouse for Cats icon and start whole application from the iPad home screen!!
You can try it even on small iPhone, there were nice results too, but game runs best on iPad with retina display.

To prevent scratches on the backside of the device, please do not put your device on the hard surface without protection cover!
Carpet or bed are best and safest places.
Cat may have some hard particles on the paws – protection film or tempered glass are recommended too.

! — Mouse in Cheese — !
! — Fish for Casts — !

we are cat lovers = our games for cats are free.
You can support development by purchasing extended features or just by 5-stars rating on AppStore 😉

Thank you.
– #MouseforCats team –

5. Pocket Pond 2

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“Raise, feed, breed, play with, and sell thousands of different kinds of koi. Decorate your pond and make it beautiful!

Splash the interactive water and play with your new koi family, then visit your friends’ ponds to see what they’ve named their koi!

Then go fishing at the Mystery Pond to catch new koi for your ponds!

Note: Pocket Pond 2 is totally free to play, but certain items cost real money. To disable this feature, turn off in-app purchases.

– Thousands of koi breeds to collect
– Totally interactive koi will bite your finger and swim around in response to your touch!
– Visit your friends’ ponds!
– Beautiful, serene ponds with relaxing ambience
– Decorate your ponds any way you’d like
– Interactive pond creatures including
* Frogs
* Turtles
* Hummingbirds
* Dragonflies
* Crabs
– Name your koi, creatures, and ponds!
– Go fishing at the Mystery Pond with a rod and bobber!
– Totally free to play with NO advertisements!
– No Internet connection required to play!

Looks great on all devices, but especially good on the new iPad!”