8 Best Cnc App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Cnc App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 8 Best Cnc App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 8 Best Cnc App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

8 Best Cnc App For iPhone

1. CNC

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“This is a high quality CNC milling machine simulation in 2.5D.
Radius compensation G41/G42 is included!
Very sharp vector graphics, zoomable.
Easy to use. Easy to learn!
Made for education.

All G & M functions includes examples, you can simulate all!

Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian

Currently supported G & M:
G0, G1, G2, G3, G4, G40, G41, G42, G53, G54, G55, G56, G57, G58, G59, G73, G90, G91, G94, G95, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M9, M30, Custom M-functions!

Our CNC app is made for education!
Just write your g code and simulate it!

You can copy any example and paste it into your G-code.

In Simulator view, tap the Share button to save or share your code using any of the common sharing methods.

Learn CNC programming with Stepsintofuture.com”

2. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro

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“CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is a machining calculator designed for manufacturing engineers, machinists, CNC operators, tool & die makers, and at home hobbyists. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is great for CNC programmers or machine operators who need to make quick calculations on the fly. It’s also a great tool for quoting new work. Visit www.cncdirt.com for more info

This CNC machining calculator app includes the following features:

1. Turning Calculators for lathe operators
*Cutting Speed Calculation by Material
*Grooving/Cut off cycle time Calculation
*Rough turn cycle time Calculation
*Cutting Speed Calculations
*Cutting speed to RPM conversions
*Feed per rev – Feed per minute conversions
2. Milling Calculators for mill operators
*Cutting Speed & Feed Calculation by Material
*RPM to Cutting Speed Conversions
*Feed per Minute – Feed per tooth Conversions
*Radial Chip Thinning Calculation
*Metal Removal rate Calculation
*Milling cut time Calculation
*Circle Milling Calculations – Both inner & outer
*Ball Mill Cusp Height Calculation
*Ball Mill Effective diameter/Chip Thinning Calculator
*Thread Milling Calculations – Both inner & outer
3. Drilling Calculators
*Cutting Speed Calculation by material
*Cycle time calculation
*Drill point Length calculation
4. Gun drilling Calculators
*Cutting Speed Calculation by material
*Cycle time calculation
5. Thread Calculators
6. True Position Calculators
7. Bolt Pattern Calculators
8. Surface Finish Calculators
9. Drill & Tap charts
10. Thread data for the following threads:
* 60° Threads (Pitch Ø, Minor Ø, Major Ø, Helix, Lead, etc.)
* NPT Threads
* Acme Threads
* STI Threads
11. Thread over 3 wire info (Size limits, min, max, & best wire)
12. Center drill dimensions
13. Unit converter
14. Hardness conversions
15. G-codes
16. M-codes
17. Blue Print Geometric Tolerance Descriptors – GD&T
18. SFM calculator for drilling, milling, & turning over 170 materials
19. Tap Drill Calculator for roll form & cut taps
20. Various Geometric calculators
21. Triangle Solver
22. CNC keyway calculator
23. Custom macro variables, logic, arguments, & arithmetic data
24. Machinist Forum
25. Export G-code for internal & external chamfers, tapers, & radii with tool nose comp.
26. Circle segment calculator ( arc calculator )
27. National Pipe Thread data – NPT threads
28. Material Property Search with machinability info
29. Material Weight Calculator for over 170 materials & 10 shapes
30. Tool Wear section with images helpful info to improve tool life
31. Machinist Test with 6 categories to test your strengths & weaknesses
32. Socket Head Cap Screw hole dimensions
33. Scientific Calculator which includes:
* sine (sin)
* cosine (cos)
* tangent (tan)
* arcsine (sin-1)
* arccosine (cos-1)
* arctangent (tan-1)
* square (x²)
* cube (x³)
* pi (π)
* square root (√)
* base 10 logarithm (log)
* exponential function (ex)
* natural logarithm (In).
34. Linear Thermal Expansion Calculator
35. Grinding Calculations
* Plunge Grind – Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness
* Surface Grind – Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness
* Grinding Wheel Velocity
* Work piece Velocity
* Work piece RPM to wheel RPM ratio cylindricity error calculator
* Wheel Mesh (Grit) size conversion
* Equivalent wheel diameter
36. More to come…

We’re quickly becoming the best engineering calculator on the market
Check us out at www.cncdirt.com”

3. CNC Replicantis

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“Replicantis ™ – the CNC app enables you to design, preview, simulate CNC projects and generate G-Code ready for your CNC machine. It is a perfect alternative to desktop CAD/CAM software that runs on your iPhone or iPad.

Draw your creation from scratch using lines, curves, shapes and text.Alternatively use the integrated computer vision technology to base your project on a photo or an image. Preview your creation in the CNC simulator or in augmented reality.

Generated G-Code is GRBL compatible.

It is suitable for most 3-Axis mechanical milling, engraving or cutting machines that accept standard G-Code. It is an easy-to-use CAD/CAM alternative that helps you transform your idea into a real object – piece of art, custom part, beautiful halftone image, unique engraving and more. Replicantis ™ generates G-Code files (.nc files) that can be exported via USB cable to your computer or uploaded to Dropbox. Exported files are ready for direct sending to your CNC machine.”

4. Easy CNC

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“Completely refreshed for iPad and iPhone, our most popular app makes learning SINUMERIK CNC even easier. Easy CNC contains all the latest SINUMERIK training manuals and will ensure you always have the most current updates. No heavy manuals to carry, gain instant to over 5000 pages of vital CNC training lessons and content in PDF format. PDF reader features annotations and bookmarking capabilities. Updated G-Code tool lets you quickly find compatible codes for Siemens and ISO G-Codes. Newly added video library shows you why “with SINUMERIK CNC, anything is possible”. Includes glossary reference guide to CNC terminology, web links to CNC social media and our online user community.”

5. FSWizard

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“CNC Milling and Turning Speed and Feed Calculator (Wizard)
Absolutely the best CNC machinist speed and feed calculator around.
Calculate cutting conditions simply by choosing your work and tool material.
No need to know any numbers.
FSWizard will automatically use recommended cutting speed and chip-load.

Made by a machinist for machinists.

Improve productivity and optimize cutter life.
Supports Chip thinning and HSM machining.
Suggests optimum cutting depth and balances cutting parameters.

*Milling, drilling, and turning speeds and feeds for various materials.

* Built-in Drill and Tap charts for both imperial and metric systems will not leave you looking for one in your toolbox.

*Tap drill sizes for most common imperial and metric taps.

*Tap drill sizes for BSP and NPT pipe threads.
*GD&T Reference
*Triangle Calculator will be a great help to anyone who needs to calculate oblique or a right angle triangle

*Fillet Calculator will find tangent points to a circle and two lines

*Milling Tools available: Solid End-mill, Indexed End-mill, and Face-mill, Solid and indexable drills
*Drilling Tools: Jobber Drill, Hi-Performance Parabolic Drill, Spade Drill, Reamer
*Turning Tools: Profiling and Grooving

Charts: Drill chart, Imperial, Metric, Pipe Tap charts are also included in the free version.

FSWizard works with both metric and imperial units.

The free version has All major groups of materials.”

6. G Code Generator CNC OD ID

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“A handy tool to generate CNC G codes with just a few number inputs. It works with different OD and ID machining scenarios:

– OD Angle into Radius,
– OD Radius into Angle,
– Angle to Angle Compensation,
– OD Chamfer,
– OD Radius,
– OD into Radius to Step

– ID Angle into Radius,
– ID Radius into Angle CW,
– ID Radius into Angle CCW,
– ID Chamfer
– ID Radius into Shoulder,
– ID Radius

User can choose to copy and paste generated G codes to clipboard or email the G codes or save a screenshot by simply tapping a button.”

7. Macro Terminal CNC

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For more interesting information and better quality pictures, please visit our website:https://kandksoftware.github.io/macro-terminal-pro/

Macro Terminal CNC is a powerful CNC simulator for CNC milling and CNC lathes machines with FANUC / HAAS controller as well as CNC routers.The core of CNC Macro Terminal is especially designed for this purpose interpreter with a built-in debugging process tool to execute and analyze CNC macros (Fanuc Custom Macro B). You should know that Macro Terminal CNC is the only CNC software in the world that shows all math and logic operations one by one, line by line (known as parse tree).

All this makes Macro Terminal CNC the best choice for learning, debugging, writing and simulating CNC programs and macros and it gives the opportunity to better understand parametric programming.

Please note that Macro Terminal CNC also supports G16, G52, G68 and Haas G70 Bolt Hole Circle, Haas G71 Bolt Hole Arc, Haas G72 Bolt Holes Along an Angle.

Compatible with CNC controls: Fanuc 0(M/T), Fanuc 6(M/T), Fanuc 10(M/T), Fanuc 11(M/T), Fanuc 15(M/T), Fanuc 16(M/T), Fanuc 18(M/T), Fanuc 20(M/T), Fanuc 21(M/T), Haas and others using CNC macros based on Fanuc Custom Macro B.

General informations about Macro Terminal CNC:
– it works with most G-codes which means it’s great for testing and learning typical CNC programming
– executing CNC macros
– reading popular system variables
– fully compatible with Fanuc Custom Macro B and Fanuc-compatible controls (e.g. HAAS, SINUMERIK 802D)
– math functions supported: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sqrt, abs, round, fix, fup, ln, exp, pow
– showing the assigned variables and colors the new assigned variables
– showing a parsing tree (great solution for debugging and learn CNC macros – parametric programming)
– running line-by-line (manually and auto-play mode)
– CNC simulator (a graphical representation of tool path) XY, XZ, YZ (milling) and XZ (lathe) mode
– 23 examples of CNC programs and CNC macro programming
– mill/lathe mode
– FANUC / HAAS mode
– undo, format, copy, surround features
– full support G16 (polar coordinate), G51 (scaling), G52 (shift work offset), G68 (coordinate rotation), G65 / G66 (macro subprogram call), G98, G99, repeat canned cycle (L and K)
– supporting for Haas G70 Bolt Hole Circle, Haas G71 Bolt Hole Arc, Haas G72 Bolt Holes Along an Angle
– circular interpolation supported by using (I, J, K or R)
– supporting for old FANUC repeat subprogram syntax (for example:P120001, 12 – number of repetitions, 0001 – subprogram name)
– supporting FANUC (4digits) and HAAS program title format (5digits)
– metric/imperial mode
– syntax checker (G-code analyzer, open brackets etc.)
– reading file with EOB ( ; ) / not or mix
– output syntax highlighting
– save/save as/open file/clear
– save/open file with extension: txt
– auto file save (1s, 2s, 4s)
– custom look (2 themes, font color, font size)

– English
– Français
– Deutsche
– Italiano
– Español
– Suomi
– Nederlandse
– Svenska
– Norsk
– 한국어
– 日本語
– Dansk
– Polski
– Magyar
– Pусский
– Português
– 中文
– Türkçe
– Melayu
– हिन्दी
– اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ
– Română
– Lietuvių
– Latviešu
– Eesti keel
– Slovenský
– Český
– Ελληνικά
– Tiếng Việt

Thank you for purchase Macro Terminal CNC”

8. Mobile CAM CNC

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Mobile CAM CNC is an extremely powerful and advanced software that contains many special algorithms. To better understand how to use it, please read the user manual before using the product:https://mobilecamcnc.github.io/products/mobile_cam_cnc_manual.pdf

Mobile CAM CNC is cycle-based CNC CAM software generating g-code compatible with FANUC/HAAS controller.Integrated 15 CNC cycles cover most typical CNC tasks.From now on, in 90% of cases, you can forget about manual CNC programming.Mobile CAM CNC is extremely intuitive easy to use.Many CNC programs can be generated in less than 1 minute!

Main features of Mobile CAM CNC
– combines the operation automatically if they use the same tool to reduce the time required to obtain the final product
– supports new and old CNC machines, so you can choose the option with or without full coolant through
– no matter in what order you add the operation, Mobile CAM CNC will put them in order *
– separate User Interface(UI) for tablets or mobiles to increase your User Experiences(UX)
– 15 operations (covers most typical CNC operations) including 2 smart cycles *
– 4 patterns
– 22 materials
– 5 tapping standards (CORSE, FINE, BSP, UNC, UNF)
– simulator(see coordinates, check distance between points, play simulation of tool path, quick access to selected operation, move operations and move & copy operations, delete operations)
– subroutine, full code mode
– decimal point (especially in Europe it will cause you a lot of problems if you forget to insert)
– tool magazine limit:50 tools
– automatically generate information about the tool in code
– automatic insertion code of the following tool
– metric / imperial mode
– an automatically generated comment in the header containing all the tools needed to perform the required operation
– highlights code to increase readability e.g. Z in red means dangerous, be careful
– uses the simplest g-code (the code generated by Mobile CAM CNC is easy for beginners to understand)
– generates a tool list with the most important data
– Mobile CAM CNC will let you know if it has created an additional tool by displaying a red circle in the upper right corner of the top bar
– line number (increments by 1, 5 or 10)
– save as: txt

Mobile CAM CMC is extremely powerful CNC software, which you, dear user, can improve by sending us the feedbacks!

Mobile CNC CAM includes 15 CNC cycles:
– Smart Tapping
– Smart Drilling
– boring/reaming
– circular face milling
– rectangular face milling
– linear face milling
– linear face milling 2
– linear face milling 3
– linear face milling 4
– circular shoulder milling
– rectangular shoulder milling
– circular pocket milling
– rectangular pocket milling
– slot milling
– circular slot milling

See below what the Smart Drilling Cycle and Smart Tapping Cycle can do for you:
– adds central drill, if hss drill will be used
– adds chamfer operation (user can deactivate)
– adds an intermediate drill for deep drilling (if the drilling is deeper than 20 x the diameter of the drill bit)
– selects a right canned cycle depending on the working depth and the type of drill bit
– selects the coolant flow according to the drill bit
– selects the best drill bit among the tools in the magazine
– calculates the feed rate and feed rate
– adjusts the feed rate and feed rate depending on the workpiece materials, working depth, etc.
– assigns the required depth for preliminary operations
– reacts of any change in the tool magazine

– English
– Française
– Española
– Italiana
– Deutsche
– Portugues
– Pусский
– Polski
– Český
– Slovenský
– Magyar
– 한국어
– 日本語
– Eesti
– Latviešu
– Lietuvių
– Română
– Ελληνικά
– 汉语
– Việt
– Türk

You can find a lot of useful information on our website in the FAQ section:https://mobilecamcnc.github.io/products/faq.html

Thank you for purchase Mobile CAM CNC”