4 Best Co Parenting App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Co Parenting App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Co Parenting App For iPhone that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 4 Best Co Parenting App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Co Parenting App For iPhone

1. AppClose

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“AppClose was chosen by Apple as part of the «Parenting Essentials» collection of apps in the U.S. and has been featured on: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Yahoo Lifestyle, TechCrunch, Austin American-Statesman, Fatherly.

Experience AppClose, the #1 Co-parenting app, to make co-parenting simpler and more seamless.

Now, co-parents, stepparents, family members, childcare providers, professionals, and other third parties – regardless of whether or not they use the app – can communicate and share information easily from the convenience of any mobile device. By organizing priorities and obligations, we’ve made it even easier for you and the people in your circle to communicate, manage tasks, share appointments and events, track expenses, and send & receive money for reimbursement obligations.

Why use AppClose?
• Our unique, multi-functional calendars record and share events, appointments, expenses, and requests, & allow you to communicate by entry with other AppClose users in your circle..
• Send and receive text messages that cannot be altered or deleted.
• Group chat with multiple people in your circle.
• Save or share important child-related information (allergies, special medications, alternative child care options, measurements, school related information, etc.) with your co-parent or other third parties.
• Add third parties to your circle (i.e. grandparents, stepparents, ad litems, attorneys, mental health professionals, etc.) to keep everyone on the same page.
• Use AppClose Solo when your co-parent doesn’t use the app, you are a single parent, or you want to share personal or child-related information with non-AppClose users.
• Utilizing our parenting schedule templates or customizing your own makes schedule sharing easy.
• View parenting time percentages or your planned v.actual parenting time using our built-in parenting schedule statistics tracker.
• Quickly send a pick-up, drop off, or swap days request when the unexpected happens.
• . Check-in. With this exclusively private and non-trackable feature, you can now keep accurate records of when you arrive or depart any location, such as picking up or dropping off kids at exchanges or anywhere else for that matter.
• Track expenses by category and scan and organize receipts easily.
• Submit reimbursement requests through our expense tracker and keep records of any responses from the recipient (approved, declined, or paid).
• Send and receive money for reimbursement obligations via ipayou®, our built-in payment solution.
• Calendar notes!

Exporting Records

With AppClose, exporting records is simple and FREE! Whether you need records for personal use or for litigation purposes, you can easily export the following records as needed:

• Unaltered text messages (on-on-one or group chat messages)
• Expense records
• Check-in records
• Reimbursement request, payments and response records
• Pick up, drop off, or swap days request and response records
• AppClose Solo requests and events

What is AppClose Solo?

AppClose Solo is a unique and exclusive feature only available to AppClose users, allowing you to send requests and events to non-connected co-parents, third parties, or other family members via text, email, or social media. You can even attach receipts or documents and export and print any records you might need for FREE with continued access to all of the other benefits of AppClose.

AppClose supports our brave military families with a way to stay connected without the burden of another expense. Within a military circle, armed forces members can keep track of kids’ schedules, exchange important child-related information, and send and receive payments for expenses. During deployments and special trainings or assignments, military parents or third parties can still receive information regarding events or requests via email when app access is not an option due to location or special orders.”

2. OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App

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“OurFamilyWizard makes co-parenting through divorce and custody issues manageable with tools like shared parenting time calendars, expense and payment tracking, family data storage, secure messaging, location tagging, and more.

The OurFamilyWizard mobile app is easy to use and quick to connect to your existing OurFamilyWizard account. Native iOS controls and innovative design makes it easy to navigate and view entries.

Learn about the OurFamilyWizard mobile app for co-parents:

• View your parenting schedule via month and list views
• Review parenting time trade requests using our patented Trade/Swap™ function
• Stay on top of events and pick-up/drop-off duties
• Incorporate special schedule arrangements for holidays into your parenting schedule

• Verify your presence at parenting time exchanges and other important locations with GPS Check-ins
• Capture memories and record parenting observations with Moments
• Tag locations and add photos to entries throughout the Journal
• Read your private journal entries as well as entries shared by your co-parent

• Review your correspondence with your co-parent, children, 3rd parties, and practitioners
• Each message is time-stamped when sent and when first-viewed by your co-parent

• See documented expense reimbursement requests for shared parenting costs
• View receipt images associated with each individual expense
• Review the status of payments for things like expense reimbursements, child support, and more

• View medical records, clothing sizes details, school schedules, and much more all in one secure location
• Access MyFiles to upload, view, and manage your private and shared documents

• Use Face ID/Touch ID or set up a quick-access PIN to make it easy to login
• Email, text, or push notifications keep you updated about new activity waiting for you to view

Since 2001, OurFamilyWizard has been setting the standard for co-parents who wish to reduce conflict and manage all aspects of their shared parenting agreement from one central, secure location.

Trusted as an effective solution to co-parenting conflict, courts throughout the United States and Canada regularly order the use of OurFamilyWizard in contested cases.

After a divorce, children do better when their parents can work together to raise them in a happy and healthy environment. Make the goal of conflict-free co-parenting easier with the tools on OurFamilyWizard.

Access our full set of features at OurFamilyWizard.com.

***This app allows for Parent, Child, and 3rd Party access. For OFW Professional Account holders, please download the OFW Family Law Practitioner app.***”

3. TalkingParents

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“TalkingParents provides co-parents with an accountable record of all communication. Our service offers several tools to make coordinating with your co-parent easy and secure.

TalkingParents Features Include:


Securely send or receive money or send payment requests.


Have conversations, send files, and stay accountable knowing nothing can be deleted or changed.
Receive real-time notifications and stay on top of new messages.


Allows you to make recorded phone and video calls to your co-parent.
Gives you access to transcripts and video and audio files of every call.


Create and view events to stay organized with your co-parent.
Manage custody schedules and parenting time.


Securely store and share information cards with your co-parent.


Store and share personal files.


Download and send unlimited PDF Records. Records can be used in court or for mediation.


Document and maintain personal notes in this private feature.

If you are a member on our Free Plan, you can upgrade your subscription to get mobile app access using your existing credentials. If you are new to TalkingParents, you can sign up for a new account when you download the app.

Your Privacy is our priority. Read the Terms of Use www.talkingparents.com/special-pages/terms-of-use”

4. WeParent – Co-Parenting App

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“WeParent was featured by Apple as “App of the Day” and by Parents, Romper, App Advice, NBC, ABC, and Forbes.

Designed by a Stanford Ph.D. in Psychology to make co-parenting simpler and less stressful.

Manage your custody schedules, organize calendar and lists, share information, and exchange messages – all in one place.

Start with a FREE 14-day trial. Choose a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription plan that covers your entire family. The first person in the family pays, everybody else joins for FREE.

Here is how WeParent simplifies your co-parenting experience and helps you stay organized:

1. Custody schedules. Use WeParent to set up your school year, summer, holiday, travel and vacation schedules. Start from our convenient built-in templates or use a custom schedule. Then track and manage changes to the parenting calendar, so that there is never any confusion about where the kids are staying.

2. Family calendar. Add your kids’ school events, after-school activities, doctor appointments, and anything else you need to track. Your spouse or co-parent and any other family members that you invite will be able to see all of these events too and pitch in to help when needed.

3. Shared lists, updated real-time. Use lists to create to-do lists, shopping lists, chore lists, packing lists, guest lists and more. Then check and uncheck items as you complete them. Your family will see the information updated in real-time.

4. Real-time messaging. Exchange private messages or group messages with anybody you invited to your family. Having all of your communication in one searchable archive makes it easy to retrieve the information whenever you need to.

5. Important contacts and information. Share your kids’ shoe sizes, school report cards, immunization records or photos with your family members quickly, easily and securely. We integrate with your phone’s camera, photo library and contacts book (with your permission, of course), and keep a searchable archive of everything for easy reference.

6. Record-keeping. Messages between co-parents on WeParent are permanently archived and can be retrieved for your review or for use in court if needed.

7. WeParent data are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. All data entered into WeParent belongs to you, and you only. We never sell or exchange your data.

When you sign up, you are invited to sign up for a FREE 14-day trial that gives you unlimited access to all the features and functionality. After the trial, you can choose an affordable plan that covers your entire family. This includes you, your spouse and/or your co-parent, the kids’ grandparents or nanny, and anyone else who needs to be in the loop. Our monthly and annual subscription plans are a recurring subscription, which you can manage directly in iTunes:

– Your subscription covers unlimited family members. You can add, edit, or delete family members at any time.
– Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
– Subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
– Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.
– You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to Settings -> Subscriptions.

Our lifetime family subscription is a non-recurring purchase. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy at https://weparent.app/privacy and our Terms of Use at https://weparent.app/terms-of-service.

We are constantly working to improve our app. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at support@weparent.app and we’ll be glad to help!

Co-parenting is challenging. Our app makes parenting simpler by getting everybody in your family on the same page. Don’t let another day go by without simplifying your parenting life!”