8 Best Construction Calculator App Android

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If you are looking for the Best Construction Calculator App Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 8 Best Construction Calculator App Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 8 Best Construction Calculator App Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

8 Best Construction Calculator App Android

1. Construction Calc Pro

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“Construction Calc Pro

Save money by quickly estimating materials. Save time by calculating angles, measurements and quantities. The ideal handy pocket calculator for anyone in the construction industry.

83 Powerful, Proven & Precise Estimators & Calculators in one app.

Enter measurements for the calculators in feet/inches or metric.


Construction Calc Pro has taken 21,500 lines of code to develop and is the easiest to use construction calculator and estimator app available on any mobile platform. There is no complicated manual to master or instructions to follow – just enter data and get precise results from the calculators.

White on black text, with blue and orange inputs and outputs for high visibility of the app in direct sunlight.


Visit the app website at http://www.constructioncalcpro.com/


If you are having any problems downloading this app, or have any other queries, please email us at appupdates@lightraystudio.com. Thankyou.


Inputs: Width, Length, Thickness, Density, Wastage
Outputs: Estimate Weight, Volume

Inputs: Width, Length, Thickness
Outputs: Estimate Weight, Volume

Inputs: Run length, Baluster width, Baluster spacing
Outputs: Qty of balusters, Qty spaces, Baluster spacing (center-to-center), Baluster spacing (edge-to-edge), Measurements to far side of each baluster

Inputs: Thickness, Width, Length, Quantity
Outputs: Board feet, Lineal feet

Inputs: Width, Length, Thickness, Use rebar option, Rebar spacing along width, Rebar spacing along length
Outputs: Estimate Volume, 60lb premixed bags, 80lb premixed bags, 10kg premixed bags, 25kg premixed bags, 50kg premixed bags, Rebar required

Inputs: Wall angle (corner of wall), Crown (spring) angle
Outputs: Miter angle, Bevel angle

Inputs: Length at ceiling, Width at ceiling, Tile size, Distance (anchor to drop ceiling)
Outputs: Estimate Ceiling area, Ceiling tiles, Perimeter moulding, Main supports, Tee support peices, Wire length (each), Wire length (total), Wire anchors

Inputs: Room width, Room length, Room height, Panel width, Panel height, Include ceiling option
Outputs: Estimate Area – surface area. Materials – Drywall panels. Joint compounds – Readymixed, Lightweight readymixed, Setting-type, Lightweight setting-type. Fastener – Drywall nails, Drywall screws. Additional items: Joint tape, Primer, Adhesive

Inputs: Width, Length, Wastage, Square Ft or M per box
Outputs: Total area, Boxes needed

Inputs: Total area width, Total area length, Batt/roll width, Batt/roll length
Outputs: Batts/rolls required, Total area

Inputs: Single panel length, Qty of panels, Cost per linear foot, Cost per linear meter
Outputs: Total cost, Total length

Inputs: Wall length, Wall height, Number of coats, Surface type
Outputs: Estimate Gallons required, Liters required

Inputs: Run, Pitch (/12″)
Outputs: Rafter length

Inputs: Rise, Run, Angle (Enter rise and either run or angle)
Outputs: Angle, slope, Run

Inputs: Width, Length, Pitch, Sq ft or M per pack, Type, Nails, Safety margin
Outputs: Roof surface area, Packs needed, Nails

Inputs: Width, Length, Cost per Sq ft or M
Outputs: Total cost, Total area, Total area (acres)

SQUARING (3-4-5)
Inputs: Width, Length
Outputs: Diagonal

Inputs: Total rise, Custom rise, Custom run
Outputs: Riser height, Total risers, Tread run, Total treads, Total run, Stringer board length, Elevation, Running stringer points

Inputs: Room width, Room length, Tile width, Tile length, Use border tiles option, Border tile width, Border tile length, Tile pattern, Safety margin
Outputs: Estimate Tiles needed, Border tiles needed”

2. RenoRun

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“One App, All Your Building Materials
We know running around for building materials comes at a hefty cost. Never wait in line again. RenoRun saves builders time and money with easy online shopping and a flexible delivery service like no other.

From takeoff to build, on one project or ten, RenoRun is the most efficient way to get materials to the job site. Think of us like a hardware store in your pocket. Even on the go, you can order any building material in the app, and have it delivered the same day. You’ll love using the RenoRun app because you can:

– Easily and quickly find all the building materials you need
– Order rare, hard-to-find, and custom items
– Order on the go, and never wait in line at the hardware store
– Save time by reordering favourites to stored project sites
– Add on to your delivery order while it’s in transit
– Upgrade to a PRO subscription for unlimited free deliveries
– Connect with customer service as needed

With a 99% quality pick rate, we guarantee every piece of material we deliver, and we carry 100+ leading hardware store brands. Download the app today to browse our extensive catalogue, and place your first order. You can also go to our website or call 1-844-RENORUN.

Once you get to know us you’ll understand what sets RenoRun apart from other building materials suppliers and procurement management providers. Founded by builder veterans, RenoRun caters to professionals with takeoffs, material list management, bulk discounts, walk-in service, custom fleets, PRO subscription pricing, highly-acclaimed customer service and extra goodies like free coffee or swag.”

3. FreshBooks -Invoice+Accounting

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“Invoicing and Accounting for Small Business Owners

The all-new FreshBooks App allows small business owners to work anywhere on the go by: invoicing clients, recording expenses and tracking time.

Still using FreshBooks Classic? You can find our App by searching in the Play Store for FreshBooks Classic.

The all-new FreshBooks is accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure — all in the cloud. Freshbooks is ridiculously easy to use on any Android device. Built by FreshBooks, the app is designed with simplicity in mind and trusted by millions of small business owners.

The brand-new app is now designed to make your accounting simple, fast and secure. FreshBooks helps you and your business save time and look more professional, so you get paid faster.

FreshBooks Small Business Accounting Features

• Look Professional: Create professional invoices in seconds that help you get paid in a flash. Say hello to painless invoicing.

• Accept Online Payments: Accept credit cards online and get paid quickly and securely, directly from your invoice.

• Keep Automatic Payment Records: Payments are automatically recorded so you don’t have to worry about your accounting.

• Track Expenses: Capture expenses on-the-go by snapping photos of receipts right from your mobile device. Make shoeboxes full of receipts a thing of the past.

• Client Conversations: It’s easier than ever to keep all your business conversations in one place. Stay in touch with your clients wherever you are without leaving the app.

• Time Tracking: Track your time and be confident that you’re billing the right amount on your invoice with an easy, at-a-glance breakdown of your billable hours.

Invoicing On-the-Go

With the all-new FreshBooks mobile app, your small business can travel anywhere with you. Create invoices on-the-go, get paid online and capture expense receipts from your mobile device; no more time wasted billing in Excel or Word.

With the FreshBooks mobile accounting app, you can also access all your invoices from any device, backed-up and synced in the cloud… so you can check in on your business from anywhere. It’s packed with powerful, easy-to-use accounting and invoicing features — meaning you’ll spend less time on billing and more time running your business.

Accounting On-the-Go or In the Office

Because FreshBooks lives in the cloud, it seamlessly and securely stays in sync across all your devices. Any updates you make from the FreshBooks mobile accounting app will automatically appear in the online desktop version, which features robust reporting options to help you track your business and make tax time easy. Your accountant will thank you.
Plus, if you need a helping hand, FreshBooks’ award-winning Customer Support team is here to help. Give them a call and within three rings, you’ll have access to a real human who is here to help you with any questions you might have.

The FreshBooks accounting app is free to try for 30 days.

Privacy Policy: https://www.freshbooks.com/policies/privacy
Terms of Service: https://www.freshbooks.com/policies/terms-of-service

Ready to Start a Free Trial of FreshBooks?

Download FreshBooks and enjoy a free, unlimited 30-day trial to start sending invoices, getting paid online and capturing expense receipts right away. No credit card required and you can cancel at any time.

Questions about our app or even questions about how it can work in your daily accounting and invoicing needs?

Give our Support Rockstar Team a shout at 1-866-303-6061 or send them an email at support@freshbooks.com.”

4. Handyman Calculator

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“Complete construction calculator with simple inputs. Reduce Waste, Save Time and Money with this app! Give it a try!

Calculate materials, track invoices, time spent, manage to-do list and save calculations to notepad. Over 100+ calculators related to various construction fields and DIY.”

5. Construction Calculator Ads

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“Construction Calc is a free calculator application designed by, and for, construction workers, carpenters, engineers or anyone else who works with measurements in feet and inches or in metric. C-Calc is a full function calculator that works as a standard calculator but more importantly allows you to work in feet, inches, and fractional inches and meters, centimeters, and millimeters. Features include;

– add, subtract, multiply, divide, power, root, and more with measurements in feet, inches, and fractional inches

– use the scaling feature to quickly and easily scale drawings

– reuse any entered or calculated value from the history list

– automatically round results to a user defined precision (ie. sixteenths)

– reduce fractions and fractional inches to their lowest common denominator

– 50 memory locations featuring add, subtract, set, recall, and clear

– split screen shows decimal value, feet/inch value, memory, and scaling all at once in large easy to read fonts

– calculate areas and volumes easily

– full instructions and video tutorial available at www.snappyappz.com”

6. Construction Calculator All in One

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“Construction Calculator all in one can calculate with the Imperial Measurement System & Metric Measurement system. App also supports the Dark theme.
Construction Calculator All in one is a free android application for construction calculations. We use simple tools in the application to simplify the calculations for the construction industry. We help to calculate almost all kinds of area, estimation calculation, volume calculation, unit converters, and normal calculator as well.
We have divided the application into some parts like quantity calculator, area calculator, volume calculator, unit converter, and normal calculator.

This calculator is useful for Civil Engineer, Site Supervisor, Civil Engineering Student, Mechanical Engineers, Construction Project Managers, Construction Store Manager, Fresher Engineers, Construction Contractors, Building Contractors, Store Keeper, Site Execution engineers, Estimation engineer, and many more. Even a normal person who needs to do basic home calculations then he also needs this app. You can calculate the plot area so it will be useful for Real estate agents as well.
Quantity Estimation App For Construction
Quantity Calculation of Building Materials
Building calculator is divided into the following four categories:-

Quantity Calculator includes-
-Reinforcement Steel Calculator
-Steel weight Calculator
-Concrete Calculator(with Volume, without volume, Circular Column)
-Excavation Calculator
-Backfill Calculator
-Brickwork Calculator
-Tile Calculator
-Plaster Calculator
-Water Tank Capacity Calculation(Circular and Rectangular)

-Material Weight
-Other Quantities and many more

Area Calculator includes-
-Area Measurement App
-Area Calculator for Land
-Circle Area Calculator
-Rectangle Area Calculator
-Triangle Area Calculator
-Rhombus Area Calculator
-L plot Area Calculator
-Square Area Calculator
-Right Angle Area Calculator
-Quadrilateral Area Calculator
-Other areas and Many more

Volume Calculator includes-
-Sphere Volume Calculator
-Cube Volume Calculator
-Block Volume Calculator
-Bucket Volume Calculator
-Semi Sphere Volume Calculator
-Cone Volume Calculator
-Cylinder Volume Calculator
-Trapezoid Volume Calculator
-Rectangular Prism Volume Calculator
-Spherical Cap Volume Calculator
-Frustrum Volume Calculator
-Hollow Rectangle Volume Calculator
-Tube Volume Calculator
-Slope volume calculator
-Other Volume Calculator and many more

Unit Convertor includes-
-Fraction toDecimal
-Number to word

***Features available only for pro version are-
-Steel Weight calculator
-Steel footing calculator
-Steel column calculator
-Steel beam calculator
-Steel slab calculator
-Concrete Tube
-Concrete of Gutter
-Concrete of Shear Wall
-Construction Cost
-AAC/CLC Block
-Anti Termite
-Gypsum/POP Plaster

This app features-
-Easy and simple to use
-Added Default standard values for Simplification
-Easy interface for everyone
-A non-technical person can use
-Gives accurate information
-Can share the answer
-Fast in Calculation
-Almost all construction calculations included
-Can reset data if an error in entry
-Scientific Calculator is included(Credits: Num-Plus-Plus by DylanXie123)

We appreciate all the feedback from your side. Your suggestions and advice will help us to improve our app. If you have any suggestions about the application then feel free to contact us by email constructioncalculatorallinone@gmail.com”

7. Feet & Inch Construction Calc

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“The best Feet & Inches Calculator – Twice as fast as the competition.

Blue = Feet
Green = Inches

The rest is easy!

Includes tools for triangles, board-foot calculations, stair stringers, and more!

Questions? Email WinogradApps@gmail.com – expect a reply within the hour!”

8. Construction Calculator

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“Construction estimate app with material estimator of calculate aspect ratios of construction estimation with angle measure tool. Building calculator – help you build a house, calculate building materials or make repairs in an apartment. contraction app free with area calculator with all in one material calculator
contraction app for building material estimates. contraction tracker app free is best app for android user
angle measure tool with different sides.The building materials and all the things used mainly in the making and construction of houses and building estimate. This construction estimator app is with the materials log. Material calculations bricks, steel, concrete, and construction material estimate with concrete calculator. Wall tiles of a room estimation, floor tiles for repairing apartments, plaster work for ceiling, room plaster estimation for brick walls.

. Construction materials we have discussed:
.Plaster estimation for brick wall
.Distemper & color paint estimation for wall & ceiling
.Brick estimation of a room
.Concrete & steel estimation of a lintel/slab
.Plaster estimation for ceiling room
. Floor tiles of a room estimation
. Wall tiles of a room estimation”