6 Best Dyno App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Dyno App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Dyno App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Dyno App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Dyno App For Android

1. RaceChrono

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“RaceChrono is a versatile lap timer, data logging and data analysis app designed especially for use in motorsports, replacing your traditional lap timers and data loggers.

RaceChrono apps have a strong following, currently over 100000 active users. If you look around at pits during your race or track day, chances are that you’ll see someone using RaceChrono. Even many professionals, such as factory test drivers and race driving instructors, are known to use this app! No matter whether you ride motorbikes, drive go-karts or cars, on closed circuit or special stage tracks – this is the motorsports app for you.

RaceChrono has following major features:
• Lap timing with sectors and optimal lap
• Track library of over 2600 pre-made race tracks
• Custom user defined circuit and point-to-point tracks
• Smoothly scrolling data analysis with synchronised graph and map
• Support for external GPS receivers
• Unlimited session length, good for 24 hour races

RaceChrono has following major features available via in-app-purchases:
• Smoothly scrolling data analysis with synchronised graph, map and video
• Predictive lap timing and time delta graph
• Hardware accelerated video export with configurable data overlay
• Multiple camera recording and picture-in-picture video export
• Video recording using internal camera
• Linking and synchronising video files from almost all action cameras
• Support for OBD-II readers; both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
• Support for Bluetooth LE heart rate monitors
• Session data export in .ODS (session summary for Excel), .NMEA, .VBO and .CSV formats”

2. PerfExpert – Car Onboard Dyno

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“Embark the efficiency of a true dyno inside your car!

Measure your real engine power and torque within 2% by performing a simple acceleration with your car!

Make sure your tunings are effective using a completely objective and independent way, without any excessive expense!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

PerfExpert – Car Onboard Dyno & Timer allows you to measure the performances of your car, such as its real power, torque, and acceleration times. It doesn’t require any connection to your car. Results are provided as detailed reports featuring interactive charts.

How does PerfExpert dyno works ? It’s simple :
1. Create your car profile => Describe your car to PerfExpert by providing information such as curb weight, tire sizes or engine displacement. If you don’t know how to find your car’s specifications, we help you to do so.
2. Mount your phone in your car => No need to connect your phone to your car. With your phone firmly mounted inside your car, PerfExpert can rely on its internal sensors to measure the real acceleration of your car.
3. Accelerate through the entire engine rev range => On a flat, straight and horizontal road, perform an acceleration from low rev to the maximum rev, keeping the same gear : that’s it!

IMPORTANT : dyno test is not compatible with automatic gearboxes that doesn’t have a manual mode.

With such a tool, you can check the efficiency of your various tunings, ECU mapping, chiptuning, and even your chassis settings.

Using the specification of the tested car and your device’s accelerometer, the application runs our algorithms and dynamic power loss calculations to provide the performances of your car with high accuracy.

Skeptical? Here is a selection of comparison tests between “PerfExpert – Car Onboard Dyno” and real chassis dynos, performed by some of our users : http://bit.ly/perfexpert_vs_chassis_dyno

For further information, you can find our FAQ at http://tuning.perfexpert-app.com/f-a-q

Here are sample dyno and timed run reports created using the application :

Join now PerfExpert community:
– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PerfExpert
– Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+Perfexpert-app/posts
– Support : https://www.facebook.com/groups/perfexpert/

– Dyno test : measure the power and torque of your engine with advanced loss calculation model. Detection of the engine rev limiter. Detailed reports featuring interactive charts of wheel and engine horsepower and torque / engine speed, just like a regular chassis dynamometer.

– Compute corrected power and torque using the correction norm of your choice (atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and air humidity are taken into account). Available standards: DIN (Europe), SAE (America), JIS (Japan), CEE (Europe) and ISO (International).

– Timed Run test to measure your 0-60mph, 0-60ft, 0-1/8mi, 0-1/4mi, 0-100km/h, 0-20m, 0-200m, 0-400m, and much more.

– Use of your phone accelerometer at its maximum frequency and advanced signal processing for smoothed curves.

– Custom choice of units from a large choice: Hp, Ch, Cv, Kw, Nm, Ft.Lb, mKg, Mph, Km/h, m, ft, G, m/s², psi, inHg, mBar, °C, °F

– Export reports in Tab Separated Value format and PNG

– Compatible with most tablets (GalaxyTab 10.1, 8.9, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 …) and high-resolution screen phone (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/Edge, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, LG G2…)”

3. RaceDroid Pro GPS OBD2 Dyno

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“Professional car performance meter that can use many data sources (Accelerometer, Internal GPS, External bluetooth GPS, OBD2 reader). This application requires some knowledge and initial setup, it is not a clik-and-go solution!
For best accuracy use External GPS or OBD2 reader (high refresh rate).

-Measure car performance for flat road runs (based on accelerometer, GPS and other)
-Acceleration (none) to .. in km/h (kph) mph , user defined speed ranges
-Travel time for 60ft, 330ft, 1/8 mile 1/4 quarter mile (mobile dragstrip)
-Very accurate for accelerometer : ~1-2% off car speed sensor
-No need to press buttons – just drive , measure and review the results when you want to
-Dyno with dynamic power graph and torque graph over RPM
-Store best results and compare it with others”

4. Log Dyno Horsepower CSV Dyno

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“Measuring your car’s torque and horsepower has never been easier, now that you can do it with the help of your mobile device and this digital Dyno. You just need to open one of your datalog of a pull, and Log Dyno will do the rest.

You can use any CSV or MSL OBD datalog file that contains RPM data which is needed to measure Horsepower and Torque. You can also use SPEED data from GPS performance measurement devices such as VBOX.

From the torque curve, the app is also able to determine the optimal gear shift points to ensure maximum acceleration. This makes sure you know when to shift, so you always have the most possible power at the wheels.

Compare multiple measurements!

You can save each one of your Dyno measurements, and compare them, or just analyze them interactively.

What datalog files can be used?

● JB4
● ProTool
● MegaSquirt
● ProTool
● Bootmod3
● and any other CSV datalog with RPM data or GPS Speed

This is the easiest way to have your torque and horsepower measured with a virtual dyno using only your mobile phone and your datalog. You can see if your mods or tune work right away, and compare them.

★Log Dyno has been compared to multiple real life dyno sheets, and measurements were spot on, with multiple different vehicles★

How does it work?

#1. Datalog your vehicle
Take the datalog just like a dyno pull, in one given gear, from low rpm to high rpm. Try to avoid wheelspin as it can cause spikes in the graph.

#2. Set up your vehicle data

The dyno app requires some data about your vehicle. You’ll be asked to set values for the following:

● Car Name
● Weight
● Tank Capacity
● Tire Size
● DT%
● Drag Coefficient
● Frontal Area

#3. Share the results!

You can share your results right from the virtual dyno measurement page to basically any app or post it to any social network or email it. Of course, you can just save the results in your phone gallery too.

For more detailed information, scroll down to the bottom of the description and see the User’s Guide.

How accurate is the dyno measurement?

If you have set your vehicle data correctly, the results our dyno app gives will be the same as the results a real dyno will give you. Also, keep in mind that wheelspin may result in spikes in the graph. If you are unable to avoid it, you’ll still get accurate results, you just need to ignore the spikes.

The best thing about our dyno app is that you can see right away how your mods work after datalogging. Now, you don’t have to go to the dyno if you want to measure any small modification or just never had your car’s power measured. You can see right away how your mods or tune work after datalogging. You can dyno unlimited times and unlimited vehicles for the fraction of the price of a dyno measurement.

You have to set your car up, how much it weighs, its tire size, the gear ratios, and also what your car drag coefficient and frontal area are, which the app will help in determining.

Based on your car data and environmental values, the app calculates a torque and horsepower curve from the datalog, which you can analyze. The app also points out the peak values, and you will be able to see at what rpm you made the most torque and the most power.

● Uncorrected
● SAE J1349
● DIN 70020
● ISO 1585

Power Units:
● PS
● KW

Torque Units:
● NM
At the wheels or at the crank

The app is widely used among N54 N55 and S55 Tuners with great results backed up by dyno runs.

You can datalog either via OBD or your piggyback tuner, all you need is a CSV file. You can also use a GPS device to datalog SPEED for measurement.

Facebook Group for Support/Questions and to share your results: Log Dyno Facebook Group
User’s Guide”

5. DynoMeter

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“DynoMeter enables you to measure the performance of your vehicle. Top Speed, Elasticity as well as Timing for 1/4 and 1/8 Mile is possible. For more accuracy in the measurement the acceleration of the vehicle will be used to calculate the speed between GPS updates. The results can be viewed within a local database after each testrun individually for every vehicle profile.

• Display of the actual speed in mph or km/h with using GPS/OBD as well as the Acceleration Sensor of your phone.
• Acoustic Signals when testrun ist started or stopped.
• Display of testrun results with diagram and calculation of the average value. Failed testruns can also be deleted.
• OBD-II ELM327 Dongle Bluetooth can be used to read the speed.
• High precision in time measurements thanks to the simultaneous usage of GPS/OBD and Acceleration Sensor.

• Different testrun types:
 • Configurable Time Measurement of elasticity 0-60, 55-75, …
 • Time Measurement for distance runs like 1/4 and 1/8 Mile
 • Measurement of top speed
 • Measurement of Horsepower (experimential)

• For activation of a testrun it has to be selected first. After that “READY” occurs. The Measurement will start automatically when the starting speed has been reached or the vehicle is accelerating.
• Measurements should only be done under free sky to ensure a good GPS position.

• Measurement of speed between GPS/OBD Updates can be configured:
 • Acceleration Sensor: Usage of the Acceleration sensor to calculate actual Speed.
 • Speed Delta: Usage of the last measured Speeds to predict the actual acceleration.
 • Sensor & Delta: The Acceleration sensor as well as the delta of the last measured speeds will be used to compute the acceleration (recommended)
 • None: Speed will be updated only when new GPS/OBD Data is available.
• When the acceleration sensor is used, the backside of the phone has to face preferably straight to the front of the car.
• Power measurement should be done in 4th or 5th gear as a gear ratio of ‘1’ will be assumed. You should configure the speed range to your gear ratio in the preferences.
• Usage of external GPS is possible with the App Bluetooth GPS.”

6. DynoRoad

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“MAGICMOTORSPORT now gives you the opportunity to test your vehicle in REAL LIFE conditions!

Check the modifications performed by FLEX in real driving situations! You will not only be able to accurately measure Horse Power and Torque but you can also monitor the timing of your vehicle’s performance within set parameters for a complete analysis!


All you need is the tool and your phone! That’s it!

The DynoRoad connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and shows you all the data you need so there’s no need to attach extra cables to your vehicle, not even to the OBD Socket! All measurements are taken by our revolutionary probe!