6 Best Fart App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Fart App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Fart App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Fart App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Fart App For Android

1. Fart Sounds

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“▪ ► We are all immature, farting is human! Give laughs with your friends listening to these strange sounds of farts and show your friends the puns you usually drop. hahaha …

▪ ► This Application Fart Sounds has 48 sound effects brilliant puns fun for you to enjoy.

▪ ► Easy to use, simple and free!

▪ ► Design super attractive.

▪ Click the icon to play the fart sounds.

▪ ► Available in two languages
▪ Portuguese
▪ English”

2. PrankArt: funny sounds for jokes and pranks

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“PrankArt is an entertainment prank app, it offers funny sounds like farting, vomiting, giggling, scream. There is a collection of incredible funny pranks to make happy anybody at the party.
This is the time to try our prank dial app for making funny and humorous sounds! Let’s make the situation more loose with jokes, fart noises, and vomiting. Make everyone laugh and become the king of the party.
Let’s look through the options this prankdial app has. PrankArt app gives you a variety of:
1. Farting noises. 6 presets of fart sounds which you can switch between by tapping on the image.
2. Sounds of kid’s laugh. 6 presets of cute and adorable laughter and giggling. Choose your favorite one!
3. Adult man’s screaming sounds. (Judging by the image of the character wearing an office suit he’s just got fed up with his job:). Tap for finding the most suitable cranky scream of 5
presets of dischuffed human yelling.
4. Vomiting. Feel free to choose the best vomit sounds out of 6 presets.
To make any event funny and informal use PrankArt app with pleasure and be sure of the outstanding reaction of others. Now amusing and making people laugh is easy as it has never been.
Using PrankArt app is easy, just:
– download the prank app;
– open it and choose one of four funny sounds – cute laugh, awkward and embarrassing fart noises, disgusting vomiting or creepy and angry screaming;
– by tapping on the picture with a character choose the appropriate preset;
– set the timer for being sure to make the sounds unexpected and surprising.
PrankArt is a perfect app for making jokes during parties, events, meetings which are too reserved and uncomfortable that need to be relaxed a bit. Share the emotions with your friends and colleagues to make the world funnier and with a note of humor.
Let’s discuss the advantages of using our fart app:
First – PrankArt has a very intuitive interface which is easy-to-comprehend even for little pranksters.
Second – colorful, minimalistic graphics with vibrant characters make using pleasant, entertaining process.
Third – you become a great prankster who always knows how to joke and can turn tight situations into loose and funny occasions.
And fourth, eventually – download the app totally free, after that start side-splitting pranking at once!
PrankArt app will give you a chance to perform a laughter-packed moment with friends, colleagues in different places like parties, corporate meetings, school breaks, gym, shop.
Surprise everyone with funny sounds, charge people up with laughter!
Enjoy your cool, astonishing sounding, break the ice and make the moment of fun!
If you have any questions or requests, please contact us steepshot.org@gmail.com
We will be very happy to get your feedback!”

3. Fart Sounds Prank App – iFart®

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“The Original FART App – The World Famous iFart

We started the fart app craze back in 2008 on iTunes and took the world by storm.

Our “Sneak Attack” and “Security Fart” functions have pranked Millions!

iFart is free with no annoying ads.

You get 35 Fart Sounds including favorites like Dirty Raoul, Wipe Out and The Brown Mosquito, plus features like Sneak Attack, Security Fart and Blast (which plays a random fart)

Want MORE HILARIOUSNESS?.. We have a MASSIVE Fart Pack bundle of our 80+ Funniest Farts for just 99 cents. We’d really appreciate your support so we can keep our iFart Ad Free. See our video preview of our Political Pack (not included in free version)

Click the Store icon anytime (or our random popup) to UNLOCK our fart packs like Fart Wars, Jurassic Farts, Funny Foods, Celebrity Names, Gassy Movies and Top Ten Shart Toppers. (Popup will disappear after purchase restart)

And we think you’ll get a kick out of our “Fart-O-Rater” fart. Play it, we dare you!

Sure, there are lots of fart noise, fart soundboard and fart machine apps to choose from , but none have pop culture status like iFart®. We’re the GodFarter of fart apps.

Here are just a few of the useful, signature features of iFart®.


We used to have a really funny paragraph here about how to use our security fart function, but had to remove it. The Security Fart plays a fart sound when your phone is moved. So if you ask someone to hand you your phone, it goes off when they pick it up.


Sneak Attack is a great way to prank your friends. Simply pull out your phone, choose a sound effect and set the timer up to 30 seconds. Then place your phone in a strategic location and move silently away.


There are special moments in life that just have to be captured on your phone to be believed. The birth of a child, a stunning sunset, bigfoot, and of course, the after effects of a triple burrito lunch.

Using iFart’s “Record-A-Fart” feature you can now make audible memories for a lifetime and play them for friends and family. Plastic wrap optional.

* FART STORE – Just 99 Cents *

Our funniest fart sounds are available in one giant bundle for under a buck.. These farts are hysterical. Especially our Fart Wars, Jurassic Farts and Political packs, play them for your friends and family today.


Using our FAVES feature you can create a playlist of your favorite farts for easy access. You can also record and rename multiple farts which are stored in the FAVES list.

If you enjoy a good fart joke, meme or funny videos, make sure you like or follow our Facebook page or visit our website.


Let us know your favorite fart sound in a review and make sure you squeeze time in to play Fart-O-Rater!

If you have an issue with iFart, please try deleting and reinstalling the app. You can also contact us via our contact email address and we’ll respond promptly.”

4. Fart Machine

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Note – Fart Machine only plays Fart related sound effects. It does not actually generate an odor! Not for children!

Fart Machine is a soundboard app that has fart sound effects. Tap the buttons to play fart noises. Long press on a sound for additional options.

5. Fart sound pranks

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“This application is perfect to spend a good time with friends. It is designed to entertain children and adolescents experience different and fun making fart sounds, will be capable of sounding fart jokes from his cell and create hilarious situations.

Using “Joke: Sounds fart” is quite simple: select an option from the main menu and follow instructions with audio and real images, which can simulate a fart of someone close.

We invite you to share this game in the major social networks.”

6. Fart Cushion – Fart Button

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“Have you ever wanted to have the fart prank en 🤣 in a single simple and effective app? With this gas 🔊🎶 fart button you can simulate flatulence 💨 🌬
whenever you want and in a moment, by always having this farting app on your mobile phone 📲.

Get your fart noises app fart machine app and let Farting App – Fart Sounds Prank with fart sounds and ringtones do the job! Fart App – Fart Sounds Prank- Prank App will make you laugh as hard as you can, because all the fart sounds in this fart noises app are hilarious! Get your very own free fart machine and boost your mood!

Do not wait more; Download the Fart noises effect button prank app now and laugh, have fun and be entertained with your friends and family!

Our farting app is totally free to download!
We hope you enjoy using this fart cushion – fart button app!”