3 Best Fps Booster App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Fps Booster App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Fps Booster App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Fps Booster App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Fps Booster App For Android

1. Game Booster: Game Launcher

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“★★★This is the return of a legend!★★★

The original Game Booster app from 2009 gives you the most complete gaming experience possible.

Game Launcher

With Game Booster, you can collect all your games in one place. Don’t waste time searching for the game you want to play, use that precious time for the game!

Find and play your games in the Game Launcher with one tap!

Manage your game collection with ease.

Optimize Your Gaming Performance!

You want to see how your device is performing. Or maybe your games are lagging, running slower than you expected, and you want to understand where the problem lies.

Monitoring the game’s FPS can help you understand and fix the problem.

FPS describes how smoothly the game you’re playing runs on your device. The more frames that fit in a second, the smoother the game will be. Frame rates lower than 30 FPS will cause you to feel lags in the game and lessen your enjoyment of the game.
Thanks to Game Booster’s FPS Monitor, you can monitor the FPS of the game you are playing (Not supported by all games). Knowing your framerate can help make sure you’re playing the game at the best possible performance.

Be One Step Ahead Of Other Players!

We seem to hear you take a sniper rifle and say “I wish the sniper rifle had a Crosshair!” in first-person shooter games. We have a solution for you!

No matter what weapon you have in games, you can always use the Crosshair. Hunt down your opponents without having to open the scope, never miss a shot.

According to our tests on pro gamers, the win rate of players was 71.3%, while the win rate increased to 82.7% when the same player used crosshair. They attribute this rise to the fact that they act faster than their opponents with the crosshair, without wasting time to open scope.

Unlock The Maximum Potential Of Your Device

Game Booster unlocks the maximum potential of your device with its advanced features and can help you play games with better performance. (Features listed under this heading require root.)

• Game Booster boosts the gaming experience by managing unnecessary apps and services in the background.
• Unlocks the full potential of the CPU and GPU for less tearing and lower system latency with one tap.
• Increase benchmark scores (Antutu, Geekbench, 3DMark)
• With Game Booster modes, you do not compromise performance by locking your CPU to the maximum frequency allowed by your device.
• With Auto Boost, when you start the game from or outside Game Booster (from the launcher), the game automatically detects and starts the boosting process.
• Gaming Bubble will help you to manage your gaming session and control the advanced features on the go.

Why should I use Game Booster?

• All your games in one place with Game Launcher!
• Show the actual FPS of your device and measure your device’s performance.
• Your games are automatically detected and listed in the Game Launcher.
• Use Crosshair in first-person shooter games and never miss a shot.
• Monitor your device temperature.
• Keep track of how much your RAM is used.

Game Booster automatically detects the games on your device and lists them all in one place with the Game Launcher! All you have to do is start and play any of your games.

There is no need to manually add the games to the list.

Required Permissions And Privacy Notes

Usage Stats Permission: To detect the games you are playing, we need to be able to see the last running app. For this, we ask for your “Usage Stats” permission.

Overlay Permission: We ask for “Display Over Other Apps” permission so that we can show the Auto Boost screen, FPS meter, and Crosshair.

App List: We send your installed packages anonymously only to detect your installed games automatically.”

2. GreenShark Game Space

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“Optimize your android device to achieve the best performance with GreenShark Game Space

Enjoy a better gaming experience with the GreenShark Game Space game booster app.
Some of the features in GreenShark are as follows:

## Game Space
Add your favorite games to the futuristic gamespace of Greenshark

## Cache cleaner
Optimize your device’s performance by cleaning junk files on your device with the junk cleaner feature in Greenshark

## WhatsApp media cleaner
Free up storage space while reducing your device’s memory load by deleting files that are no longer useful on WhatsApp media.

## Clan/squad/Esport logo maker
We understand your needs as gamers, in Greenshark we provide a feature to create your group/squad/Esport logo with several template options that you can choose from.

## Name / Nickname maker
Of course, we understand that you as a millennial gamer want to be unique in front of your squad or opponent, so writing a nickname is also an option, Greenshark is also equipped
with the name creation feature that supports unicode, you can choose unicode letters which are certainly different from the others.

## Application analyzer
Greenshark is also equipped with a feature to analyze the apps installed on your device including Bloatware (factory default apps). with just one touch you can find a list of applications that are not useful and only consume your device’s memory and CPU.

Download the modern and elegant Greenshark Game Space/game booster app right now, and enjoy a better gaming experience with GreenShark.

Come on, add your favorite game to the Game space and Gaskeuuunnnn ,,,”

3. Game Booster – Increase FPS

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“The latest version of the android booster for games.📳 In this accelerator application, we have made the interface and settings more convenient. Now you can speed up not only games but also accelerate other applications to optimize the phone’s performance. Thanks to this game booster application, your gadget will work like new❗️Here are the main features of the new android booster application:

💥 3 modes for playing games:
* Power Play mode
* Long play mode
* Offline mode
💥 Settings
💥 Boost your smartphone
💥 Optimization phone’s performance
💥 Share with friends
💥 Create own mode

Accelerator for games has the most diverse functions and can easily replace several applications.🧮 Вecause thanks to timely accelerate games and boost applications, you can keep the battery of your phone in good condition.💣

We are sure that every gadget needs accelerator. Indeed, often when you open several applications at the same time, the phone starts to work slowly and with errors. To do this, we built the accelerator into the application. It will help to speed up the work of games and applications and ensure the quick operation of your smartphone.⚡️

Three modes of play
To make your games more fun and advanced, we have come up with three different game modes. You can choose any of the presented modes (Power Play mode, Long play mode and Offline mode)☄️
for any of the games, and with this function you can easily save your gaming experience and your achievements.🔥

Optimization of the application is needed so that your gadget works without lags and problems so that the programs do not hang and the phone does not overheat.♻️

We have added such a useful feature as settings to this accelerator application so that you can customize your games completely for you. In the settings, you can adjust the sound, screen brightness, turn off and turn on the Internet connection, and much more. Thanks to these settings in the new booster app, your games will become as comfortable as possible for you.🛠💎

Also, for your convenience, we have made the interface simpler and more understandable for any user. Now even your children can use the game booster.👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

⬇️Download and install the booster application completely free of charge and get on the new levels of your games⬇️. With the game booster, you can open many opportunities for your gadget and significantly improve its performance.
Do not forget to share the application with your friends and acquaintances, let them appreciate it.❗️”