3 Best Free Auto Dialer App iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Free Auto Dialer App iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Free Auto Dialer App iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Free Auto Dialer App iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Free Auto Dialer App iPhone

1. Auto Dialer by CallOnTheGo

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“***Login to our website to import contacts! Contacts will sync with app!***

Auto Dialer & Tracking.
Finally a smart mobile auto-speed-dialer with reporting. The CallOnTheGo Auto Dialer comes with a contact management tool online. You can import thousands of contacts into separate groups from a spreadsheet (CSV) in seconds. The contacts are synced real-time from your computer with your iOS app. So a secretary could update your contacts on the contact management tool online while the salesperson is on the road and everything syncs seamlessly! This auto dialer is great for inside or outside the office. For the most part, it’s hands free. We do the work for you. This is a productivity sales tool that saves time and prevents pain by automating the entire sales calling process.

You can create a campaign with the dialer and the goal will be a conversation with everyone in that segment. So the call looper keeps auto-speed-dialing that list until a conversation is made with everyone. CallOnTheGo automatically skips the people you already talked to during a campaign.

A predictive call analysis & forecasting engine tells you the best time to call, who you bonded with the most, who is the hardest to reach, what times to avoid calling and much more. It automates the entire process ON-THE-GO!
Help Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/user/CallOnTheGo

Our team has a strong background in information security. Rest assured your data is never shared and has the highest security standards in place! Some people might spell our name as Call On The Go or Call-On-The-Go.

– Spreadsheet import (CSV).
– Smart auto-speed-dialer.
– Timed delay feature between calls.
– Activity tracking & reporting. Conversation, vmail, or no answer.
– CRM Integration.
– Open API https://app.callonthego.com/api_docs
– Predictive call analysis.
– Forecasting engine.
– Shows the best time to call.
– Shows who you bonded with the most.
– Who is the hardest to reach.
– What times to avoid calling.
– The call looper skips who you already had a conversation with during a campaign.
– It automates the entire process ON-THE-GO!

Steps To Get Started:
1. Visit https://www.youtube.com/user/CallOnTheGo
2. Login to your contact management tool online. Also, download the iOS App.
3. Import thousands of contacts via spreadsheet online.


2. iReDial

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“iReDial: your new professional secretary

Annoyed at having to keep track of people to call back?
Looking for a secretary to remind you about the important calls to do ?
Looking for a calls scheduler to remind you at the proper date and time ?

Get iReDial and make your life easier.

After all, the iPhone is still a telephone: remember ?
With iReDial all you need to do is type the phone number and set when you want to call.

NOTE: iReDial is NOT an automatic dialer. It simply notifies you of the phone calls you decided to postpone. At the notification, you decide whether to call.

iReDial main features include:
. access to your iPhone contacts
. call delay programmable from 1 minute to whatever time you wish
. select planned calls for Tomorrow, Tomorrow evening, Weekend, the Next week and any other date and time
. all default times for Tomorrow, Tomorrow evening, in the Weekend, the Next week, are user selectable
. favorite contacts folder
. recent calls folder
. handy keypad
. notifications also when the iPhone is on standy
. vibration function
. Split View and Slide Over multitasking mode supported in devices where available

The free version is installed with 10 free dials tokens.
A token is consumed at the time a call is answered.
In the app you can purchase more tokens or the Premium version that removes any need for getting tokens to call. Ever.

iReDial: your new professional secretary !”

3. SwiftCall: Auto Dialer & CRM

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“Warm up your cold calls with SwiftCall. Swiftly auto dial through intelligently sorted call lists, review detailed analytics of call sessions, and swiftly take follow-up actions without ever leaving the app. Make phone calls without having to dial a number into a keypad. SwiftCall is the way call time was meant to be.

Collaboration is key, and SwiftCall makes it easy to make sales calls as a team with lead sharing and analytics reporting. Stop maintaining that disorganized spreadsheet or scanning your eyes between a notepad and a phone. If you’ve been calling over 25, 50, or even 100 leads per day, get ready for SwiftCall to completely transform your sales process.

Call Lists:
Manage the lead pipeline intelligently from first contact through close. Create leads or import a CSV with thousands of them and then SwiftCall will do the work of sorting them into call lists. SwiftCall tracks progress with each lead as you call to determine which ones are more promising.

No need to restart data entry for leads: import a CSV with hundreds or even thousands of leads within seconds. Share leads easily between SwiftCallers to work together as a team.

Analytics & Achievements:
If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. That’s why SwiftCall keeps track of progress from the analytics Dashboard. View charts with calls, deals, and revenue per day. It’s like a fitness tracker for business growth. Review call logs and achievements earned to measure long-term performance. Create reports from the Dashboard to show off your performance to the team.

Follow-Up Actions:
Call time doesn’t just stop with the call. You want to stay fresh in the mind of your lead so they know that their time is valued. That’s why SwiftCall can quickly send follow-up emails or text messages as a follow-up. The Planner then helps schedule the next call and creates notifications for when the time comes to call again. If you have it enabled, Siri Suggestions will also prompt you right before your scheduled call, allowing you to tap the notification to dial in.

Maybe you are hustling to build your business, or perhaps you work on a sales team with big dreams. Maybe you are a fundraiser at a non profit. Regardless of where you come from, we are here to help. Our reviewers brag about receiving service within seconds, and you won’t find a better deal for your sales budget: everything is included upon download, with no subscriptions or in-app purchases. Plus you get an Apple Watch app for when you want to use SwiftCall on the go. Set your goal, start calling, and start closing more deals!

Included Features
•Create leads and SwiftCall will intelligently sort them so deals can be closed more quickly and less time is wasted on the bad leads
•Collaborate with a sales team with CSV importing & exporting for leads
•See reports and call logs detailing daily progress on calls made, deals closed, and revenue earned
•Share reports of call logs and analytics
•Set goals for call lists to stay on track
•Finish a call and quickly send an email or text message to stay fresh in the mind of the lead
•Schedule future calls to create Calendar events and receive Siri Suggestions, in addition to receiving push notifications for your device and Apple Watch
•Review leads and make calls from SwiftCall’s Apple Watch app

Potential Uses
•Jumpstart the growth of a startup to build the next big thing
•Set a goal of making 50 calls in a day, and then actually do it with the app offering motivation from beginning to end
•Grow the effectiveness of a sales team and work together using lead sharing and analytics reports
•Streamline fundraising calls for a political campaign to spend less time on the phones and more time doing important work
•Make a non-profit a lean mean fundraising machine (and clean up all the stray sticky notes and spreadsheet docs along the way)
•Give employees incentives and rewards by creating a weekly competition to see who makes the most calls or close the most deals on SwiftCall”