3 Best Free Customer Database App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Customer Database App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Free Customer Database App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Free Customer Database App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Free Customer Database App For Android

1. HubSpot

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“Run your business from anywhere with HubSpot’s mobile sales CRM. Push your sales deals forward by managing your contacts, emails, tasks, meetings and notes from your phone.

Use the HubSpot mobile app to:

• Increase your productivity – See upcoming tasks, to-dos, meetings and reminders associated with your sales deals.

• Tap into HubSpot’s power from any app – The HubSpot keyboard enables you to swiftly respond to prospects from any app by giving you one-tap access to your documents, meeting links, templated messages, and commonly used resources.

• Stay connected on the go – Access business contacts, notes, and deals even when you’re offline.

• Stay organized – Quickly add notes and follow-up actions while details are fresh. Scan business cards to automatically save contact details with no manual entry.

• Maximize the value of your calls – Review customer calls, mention team members and access call information and notes

• Close more deals – Assign tasks to teammates. Update deals as they progress and see real-time sales leaderboards.

• Build better customer relationships – Rely on HubSpot’s calling, live chat, and email template features to keep conversations going and to build trust with your leads and customers.

About HubSpot

HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform with marketing, sales, customer service, and content management software. Today, over 121,000 total customers in more than 120 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning, powerful, and easy-to-use tools to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers.”

2. Customer Database

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“This simple customer database application is designed for small companies for easy and secure customer management on smartphones and tablets, separated from private contacts.

It is possible to sync your data with a (self-hosted) MySQL server to prevent loss or defect of your mobile device. This also allows to sync the data with multiple devices.

In addition to that, it has tools for the EU-GDPR and you can group customers, manage customers birthdays and vouchers, write newsletters, import customers from VCF files, export your data into VCF or CSV files and print a customer record (PDF export). Additionally, this app has a Dark Mode and the ability to save customer images.

The app shows you the name of the customer for incoming calls if the phone number is stored in the customer database (caller identification / caller ID).

Because of its high flexibility, the application is also often used in non-enterprise areas, such as teachers’ management of parent contact information.

Additional features that can be unlocked via in-app purchase:
-> Custom Fields: also drop down selection lists and sorting by these fields is supported.
-> “Input-Only-Mode”: Optional activatable mode that allows only data entry. For example, the device can be handed to showroom visitors.
-> Calendar: Manage customer appointments. Customers can insert the appointment directly into their calendar using a QR code.
-> File Attachments: Attach up to 20 files to a customer.
-> Design Options: Allows you to set your own title bar color and own startup logo.

This App is Open Source: https://github.com/schorschii/customerdb-android”

3. My Customer

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“NEWS ‘: YOU CAN SHARE YOUR NAME AMONG ALL YOUR ANDROID DEVICES AND UPDATE THE DATABASE ALSO FROM PC !!!!! (For PC you need to download free software from the appropriate link https://goo.gl/CeehSQ

“My Customer” comes from my experience in the commercial / sales person, I always or always had the need to have on hand the main information of my customers without the obligation to include a multitude of useless information that is required in conventional CRM I wanted to be the one to choose what information is important for me. In the application “My customer” there is no mandatory field is the seller / sales person who chooses the data to be inserted. There are 8 fields that can be user-defined.

“My Customer” is a comprehensive tool that allows you to import and geolocalize their customers directly from Excel or the phone book and to share information among all Android devices (via free Dropbox) and also with the PC (through the free software PC) This allows you to update and review the information directly from the PC when they are in the office to ritrovarsele on tablet / smartphone.

“My Customer” allows for different types of user-defined names (customers, prospects, etc.) and see clients in the map with different colors depending on the type, so you can make the best of tour visits visits a given area by optimizing the cost and time

“My Customer” allows you to have on hand the management of their customer / prospect, to have the phone numbers, etc., the activities, and files associated with customers (contracts, offers, etc.). All this information can be shared between all devices. The data are all locally (once synchronized) so I do not need to always connect to the network as all other CRM, this way I can see very quickly all information even in the absence of network slowness.

“My Customer” allows you to easily manage communications with customers and can create mailing lists to send email to contacts directly from the app / selected customers.

To help the management and planning of activities can I place reminders / appointments directly into Google calendar and registry activity.

You can manage price lists divided into family / subfamily to create a copy in pdf order can be shared directly to the customer or company . I can put articles in the order directly from price list that can be imported directly from Excel, or I can input new articles.

My Customer also has a manual that can be viewed off-line from the application options.

Below are the main features of the application:
• Possibility to divide customers into different types
• Import contacts from Excel or from the Address Book, with the possibility of geolocalizzarli
• Add numbers Unlimited Referrals
• any secondary headquarters Customer management (offices, construction sites, etc.)
• Management for customer activities
• Task List to do (To Do)
• Integration with Google Calendar
• Management of orders Offers
• copy of the commission Creating PDF
• Manage and import lists from xls
• Statistics with graphics for sales by period and / or for the customer and for the period of activity
• Mailing List Creation
• Managing the history of visas customers for better navigation
• Export to PDF and Excel of customer card, the activities to make offers in place

The Free version has advertising and is limited to manage a maximum of 30 clienti.Si can eliminate the limitations by installing the release key “My customer PRO Key”. Enabling socket orders is not included in the release key

Thank to ANDRE LOPEZ ARAUJO, NICK: VENAD for spanish tranlation”