3 Best Free Database App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Database App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Free Database App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Free Database App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Free Database App For Android

1. Memento Database

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“Memento Database is a powerful and user friendly tool designed for working with any data, making it possible to store, organize, calculate and visualize information. It is more convenient than spreadsheets, more flexible than specialized applications.

If you are looking for a program to organize your personal affairs, hobbies, or small or medium sized business, Memento is the solution


Memento can replace dozens of apps, helping you organize your life and increasing your efficiency.

☆ Lists of tasks and goals
☆ Personal finance and shopping
☆ Contacts and events
☆ Time management
☆ Collections and hobbies – books, music, movies, games, board games, recipes and more
☆ Travel planning
☆ Medical and sports records
☆ Studying
☆ Home inventory

See the use cases in the online catalogue. It contains thousands of templates from our community that you can improve upon, or create your own.


Memento allows building any business management system to meet your unique requirements. This could include:

☆ Inventory
☆ Project management
☆ Personnel management
☆ Production management
☆ Assets management
☆ Products catalogue
☆ Budget

You can connect all the components of the application and build the logic of working with data in accordance with your business processes. The Memento cloud allows all of your employees to work with databases, and provides a flexible system of access control. Small businesses with Memento gets the opportunity to create an ERP at low cost.


In addition to businesses, Memento is successfully used by non-profit organizations, including schools, hospitals, rescue services, charity funds, and libraries.


Memento allows the synchronizing of data with the cloud and provides the following tools for teamwork:

☆ A flexible system of setting access rights up to the fields in the records
☆ View the history of data changes made by other users
☆ Comments to records in the database
☆ Synchronization with Google Sheet

If you work with sensitive information that should be stored only on your servers or exclusively in the territory of your country, then we have a self-hosted solution – Memento Private Server.


Memento supports offline work. You can transfer data in the offline mode and synchronize it with the cloud later, when your devices connects to the Internet. By default your databases are not connected to the cloud, and are stored only on your device.


You can also work with your data on a PC. This is convenient, if you need to enter or analyze a large amount of information. In addition, the desktop version of the application provides a powerful reporting system based on Jasper Reports.


• Dozens of types of fields, including text, integer, real, boolean, date/time, rating, checkboxes, radio buttons, currency, image, signature, file, audio, contact, calculation, JavaScript, geolocations with Google Maps coordinates, and others.
• Performing Data analysis, including aggregation, charting, sorting, grouping, and filtering entries by any fields.
• Displaying data in the form of a list, a set of cards, a table, on a map, or in a calendar.
• Synchronization with Google Sheets.
• Cloud storage and Teamwork.
• Offline data entry.
• Importing and exporting CSV files, permitting interoperation with popular programs like Microsoft Excel, Filemaker.
• Populating database entries at the touch of a button with data from Web services and other sources.
• Scripting in Javascript (fields, triggers, scripted data source).
• Password protection.
• Searching entries in database by barcode.
• Reminders.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/mementodatabase
User Guide: http://help.mementodatabase.com”

2. “Smartsheet: Manage Teams, Projects, Tasks and Work”

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“Maximize productivity of your team on the go with Smartsheet, a work execution platform that empowers better collaboration and decision making, accelerating innovation for over 80,000 leading brands — including 75% of the Fortune 500 — in 190 countries.

Manage projects, workflows and tasks, collaborate with your team, and maximize productivity!

Getting started is easy! Either sign in with your existing Smartsheet account, or enter your email to sign up for a free 30-day trial. Join millions of other innovative users and upgrade to a paid account at any time.

With Smartsheet you can:

• Seamlessly create, share, and collaborate with your team on projects, wherever you are, between desktop and mobile. Access your sheets anytime, anywhere.

• Use sheets to oversee tasks and workflows, plan projects, and maximize the productivity of your team.

• Collect data from the field with forms, capture and upload images, or scan barcodes with your mobile device.

• Review notifications, act on requests and approvals, or update status in card view on the go.

• Easily view your dashboards, sheets, and more in real time from your phone, so you always know the status of work.

• Smartsheet’s out-of-the-box integrations enable real-time synchronization and visibility with many of the apps you use.

To learn more about Smartsheet, the leading work execution and project management platform built to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work — at scale, visit https://www.smartsheet.com.”

3. MobiDB Database – relational database app

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“MobiDB database is an nocode and lowcode automation tool to automate business and organize your notes. MobiDB database is an offline database app with cloud sync. It’s a good fit for business automation, managing hobby and work. MobiDB database can be used for creating databases and organizing collections, making typed spreadsheet. MobiDB database is not only a plain list but also a powerful relational database app and spreadsheet app. You will be able to design professional relational databases with nested child tables and table relations.
Cloud sync turns MobiDB database into a team database and enables collaboration between devices and people. MobiDB database is a perfect suit for field workers. It is the best database software for artifact cataloging. It supports Geo GPS coordinates and suits for geologists, archaeologists and etc. With MobiDB database you can track custom entries. With more then 20 field types you can keep track of any data and is a perfect tool to organize your life and work. It’s a nice for home inventory, customers database, CRM, invoices and also suits for managing spends, meter reading, controlling health sugar/blood pressure indicators, organizing different types of collections. You can sync between PC, Tablet and Phone (cross-platform Windows, Android, iOS).
Business Applications of MobiDB is various: Inventory, Home inventory, CRM, Project management, Orders Management, Invoices, Sales and customers, Artifacts cataloguing, Geological exploration, Delivery and courier services, Managing sport teams, Jewelry and goods management, Products catalogue, Rental property management and real estate, Assets managements, Art gallery management, Budget planning and accounting.
Personal use of MobiDB database includes: Books, Video Games, Personal Finance, Managing Personal Arts collection, Medical records (sugar level, blood pressure), Board games cataloguing (Dungeon and dragons etc.), Favourites movies and watchlist, todo-list, timetrack and timesheet, home inventory.
CSV import enables data exchange between mobidb and MS Access, Filemaker, Excel. Import entries from csv to create a new table or to the existing tables. MobiDB database allows you to make a catalog of your customers and is good CRM. Manage your customers from your phone, access your data from PC wherever you are.
Cloud sync enables database sync and multiple accounts collaboration.
Nocode and lowcode database
Intuitive visual designer will help you to build a database without being an engineer. Lowcode features allow to add calculable fields.
A set of built-in templates is a good start to take start adding records to our nocode database.
Organize and analize data in spreadsheet
Mobidb is a has a powerful typed spreadsheet table view. Convenient and highly-customized spreadsheet view make it easy to analyze and manipulate database information. Reorder, hide/show columns, sort and filter by multiple columns, dynamically search for necessary information to make the spreadsheet address your analytical needs. Accumulated balance reports aggregates data from multiple tables and provide an exhaustive data view so, you are able to see your progress or possible issues. Charts enables you to visualize your data effectively. Different chart types are available: pie, line, bar, spline.
Enable teamwork and collaboration
Upload your databases to the cloud: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, share with your team and collaborate. All changes and data manipulations will be synchronized across all user devices on Android, iOS and Windows 10.
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