6 Best Free Gyroscope App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Gyroscope App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Free Gyroscope App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Free Gyroscope App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Free Gyroscope App For Android

1. Gyroscope

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“Everyone needs a coach. Gyroscope is your personal health coach.

Gyroscope is the best way to track your life, and requires an affordable monthly subscription to use. Privacy is at the core of our experience, and your data lives safely in your account, where you can keep it fully private or share it with your friends.

You’ll be able to track everything about yourself—your places, exercise and even your mood—and then get insights to lose weight and be more healthy. You can even add all your friends in the app to compete on the steps leaderboard across platforms.

Recommended integrations:
• Withings scale for bodyfat
• RescueTime for computer tracking
• Fitbit or Garmin for step tracking
• Oura ring or Fitbit for sleep tracking

Even without any wearables, you can use the app with built in trackers for Places, mood, workouts and more. Adding more devices and connections can enhance the experience with additional data.”

2. Gyroscope Test

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“Gyroscope Test reports your device’s motion tracking capabilities (gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer) and lets you know whether it is compatible with VR. Includes a simulator mode.”

3. Accelerometer Calibration

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Having a hard time playing your favorite motion-based racing game ?
Is your phone’s accelerometer sensor giving inaccurate results?
Then accelerometer calibration is the app for you.

The performance of your phone’s accelerometer deteriorates over time .
So it is very important that calibration is done from time to time.

-> Easy accelerometer calibration process.
-> Move the red dot on the screen into the black square and click on calibrate.
-> AutoCalibrate option which notifies you when your phone’s accelerometer needs calibration.
-> This app will calibrate your accelerometer so that you can have a smoother gaming experience playing your favorite motion sensor based games.

4. Hyper Gyro

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Hyper Gyro is the best app designed to improve Gyroscope sensitivity for games.
100% legal for multiplayer games!

How it works:
★ Launch Hyper Gyro in background
★ Play at your favourite game
★ Defeat your opponents with improved gyroscope

5. Gyroscope – Fix Lag / Delay Sensor Test

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“This app has been developed to tell you if your device has a Gyro sensor. This app also lets you control the Gyroscope sensor’s sensitivity to suit your gaming needs.


The app lets you detect if the device has a Gyroscope sensor. No guesswork, no database, the information is retrieved straight from your device.


Use Super Gyro(part of this app) to reduce lag when playing FPS games in Gyroscope Mode and game like a champion. Calibration at its finest.


A Gyro sensor is required to play FPS games in Gyro Mode and play VR content(Videos and Games)


Find detailed information on the following sensors.

⭐ Gyroscope
⭐ Accelerometer
⭐ Magnetometer


View real-time sensor data for a lot of sensors. It can be used by developers or enthusiasts.


This app lets the users test the following. If a device doesn’t have a sensor, it will not work.

⭐ Gyroscope Sensor
⭐ Accelerometer Sensor
⭐ Magnetometer Sensor


We are constantly working to make more information available to the users. We will keep updating the app with more features for years to come.

For queries, feedback, or bug report, reach us at ataraxianstudios@gmail.com. We will be happy to help you out.”

6. Gyroscope Counter

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“The gyroscope sensor in your device is continually monitored and when the detection level is crossed, the counter is increased by one.

• Gyroscope measures the rate of rotation about the devices X,Y and Z directions. Detect counts from either of of the axis or from the magnitude.

• Adjust measurement speed to one of 12 frequencies between 0.5 Hz and 2 kHz.

• Detect on rising or falling past the detection level.

• Reduce double counts with optional no-count wait after detection.

• Graph to show angular velocity values.

• Counts indicated on graph and with optional ‘click’ sound.

Gyroscope sensors will vary in sampling speed, resolution and accuracy from one device to the next. For indication only.”