7 Best Free Hairstyle App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Hairstyle App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Free Hairstyle App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Free Hairstyle App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Free Hairstyle App For Android

1. Cute Girls Hairstyles – Step by Step Tutorials

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“Five Minute Hairstyles as great ideas even to update for your Modern styles, easy to follow instructions with great photos to follow. Recommend for any woman from the very stylish to the style challenged!If you love doing your hair or creating a new hairstyle for your friend then you need this brand new app! Learn lots of cool and amazing hairstyles for girls! Enjoy a variety of hairstyles Tutorials for Women, learn to do your hair and be beautiful forever.

We have embedded features:

– American girl hairstyle
– Latest Girls hair style
– 5 Minute Hairstyles
– Women Hairstyles
– Girls HairStyles HD
– 100+ Little Girl Hairstyles
– 1000+ Girls Hairstyles
– Easy Hairstyles Step by Step
– Cute Girls Hair Styles 2016
– Girls Hairstyles
– Hairstyle Changer for Girl
– Finger swipe option to change Pages.
– Sharing option to share your favourite Pages on all social media websites.
– 4X Zoom in option.
– Easy download option to save Pages in your gallery.
– This app you can also use offline.
– Bookmarking option to quick retrieve your favourite Pages.

Note: Please give us feedback about any issue or problem if you face.”

2. Hair Changer Men Hairstyles Photo Editor

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“WELCOME to Hair Changer – Men Hairstyles photo editor!
✔️ Hair Changer – Men Hairstyles photo editor designed special for man!
✔️ Change hair style on photo just in few seconds with Hair Changer – Men Hairstyles Photo Editor!
✔️ Try huge FREE collection of amazing mens haircut, mustache and beard photo stickers!
✔️ Hair Changer Men Hairstyles is an awesome app which allows you cut costs besides for time a haircut necessarily befits you!
✔️ Hair Changer – Men Hairstyles is in fact towards your virtual hairstyles requirements.
✔️ In Hair Changer Men Hairstyles you can either took picture from you gallery or take from your Camera.

✔️ Hair Changer – Men Hairstyles is very easy to use:
★ Take a photo or selfie or use a pic from the gallery on which you want to change hair
★ Select the hairstyle using Hair Changer photo editor tool
★ You can Crop the size of Hair and Mustache and Resize it which is exactly fit on your Photo face.
★ Change style of your hair
★ Save Image to gallery
★ Share your photos with new hairstyle with your friends and family

✔️ Download “Hair Changer Men Hairstyles” right now absolutely free and make your first photo with NEW haircut!
✔️ Enjoy and have fun with our Hair Changer – Men Hairstyles photo editor!
✔️ Waiting for your comments!”

3. Hairstyle 💇🏼

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“💇🏼 Hairstyles. Welcome to the Woman Hair Styler App! Hairstyles is the hair changer photo app to change woman hairstyle on photo! Our hair styler app has 80+ modern woman hairstyles photo stickers. Using hair styler app you can try perfect hairstyle stickers and others hairstyle stikers for your perfect hair on photo. Hairstyle allows you create perfect look with beautiful hairstyle.

💇🏼 Also hair styler app can add your face to the modern fashion look on photo. This hair styler app is only for girls who loves change hairstyles on photo! Hairstyles has new awesome feature – hairstyler color change! Select one of the glamour hairstyle sticker from our Hairstyle collection absolutely free and change hair color as you wish.

💇🏼 Hairstyles is very easy to use. Just take a new photo or select one from your gallery. Then select one of fashion long or short woman hairstyles and apply selected hairstyle sticker to your perfect selfie photo made with our hair styler app. Also you can zoom in or zoom out your photo, to adjust hairstyle sticker and add text on photo. Save your cute photo to the photo gallery or share it with your friends and family social networks.

💇🏼 In addition, you can change the high-resolution photo settings using awesome filters and a lot of different settings including shadows / highlights and blur.

💇🏼 Download Hairstyles absolutely free right now with no paid content and no registration and make your first amazing Woman Hairstyles selfie photo! Enjoy and shine bright with amazing woman hair styler app! Change your hairstyle and create beautiful and original hairstyle in different styles because our hair styler app is designed for any hair types.”

4. Beard Booth Photo Editor

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“Add beard to your photos now! Don’t wait beard for grow.

Now a days everyone want to look beard men so you can be beard men using this beard face maker also you can add tattoo on your body, spect, mask and many more things.

Man beard style changer will help you to give a dashing and cool look. Add different types of beard style and check by urself, you could find a proper beard style which suit on your face.

Make your photo with beard there is many beard style available with short and long beard.

Beard Booth Photo Editor App Features :-

– Choose the image from gallery or photo or take picture from camera.
– Choose the beard, mustache, tattoo style which you like.
– You can change the color of beard style.
– Rotate, resize style on your photo and save your photo.
– Save or share by clicking share button.

You can also select any one beard which you like to add in your face photo and you can also change the size of that beard with finger touch.

Beard & Hair Style Editor will give new latest look to your beard and hair and surely you will look handsome hunk.

Hope you will like this app and don’t forgate to give good rating if you like it so much.”

5. “Magic Mirror Demo, Hair styler”

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Magic Mirror allows you to experiment with many new and fascinating
hairstyles and lots of different color variations.
Take a picture to your friends or your girl and have fun to
change their look.

Available features:
– Simple and clear interface
– Lots of hairstyles for both men and women
– Lots of ready colour options and possibility to create your own
favorite color
– New function Meches supported by all hairstyles
– 4 characters already ready to use (2 male and 2 female)
– Possibility to take a photo or choose one from the library (only in full version)
– Rotation tool for imported photos (only in full version)
– Sophisticated facial detection system (only in full version)
– Possibility to improve the final result by dragging the anchor
points of the hair
– 20 memory cells to experiment with different hairstyles and
different colours at once
– Save the results on phone memory as pictures

New hairstyles and features will come with future updates.

6. Hair saloon – Spa salon

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“The developing game Hair Salon will help to feel like a true professional in the fashion world. Shoes, a dress, a make-up – all this makes the girl beautiful, but the hairdress is the most important. Choose your model and make it the star of fashion shows, in our, beauty salon.
Hairdresser for children is an interesting educational game in which the child will manage his own beauty salon for the same young beauties. The spa salon will provide you with a large selection of tools available for curling curls and washing them, combing your hair the way you like. You can both cut, and dye your hair, curl curls, dress your beauties in the way you want, creating the most colorful and fashionable images that even the most fashionable stylist envies, since your haircut will be a masterpiece. Feel like a professional in the children’s game salon hairstyles, which makes haircuts and curls of a wide variety of shapes and shades. The children’s hair salon is full of interactive features and innovative tools that will help you make stylish hairstyles.
A hair salon for girls allows you to choose one model out of six. After you have chosen it, you can create any children’s haircuts to your taste. In the spa, you will receive a set of tools for the hairdresser: hairdryers, curling irons, scissors, dryers, ironing for leveling and other accessories. This children’s game for the child, allows you to do everything you want, with one touch of the screen. Full freedom of action: wash your hair and blow dry, cut hair, curl them and much more, all – to complete the creation of your ideal and stylish hairstyle. Become the best hairdresser, bypass the other competitors in the modeling business, and in our beauty salon!
Each model in your salon desperately needs the help of a professional stylist. After visiting your salon they will become real princesses. Help the girls become real beauties: wear them, select hair colors, apply them full make-up to create a compelling image. The app for kids, Salon Hairstyles – invites you to do selfies and create your own unique style and image! Your models, from the usual to the most amazing, can make fun selfies, collecting a collection of photographs. From them you can make a colorful album and show it to your friends.
This free game for kids gives you hours of fun for the whole family, developing attention and memory of the child, teaches the baby to take care of himself, will show a variety of interesting children’s haircuts. Together with his family, the child will learn the world of fashion, which will enable him to teach the baby to dress with taste. You can create a work of art with this incredibly exciting educational game for children! Each model has its own characteristics, which you, as a stylist, should take into account when creating a beautiful and stylish image that will amaze everyone.
Share with your friends your successes and shine with your work. Let no one go indifferent to the beauty that you created!

Come to us at: http://yovogames.com
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudio
Facebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames”

7. Best Hairstyles

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“★ WELCOME to the Best Hairstyles!★ WHY Best Hairstyles?★
♡ Best Hairstyles is the best photo montage to add new hairstyle on your photo!
♡ Best Hairstyles – it’s so easy! Change your hairstyle on photo in 5 seconds!
♡ Best Hairstyles is the best Hairstyles collection for any hair types!
♡ Best Hairstyles is the best hair changer app to change the hairstyle on photo!
♡ Best Hairstyles is the best way to know how do you look with the new hairstyle!
♡ Best Hairstyles – find your perfect hairstyle by changing photo!
♡ Best Hairstyles – your BEST hair style guide!
♡ Best Hairstyles is very easy to use and absolutely FREE!

★ Best Hairstyles has a tons of beautiful hairstyles for the best selfie photo:

♡ Add beautiful hairstyles on photo
♡ Add long hair hairstyles on photo
♡ Add pink hair hairstyles on photo
♡ Add blue hair hairstyles on photo
♡ Add short hair hairstyles on photo
♡ Add black hairstyles on photo
♡ Add kids hairstyles on photo
♡ Add girls hairstyles on photo
♡ Add Woman hairstyles on photo
♡ Add Funny hairstyles on photo
♡ Add Glamour hairstyles on photo
♡ Add Hipster hairstyles on photo
♡ Add fashion hairstyles on photo

★ Best Hairstyles is very easy to use:

1. Take a new photo or select one from your gallery on which you want to change hair
2. Select hairstyles from hairstyles collection
3. Select other stickers which you want to add to the photo
4. Share your photos with hairstyles with your friends and family in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WatsApp and other social networks.
5. Add hairstyles to your friends photos!

★ Also you can adjust every photo aspect

♡ Awesome filters
♡ High resolution photos
♡ Excellent performance – the photos are created in 1-2 seconds
♡ Add Text on photo
♡ Lot of magic art effects
♡ Brightness
♡ Contrast
♡ Saturation
♡ Blur
♡ Temperature
♡ Shadows/Highlights
♡ Crop
♡ Focus
♡ HDR effect

★ Best Hairstyles is absolutely FREE

♡ No pay content
♡ No registration
♡ No coins
♡ Everything is free

Enjoy and have fun with Best Hairstyles photo application!
Try Best Hairstyles right now absolutely FREE!”