4 Best Free Net Worth App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Net Worth App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Free Net Worth App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Free Net Worth App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Free Net Worth App For Android

1. Personal Capital: Finance

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“Monitor all your investments, retirement, and finances with the only portfolio tracker you’ll ever need.

The Personal Capital Investing and Finance App – this is the smart way to track and manage your personal finance. Now you can see all your accounts in one place—bank accounts, stocks, retirement funds, and your investments. Use our Retirement Planner tool or become an investment client to get access to our financial advisors. This is more than a portfolio tracker, this is professional-grade tech to help you take control of your finances.

“Best for Portfolio Management” for 2020 by Investopedia
“Best Financial App Award” for 2021 by Money Under 30
“Best App for Investors” by CNBC for 2021

Join over 2.8 million people who use our free tools (as of 12/31/20).

With Personal Capital, you can see all of your accounts in one place. Manage your bank accounts, 401k, IRA, investments, stocks, and even debt, all on our dashboard.

The Cash Flow graph allows you to see your total income and total expenses across all of your accounts, month over month.

See how well your investments are performing – and how they could do even better – with the Investment Checkup tool. Compare your current portfolio allocation to the ideal target allocation designed to minimize risk and maximize returns to meet your financial goals.

Build, manage, and forecast your retirement in one convenient place with your Retirement Planner.

PERSONAL CAPITAL CASH™ – one secure place for your cash
For additional information and to see full terms, visit personalcapital.com/cash.

Check how your portfolio is doing and view the top five gainers and losers at a glance from your Wear OS (formerly Android Wear).

At Personal Capital, we keep your best interests in mind. This includes not selling your personal information. And if we share your information with third parties to help us deliver our services, we require that they don’t sell your personal information either. After all, nobody wants their contact information sold to telemarketers. Want to learn more about this? Please see our privacy policy at personalcapital.com/privacy-policy.

All visuals are illustrative only.

Featured individuals are paid spokespeople and not clients of PCAC and do not make any endorsements or recommendations about securities offerings or investment strategy.

* For more information about Personal Capital’s advisory services, including fees and full disclosures, visit personalcapital.com/wealth-management. © 2021 Personal Capital Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Empower Holdings, LLC. All rights reserved.”

2. Artos – Investment Tracker

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“Artos is a privacy focused, one stop solution to track all your investments at one place and get holistic insights about your portfolio, and the market in general.

User privacy is at the core of our mission, and to uphold that tenet, we have built Artos as a completely client side app. This means that you do not need to login to any service to use Artos, and your data never leaves your device.

Currently we support the following assets (and add new ones regularly):
* Stocks (India & US)
* Mutual Funds and ETFs
* Cryptocurrency
* Deposits (Fixed and Recurring)
* Gold
* Cash Accounts (multi currency support)
* Loans
* Dividends

Portfolio features and insights:
* Track your net worth over time, and see graphs over various intervals.
* Track XIRR for individual assets, and across your portfolio.
* Track all your dividends, segregated for current financial year, previous financial year, and all time.
* Asset allocation for your portfolio (equity, debt, gold, hybrid, cash)
* Check exposure to individual stocks across your portfolio (direct holdings and mutual funds).
* Check exposure to individual sectors.

Market insights:
* Portfolio for equity mutual funds.
* Most held stocks by mutual funds.
* Shareholding pattern and insider trade information for stocks.
* Most bought and dumped shares last month by mutual funds.
* Historical P/E analysis for indices.

* Check overlap between two equity mutual funds.
* EMI Calculator

General features:
* Screen lock (PIN and fingerprint) support for your privacy.
* Backup & Restore via Google drive

We are continuously adding new assets and features. Please reach out to us at rekisha.india@gmail.com or r/Artos for feature requests, bug reports, feedback or suggestions.

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3. Whole – Net Worth Tracker and Calculator

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“What is this app?
Whole is a super clean app to track your net worth.
You know how they say, what gets measured gets managed.
Whole helps you get a clear view of your net worth so that you always know how your assets and liabilities are allocated and how your net worth changes over time.

• Clean look and design
• Default + customizable categories
• Category groups
• Overview charts: net worth/assets/liabilities trend
• Detailed charts: allocation and trend per categories and groups
• Passcode
• Tracking reminder
• CSV and JSON export
• JSON import
• Export records as PDF
• Backup to your Google Drive
• Select your preferred currency
• More features to come

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!
Your feedback and your suggestions for new features are always greatly appreciated.


4. NerdWallet: Personal Finance

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“Discover the insights you need to make the most of your money. Start with the big picture and see all your financial accounts on one screen. Or zoom in on the details of your cash flow, expenses, credit score and net worth. Plus, get Nerd-approved tips to build it all.

Here’s how our personal finance tracking app works:


– Track spending across multiple cards
– Get detailed spending insights
– Track your bills, expenses and more
– Discover ways to cut back or save
– Compare spending month-to-month
– See your top spending categories and trends


– See how your income, debts, investments, and home value all add up
– Follow the history of your net worth
– Zoom into the details of your net worth and track individual accounts over time


– Access your credit score and credit report any time
– Get score change notifications
– Understand the factors that affect your score
– Learn ways to keep building – whether it’s increasing your credit utilization or paying your bills earlier, and more


– Quickly find and compare more rewarding credit cards, better loan rates, and higher-earning bank accounts”