3 Best Free Project Management App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Project Management App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Free Project Management App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Free Project Management App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Free Project Management App For Android

1. nTask: Task Management for teams

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“nTask for Android is your personal assistant to keep track and collaborate on the go. nTask is an easy-to-use task management tool for your Android device — and it’s free for everyone.

Start using nTask for Android to streamline day-to-day activities, tasks, and projects.
With a simple interface and a variety of features, it is the easiest way of managing daily workloads for you and your team while on the move.


Teams & Workspaces:

Your teams and workspaces define your entire project at nTask. That’s a smart way of simultaneous resource scheduling, project management and so much more without any risk of jumbling important stuff.

• Create teams to invite team members for a project or any variety of tasks.
• Create dedicated workspaces and add them to the relevant team(s).
• Identify important tasks to get them done on priority.
• Collaborate with members across different teams identical to individual workspaces.
• Keep everything synchronized with a peace of mind.

Issue Management:

Issue management helps you to outline any pending problems that may hinder your ability to meet important deadlines.

• Create issues on the dot and assign team members to resolve them.
• Collaborate with relevant team members under issue panel to keep everyone on the same page.
• Get real-time updates from your ‘assignees’ via our exclusive ‘@’ highlight feature.
• Resolve issues without the possibility of raising any red flags!

Risk Management:

We understand that risk is part of any real-life project. By helping you to define/create risks, you eliminate the possibility of:

• Failing to meet project deadlines.
• Losing important clients and stakeholders.

Through nTask’s Risk Management, now you can do more in a lot less:

• Create/define internal and external risks to any project.
• Add team members to appoint assignees for the exclusive risk resolution process.
• Get things done faster, smarter and seamlessly by creating and resolving risks as they come by!

Task Management:

Use nTask as your personal to-do list app or as a sophisticated task manager for your team – depending on what you need.

• Create and manage tasks and assign them to existing projects
• Prioritize, clone and archive tasks
• Use checklists to ensure completion of important steps in a task
• Collaborate using task comments on the move
• Set color tags for your tasks as required
• View project activity log to keep track of all activities
• Set reminders for your tasks
• Set frequency for your tasks⁃

Project Management:

Translate Agile Project Management into your work through nTask – your go-to, free project management software.

• View project status and all the projects assigned on nTask
• Get notification reminders for all project updates on the go⁃

Meeting Management:

Use nTask as your meeting planner or event coordinator and keep track of all your important meetings and events, effortlessly.

• Create meetings with predefined agenda
• Schedule events with notifications and reminders
• Record meeting minutes and define follow up tasks
• View a list of meetings created through nTask to stay updated⁃

Team Management :

Take teamwork up a notch through nTask – your team management app on the go.

• Create and manage teams for projects and tasks
• Assign tasks to team members and track progress
• Share files and documents with your team
• Collaborate with your teams through task comments
• Define team roles based on a defined hierarchy
• Confidently manage billing and payment for individual employees

Timesheet Management:

Choose nTask Timesheets for employee time tracking and managing payroll.

• Create multiple timesheets for multiple teams
• Log hours, review, approve and maintain timesheets
• Track past timesheets as required

Have a question, query or suggestion? Write to us at feedback@ntaskmanager.com.

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Learn more about nTask at https://www.ntaskmanager.com/”

2. Drag: All-in-one workspace

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“Drag is building the World’s best all-in-one workspace.

💡 Install Drag’s extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/drag-organize-and-share-y/kadokpknocdadnipihnphaaabanedjnb/

Watch our demo: https://www.dragapp.com/watch-demo/
Browse Help Center: https://help.dragapp.com/en/
Speak to a Customer Champion: https://www.dragapp.com/demo/

📬 Shared inbox
Finally, a Shared Inbox built into the place you spend your day.
✓ Shared inbox
✓ Share group emails like support@ or info@
✓ Organize incoming emails in visual boards
✓ Assign emails and know who is doing what
✓ Collaborate in shared drafts, internal chat and notes
✓ Automate your workflows with rules
✓ Report on your team’s activity

🏋️‍♀️ Kanban boards
Use boards to create all types of workflows.
✓ Kanban boards
✓ Create unlimited kanban boards and organize emails in them
✓ Use boards to create all types of workflows

🏈 Internal team chat
Collaborate with team members within the context of a specific task.
✓ Chat
✓ Share emails and have internal chats with your team
✓ Collaborate with team members within the context of a specific task

🏷️ Shared labels
Organize, prioritize and manage emails and tasks using shared labels.
✓ Shared labels
✓ Sync. conversations in real-time across all devices (e.g., mobile, desktop)

📨 Shared drafts
Get help or approvals for drafts before sending emails.
✓ Shared drafts
✓ Share drafts with your team
✓ Get help or approvals for drafts before sending emails
✓ Smart collision detection to avoid duplicate work

👓 Views
Set up your boards with the best view for the way that best suits your team.
✓ Different views
✓ List and kanban views
✓ Set up your boards with the best view for the way that best suits your team

🪁 Tasks
Emails and tasks go hand-in-hand. Manage Tasks and collaborate with your team.
✓ Task management
✓ Emails and tasks go hand-in-hand
✓ Manage Tasks and collaborate with your team
✓ Combine tasks and emails

📕 Notes
✓ Email notes
✓ Add different formats such as H1, H2, H3, links and more
✓ Collaborate with your team and resolve things faster

✔️ Checklists
Emails come with things to do. Now you can add a checklist of to-dos and check them off when complete.
✓ Checklists
✓ Breakdown work that needs to be done on email
✓ Prioritize tasks inside an email

📆 Due dates
Plan and track your time better with visual due dates for Email and tasks.
✓ Due dates
✓ Sync. with Calendar
✓ Plan and track your time better with visual due dates for Email and tasks

🕹️ Workflow automation
Create rules to automate your workflows. It helps your team focus on the things that matter the most.
✓ Workflow automation
✓ Automate teamwork.
✓ Create rules to automate your workflows
✓ Automate repetitive tasks such as tagging, setting due dates, archiving

⚽ Team reports
Reports at your fingertips. Reporting gives you clear insights into team performance, and identifies where to improve.
✓ Team reports
✓ View how many new emails
✓ View email replies
✓ Manage actions such as archiving

📧 Email templates
Personalized email templates. Send emails in scale with a personal touch.
✓ Make email writing easy and fast
✓ Share email templates with your team
✓ Send personalized emails with custom fields

🕵️ Email tracking
✓ Email tracking
✓ Know if, when, and how often the receiver views your emails in real-time.
✓ Know when people open your emails to provide insights for your team.

🔁 Email sequences
Scheduling email follow-ups do all the hard work of getting answers and closing things off.
✓ Email sequences
✓ Set automatic follow-ups”

3. MeisterTask – Task Management

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“MeisterTask is an intuitive tool for project management and task management. It is ideal for your personal organization, but also for agile and efficient teams. MeisterTask runs both on your mobile devices and online in your Internet browser!

Whether you want to manage projects and tasks of all kinds or create clear to-do lists and checklists, with its versatile functions and flexible Kanban boards, MeisterTask offers everything you need to work together with your team to make workflows much more efficient.

Notifications keep you up to date on the progress of your colleagues while ensuring that you never lose track of your own tasks or miss an important deadline.

But MeisterTask is more than a simple task management tool: it’s a place where all your project-related information is securely stored and yet available to all project members at all times. It’s a place where you can gain insights into the productivity of your team and track the progress of your projects. Moreover, it is a place where work is really fun!

Feature Highlights – FREE Basic Plan:
– Create an unlimited number of tasks and invite others to collaborate with you
– Dashboard with quick access to all your tasks
– Checklists / predefined checklists
– Notifications keep you up to date on what’s happening in your team
– Real-time communication across all devices
– Activity list in projects and tasks
– Leave comments in tasks and ‘like’ activities
– Integrated time recording

Feature Highlights – Pro-Plan:
– Create project groups
– Upload custom wallpapers for dashboard and projects
– Create multiple checklists within a task
– Recurring tasks
– File attachments up to 200 MB per file
– Automate processes with different actions
– Statistics and reports
– Agenda – Personal Board

Feature Highlights – Business Plan:
– Assign roles and permissions
– Share projects with your entire team
– Custom fields
– Compliance and activity exports
– Priority Support
– Timeline – Gantt Charts

Note: To use MeisterTask, you must create a free user account. If you already have an account, using the mobile app will not cost you extra.

The basic version of MeisterTask is free. You can try the pro-plan for free for a week if you want to. If you are satisfied with your trial version, do not change anything and your membership will automatically resume as a monthly subscription with automatic renewal.

Privacy Policy: https://www.meistertask.com/privacy
Terms of use: https://www.mindmeister.com/legal”