4 Best Free Secure Notes App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Free Secure Notes App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Free Secure Notes App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Free Secure Notes App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Free Secure Notes App For iPhone

1. Notes

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“Notes is the best place to jot down quick thoughts or to save longer notes filled with checklists, images, web links, scanned documents, handwritten notes, or sketches. And with iCloud, it’s easy to keep all your devices in sync, so you’ll always have your notes with you.


Powerful note-taking
• Add attachments – photos, maps, web links, documents, and more. Scan paper documents with the built-in document scanner.
• Secure notes containing sensitive or personal data with a password.
• Create checklists. Make a grocery list, a wish list, or a to-do list, then tap to check-off items as you go.
• Apply different text styles, such as heading or body, bulleted lists, and more.
• Add tables to quickly organize information.
• Use your finger, or Apple Pencil on a compatible iPad, to sketch right in your note. Choose from a variety of brush styles and colors, and add lines and grids to a note for easier writing and drawing.

Organize and search
• Search for text in notes, your handwriting, and even inside scanned documents and photos like receipts or bills.
• Keep your notes in folders and subfolders, and sort them in the order you prefer.
• Use tags as a fast and flexible way to categorize and organize your notes. Add one or more tags by typing or handwriting them directly in the note – like #activities or #cooking.
• A Tag Browser in the sidebar lets you tap any tag or combination of tags to quickly view tagged notes.
• Create Custom Smart Folders based on one or more tags.

• Collaborate on entire shared folders or on specific shared notes.
• Mention friends to notify them of important updates and link them directly to a shared note.
• View edit times and dates with highlighted text color-coded to match collaborators in the note.
• See what others added into a shared note while you were away with Activity view, a day-to-day list summary of activity from each collaborator.

Take notes anywhere
• Just swipe with an Apple Pencil or finger from the bottom right corner on any compatible iPad to start a Quick Note outside the app. You can also use Fn-Q (Globe-Q) on a keyboard.
• Add deep links from an app or website to a Quick Note to mark your place.
• Quick Notes can be created on compatible iPad and Mac systems, and viewed and edited on iPhone.

Certain features are available only in select languages and regions.”

2. Safe Notes is a secure notepad

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“Safe Notes is a notepad application that stores your notes in a secure manner using 128 bit encryption and provides quick & easy access using a simple PIN or a secret question/answer (can be used like a password instead of PIN). Notes can be identified using a separate title instead of just the first line of the note. Safe Notes is easy to use and provides a simple interface. Safe Notes is a secure and easy to use notepad application.

Remembers login for 1 minute so you do not have to login again if you navigate away for a short time.
Delete notes by swiping on a note in the list.
Safe Notes (free version) is ad (AdMob integration) supported.

If you have any comments or feature suggestions, please let us know at www.yougosoft.com. We are always working to improve our applications and welcome your ideas on how to make our applications better.

Safe Notes uses Google Drive integration for automated notes database backup. This feature must be turned on before it can be used.

* Pin access (auto locks after 1 minute)
* Secret question/answer access (can leave out pin for password style access)
* Separate note title
* Create/Delete notes
* Notes can be up to 5000 characters
* Sort Options (ascending and descending)
* Search functionality
* Send note as SMS or Email
* Database storage
* Send note as email or SMS message
* Destroy Database option
* All data encrypted (128 bit encryption)
* Backup and Restore note data from iCloud
* Auto-Save notes
* PIN and Security Question can be setup in the Settings screen.”

3. Secure Notepad – Private Notes

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“This app will let you save personal notes, contacts, and passwords as well as any other personal or secret information which will be hidden from strangers’ eyes and securely protected by a password.

► The free version has no ads!

► The app is very easy to use. All you need to do is come up with a password, and you will be able to start creating your secret notes.

► If you have forgotten your password for entering the app, it can be easily restored by answering the security question.

► All of your notes is automatically saved to your backup in iCloud or iTunes and can be restored or transferred to a new device.

• Very easy to use
• All of your notes are securely protected and accessible only to you
• Use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the app
• Sort your notes by date or alphabetically
• Automatic lock (you have 30 seconds to return to the app without entering the password)
• Restore password by answering the security question”

4. Secure Notes – Simple Protected Notes

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“Protect your passwords, notes, pin codes and sync between devices using iCloud, for FREE. Simple, easy and safe!

Secure Notes is a free and highly secure vault for keeping your personal information safe and within reach. The app works on both iPhone and iPad and can be locked using a pin code (simple or complex).

Store all your private notes in a single place. You can use Secure notes for:
– Passwords and PIN codes
– Credit card details
– Bank details
– Health details
– Membership numbers
– Personal info
– Anything

Main features:
– Hardware-accelerated AES encryption and Passcode Auto-Lock keep your data protected
– FREE of charge
– iOS8 Touch ID
– Quick and easy way to enter notes
– One touch note viewing
– iCloud sync across your devices
– Customisation of icon and color for each note
– Beautiful interface – simple and clear!
– Filtering, sorting and more…

All personal information is only stored on the device, and iCloud if enabled.”