6 Best Free Squeezebox App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Squeezebox App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Free Squeezebox App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Free Squeezebox App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Free Squeezebox App For Android

1. Squeezer

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“Remote control for your Logitech Media Server (“Squeezeserver” etc) and players.

Features include:

• Browse the library by album artist, all artists, composers, album, genre, year, playlist, favorites, or new music
• Playlist control (now playing, shuffle, repeat, save/clear/modify playlists)
• Manage players, and groups of players
• Full library search
• Internet radio support (browse, staff picks, search)
• Browse Squeezeserver music folders
• Supports Plugins/Apps
• Library Views and Remote Music Libraries
• Download of local music; track, album, artist, genre, year, playlist and music folder
• Automatic discovery of local servers
• Support for password protected servers
• Connect to mysqueezebox.com
• Control playback from your Android Wear device
• Home Screen Widgets
• Alarm Clock management
• Add/remove music from favorites
• Display lyrics

Squeezer is free, and open source.”

2. SqueezePlayer

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“Do you want to stream all your Logitech Squeezebox content directly to your Android Device? Then SqueezePlayer is your perfect match – it turns your Android phone or tablet into a SqueezeBox on its own!
You won’t even need a Logitech Squeezebox to make SqueezePlayer work – just download the (free) Squeezebox-Server (see below)

★★★ Stream your Music via WiFi or Mobile Connection ★★★
Make your music free! Now you can take all your music with you – car, school, work, garden, anywhere in your house.

SqueezePlayer is able to stream your local music (see below for supported formats), internet radio stations or songs from Apps like Last.FM, Deezer or WiMP from your Squeezebox-Server directly to your mobile or tablet. (Rhapsody, Napster and Pandora NOT working right now, due to licensing issues, Spotify only works with the help of triodes plugin installed in a Squeezebox-Server).

For playback to be working via 3G you will need to open/forward port 9000 and 3483 on your router (as well as setting up a DynDNS service). As networking/streaming from your home network via internet is not straightforward, please also visit my growing tutorial: http://www.squeezeplayer.com/2011/05/how-to-connect-via-3g/

SqueezePlayer is a playback App – you won’t be able to control your Squeezebox (nor itself) with it. But there are enough Apps out there being a perfect fit: OrangeSqueeze, SqueezeCommander, Squeeze Control or free alternatives like the official Logitech App, Squeezer or SqueezeDroid.
From the main screen of SqueezePlayer you can jump directly to any of these App, where you mobile will be among all other players as long as SqueezePlayer is activated.
In OrangeSqueeze this also works the other way round: it will start SqueezePlayer automatically from the players list, so here it is highly integrated.

By the way: if you have any problem with SqueezePlayer, please contact me! I’m very happy to help you sort all problems out: support(at)squeezeplayer.com

★★★ Supported Music Formats ★★★

SqueezePlayer can stream FLAC, MP3, WAV and PCM natively (i.e. these are decoded directly on your Android Device)

Your SqueezeboxServer will be able to convert other file types (Ogg, mp4) to FLAC or mp3 on the fly, so these will play as well. (You can check the settings screen of your Squeezebox Server under Advanced->File Types what other file types will be transcoded to FLAC or mp3).

Please note that the inbuilt server of the Touch will not be able to transcode as much as a real server, you will be bound to the natively support formats!

★★★ Requirements ★★★
For SqueezePlayer to work you need to set up the Logitech Squeezebox Server (recently renamed to “Logitech Media Server”).
You can download it here: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/LogitechMediaServer_v7.7.1/
SqueezePlayer will also work with the integrated server of the Squeezebox Touch (but be aware, that this one cannot convert as many formats as a real server).

I test against version 7.5 – 7.7 of the server.”

3. Squeeze Ctrl

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“Remote control for the Squeezebox system. Control your Squeezebox players from your Android device.
This app controls Squeezebox players connected to a Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox Server) or MySqueezebox.com (including the server in the SqueezeBox Touch). Replicates almost every function of a Squeezebox Controller with an interface optimize for a touch screen.

*Screenshots do not show album covers to avoid copyright violations, the app itself will still display the album covers.

Formerly Squeeze Control.

Requirements: Logitech Media Server version 7.7 or better (tested with versions up to 7.8). A MySqueezebox.com account is required if you don’t use a Squeezebox Server. You can create one from within the app or on the website. And of course Squeezebox players to control.

– Replicates almost all of the functionality of a Squeezebox Controller, including the context menus and plugin apps.
– Incremental list loading for fast navigation through the menus.
– Works with both MySqueezebox.com and Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox Server) as the music source.
– Automatic server discovery.
– Customizable backgrounds for each player.
– Works with multiple servers, players can be switched between servers.
– Mini controls in the notification area lets you control your Squeezebox even when the app is in the background.
– Song Downloading – download songs from your server to the device.
– Player Manager for easy syncing/unsyncing of players.
– Customizable Home menu.
– Pebble Smartwatch support.
– Android Wear Support
– Chromecast support (Now Playing display only, no audio)
– Can pause music during a phone call.
– Support for device docks.
– App Widget (home screen and lock screen)
– Tablet Mode (requires In-App purchase)
– Can be controlled by Tasker. For more info: http://angrygoatapps.com/sqzctrl_tasker.html
– Available in English and German

– For users of Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, there is a bad tip floating around about ways to speed up TouchWiz. It tells you to go into the Developer Options of your phone and setting Animator Duration Scale to Off. Please Do NOT do this. Doing so will prevent this app from functioning properly and possibly other apps too.

– This app can be quite demanding on the server compared to other controller apps and as such may not work well with a server running on a NAS. Complaints in the reviews about slowness is likely due to having the server on a NAS. This is especially true if you have a large library (more than 10000 songs)

– Use a wifi connection if possible. A mobile data connection would work if the server is setup correctly, but the performance may not be acceptable.

– When connected, this app is constantly communicating with the server. If you’re using a mobile data connection, this may incur a significant data usage fee.

– Tested with the Squeezebox Receiver, Boom.”

4. Squeeze Controller

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“This app presents your library using a simple default layout navigating from your artists to the artists’ albums and the corresponding album tracks. While this main navigation will stay the same, you can apply filter combinations to restrict the presented amount of data:

• Year range: Showing only data between a lower and an upper limit, for example showing your whole library between 1975 and 1989.

• Genres: Include or exclude any number of genres, for example showing all “Pop” and “Blues” records but excluding (the Logitech Media Server can handle multiple genres for each track) everything marked as “Christmas”.

• Library partitions: If you provide several root folders for your library, you can select any of these individually in the app, so you can easily keep apart your music from your audio books or your children’s tracks.

Additionally, in the full version, you can save these filters and restore them as views to your library.

This free version is limited to 50 artists and albums, and new developments and feature requests will only become available in the full version. If the free version of our app works fine in your environment and you enjoy it, you can upgrade the app to the unrestricted full version as in-app-purchase at any time. Each purchase will be connected to your Google account so that all your devices will receive the full version if you buy it once. Also, if you re-install the app, your purchase will prevail and the app will update itself to the full version automatically.

Requirements: A local Logitech Media Server installation (version 7.7.2 or newer), and local players (tested with Squeezebox, Squeezebox Radio, SoftSqueeze and SqueezeLite).

PS: The app will display your album covers in the maximum possible resolution.”

5. Orange Squeeze

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“Orange Squeeze: Your fast, friendly remote control for your Logitech Squeezebox family of devices.

Attention! As of April 2020 and version 2.5, Orange Squeeze is in maintenance mode only and no new features or bug fixes will be made. You can still purchase the app if you like and the generous refund policy still applies.

Orange Squeeze automatically discovers and connects to your local Logitech Media Server (formerly Squeezebox Server) over WiFi, or the mysqueezebox.com web site.

April 2020 — 2.5 released with dark light theme and all new icons. As always a free upgrade!
July 2017 — 2.1.5 — Added support for Android versions up to 8.0. This enables mysqueezebox.com support on Android 6.0+, which was missing until now.

– Full tablet support with fluid grid-style browsing that accentuates your beautiful artwork. Configure how large you want your grids to be, or if you you can choose to revert back to traditional list-style browsing.
– New UI based on the standard Android action bar and navigation drawer patterns. Your home menu and player list are just a swipe away at any time!
– New artist artwork generation technique using a more traditional grid instead of the overlapping cards model in the past.
– The current playlist view is updated to include some nice gestures, such as swipe-to-remove and also long-press to reorder. Overall the current playlist view is faster and more robust than before.
– Orange Squeeze will now broadcast track and player metadata, allowing consumption of track and player metadata by third-party apps.
– New track download backend that works around some issues with the previous one based on the Android download manager.

Fast browsing available immediately with no waiting for scans or database synchronization. Full search capabilities coupled with an intuitive and seamless interface make listening to music on your Squeezeboxen fun and convenient. Advanced caching heuristics make for a smooth, seamless experience.

Fully integrated and tested with Pandora, Spotify, and other online services available on your Squeezebox.

Other features:
– Can automatically mute players when a phone call is received, and optionally unmute them after you hang up.
– Use your phone’s volume keys to control your player volume.
– Helpful user interface that introduces you to advanced features progressively.
– Drag and drop playlist and menu management for easy customization
– Works with password-protected servers.
– Synchronization, player sleep, and alarm support
– Clean, seamless integration with SqueezePlayer. Note that this requires the separate purchase of the SqueezePlayer app.

A brief discussion of some of the permissions Orange Squeeze requires:

The permission “READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY” is used strictly to detect when calls are made or received so that automatic player muting will work.

The permission “MODIFY OR DELETE THE CONTENTS OF YOUR USB STORAGE MODIFY OR DELETE THE CONTENTS OF YOUR SD CARD” allows the app to download tracks to your external storage and also place the application’s artwork cache on the external storage.

The permission “FULL NETWORK ACCESS” allows the app to connect to either mysqueezebox.com or your local Logitech Media Server installation.”

6. SB Player

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“A software Squeezebox player for your Android device. If you’ve never heard of Squeezebox please do a Google search before purchasing. This app only has controls for connecting to servers, it does not have any playback controls. To control playback you will need a use a Squeezebox remote app like Squeeze Ctrl, or use the web controls of your server.

Devices running Android 4.1 or higher. Works best on Android 5.0+

– Supports both local servers and MySqueezebox.com (you will need to have a MySqueezebox.com account)
– Automatically discovers local servers on your network.
– Supports playback of music files on your server and internet streams.
– Natively decodes Flac, MP3, AAC, Ogg, Alac, and PCM (AIF and Wav) audio.
– Natively supports playback of 24bit audio by converting to 16bit (with dithering).
– Continues playing when the app is in the background.
– Can handle music with lower than 44.1Khz sampling rates, common with internet radio.
– Supports fade in, fade out, and crossfading between songs.
– Supports synchronized playback with other players.
– Supports single channel mode for using two sync’d players as left and right channels
– Supports track/album gain for songs.
– Automatically pauses playback for phone calls.
– Option to pause audio when the headphones are unplugged.
– Option to launch directly into the notification area without showing an app view.
– Option to limit playback to only lossy compressed formats for low bandwidth situations.
– Option to auto-detect connection type (3G/4G, Wifi, or ethernet) and set the bandwidth accordingly.
– Option to disable 24->16bit dithering and/or use lower quality resampling for use on slower devices.
– Option to output higher than 44.1kHz audio on devices that support it.
– Works with the apps in MyApps that are allowed by Logitech to work on software players.
– Experimental support for floating point PCM output on Android 5.0+ devices.
– Experimental support for DSD Audio playback by converting to PCM. Requires LMS 7.9.

– Android 4.x can only support up to 16bit/48kHz audio. Android 5.0+ allows higher resolution formats.
– Only works with ShoutCast and plain http internet streams, which accounts for the majority
of streams. Will not work with MMS and MMSH streams, which are mainly used for WMA audio.
– Apps like Rhapsody (and possibly Spotify) will not work with this app because Logitech restricts
them to hardware players only. I’ve been told that paid Pandora should work.
– Any stream that requires resampling by the app may not work well on slower devices.
– The quality of synchronized playback can vary a lot depending on the device.
It works well on a Galaxy Nexus, but it won’t be perfect and will need to be adjusted in your server
settings. Android 5.0+ recommended for synchronized playback.”