3 Best Free Teleprompter App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Teleprompter App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Free Teleprompter App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Free Teleprompter App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Free Teleprompter App For Android

1. SpeechWay – 3 in 1 Teleprompter

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“SpeechWay is mobile teleprompter app for video bloggers, live-streamers, tv-presenters and other creatives who make speeches on camera.

SpeechWay is the only app on the market that satisfies any existing teleprompter use case.

It can be used as:
– Classic teleprompter with mirroring. Use with professional teleprompter rigs just like TV presenter.
РCamera teleprompter. Record your video using your device’s camera + teleprompter.
– Floating teleprompter widget. Make your live-streams or use your favorite camera app reading script from special teleprompter widget that works over any apps.

1) Rich teleprompter configuration options:
– timer;
– indicator style;
– color theme;
– mirroring mode;
– text size;
– text speed;
– font;
– text margins for both orientations;
– pauses config;
– do not disturb mode;

2) Remote control with ANY Bluetooth controller and configurable keymaps.

3) Convenient on-fly navigation:
– among pages;
– among cue points;
– to start of the page;

4) Powerful script editor:
– page names;
– pages concept for topic separation;
– cue points concept for subtopic separation;
– .txt and .docx text import;
– Google Docs import;
– text formatting;
– text highlighting;

Be a professional. Take your camera performances quality to the next level.”

2. Simple Teleprompter

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“ATTENTION: In case you are using a device with a big screen and have trouble with the scrollingspeed being too fast please download another version of the app here:


Make sure that you uninstall the app first and allow installation from ‘unknown sources’.

Type or import text and easily teleprompt it.

Customize the teleprompter for your needs: You can change the scrolling speed, font, colours and lots of useful features such as auto-starting and mirroring or locking the orientation of your device.

Save, edit or delete old documents. It is also possible to create new documents by importing the text from .txt files.

This app was developed with filmmakers and is completely free to use. We hope you enjoy it!”

3. Elegant Teleprompter

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“Elegant Teleprompter helps people who want to speak fluently in front of cameras. It is an autocue app that is extremely helpful for broadcasters. Can be used in presentations and public speaking. Musicians and singers can use it for reading lyrics. You can also use this application for speed reading.

You can also use Elegant Teleprompter in a “Floating Window”, which means you can use it simultaneously with any other app on your device. For example, you can use it alongside with camera application to record videos. You can also read the scrolling script while streaming a live video on Facebook, Instagram, etc. The floating window is very flexible. It can be moved or resized.

It presents the user with a scrolling text that can be created from mobile or imported from the drive. Elegant Teleprompter is very easy to use.


– Mirror text.
– Import text from storage or drive.
– Support Bluetooth remote.
– Change scrolling speed.
– Change text size.
– Change line spacing.
– Change the width of the scrolling script.
– Focus on the center of the script (make it more bright).
– You can assign shortcut keys to perform certain actions.
– Progress bar is added to view or change your position in text.
– You can set Elegant Teleprompter to be the default application for .txt files
– Sort scripts by date or name
– “Specific Settings” is added where each script can have its own settings (speed, line spacing, text size, focus and width). This option is very helpful for musicians and singers.
– “Loop” option is added where the script starts again after reaching the end.
– “Center Text” option is added to center text horizontally.
– “Tap to Play/Pause” option is added.
– Allow multiple script selection to delete.

To get extra features and remove ads, you can buy the pro version:

Please note that only .txt files are supported. You can buy the pro version to import text from .docx files”