6 Best Free Volleyball Stats App Android

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If you are looking for the Best Free Volleyball Stats App Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Free Volleyball Stats App Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Free Volleyball Stats App Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Free Volleyball Stats App Android

1. Volleyball Ace Stats

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“Volleyball Ace Stats – Complete live volleyball stats

– One tap on the player to record stats
– Stats derived from order of touches & outcome
– Serves, digs, passes, attacks, sets & blocks
– Serve and attack charts
– Serve and pass ratings
– Accurate score
– Player position and rotation tracking
– Android tablet and Android phone platforms
– Includes multiple rosters, opponent reports
– (No in app purchases required)

Reports & Output

– Box scores, including hitting efficiency
– Points per rotation (including side out %)
– Pass and serve ratings
– Serve and attack charts
– Match and season consolidation
– Opponent attack tendencies, blocks and serves
– Email from enabled device
– MaxPreps and DakStats output
– Data sharing with desktop apps”

2. Essential Stats Volleyball

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“What you can do with Essential Stats Volleyball:

– Manage your teams: Create, edit and export teams.
– Customize players and roles.
– Customize regulation.
– Create a match between two teams.
– Choose the line up and change it during the match.
– Scout points of your team.
– Choose if to scout players.
– Choose if detect “start rally” (to synchronize the scout with a video of the match).
– Save and archive your matches.
– Export scout in .dvw Data Project standard format.
– Display set, rotations and player statistics and filter them by set or rotation.
– Generate Match Report in PDF and print it or share directly from your device.
– Share Match Statistics on Facebook.”

3. Volleyball Stat!

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“Volleyball Stat! is a full-featured app for collecting and distributing volleyball statistics on your tablet. The app can collect stats for an unlimited number of matches for an unlimited number of different teams each of which may have an unlimited number of players. It can also be used simply for score keeping and as a scoreboard.

The application is straightforward to use; stats are recorded by tapping on buttons that are grouped according to the player’s position on the floor. Players automatically rotate through positions, so the app can be used as a simple rotation tracker. In addition, each player can be configured for the position they play after the serve. So after initially being in the correct rotational position, players will move to the position they play through the rest of the point.

All major stats are recordable by a single button click. In addition most major stats have details that are recorded by tap on hold on a major stat button. In total, you can collect over 70 different statistics.

The interface is extensively customizable; colors, players and buttons can all be easily changed. Hence the app can be as easily used for 2 person beach as for 6 person indoor or even 9 (or more) person games. Every stat recording button can be defined to appear or not. Also, every detail button can be configured to be recordable with a single button click. Taking this ability to the illogical extreme, each playing position can be configured to have over 100 buttons. At the other extreme, playing positions can be configured to have no buttons at all.

Stats for an unlimited number of matches can be stored and later retrieved for review. While reviewing, stats can be accumulated for a single match, or any set of matches up to every match recorded. Stats can be easily shared: to instances of this app on other tablets, to spreadsheets, to MaxPreps, and HTML email.

Volleyball Stat is also available on iPad. v3.2.0 and later on the two platforms can freely interchange data using either email or cloud storage apps like Dropbox.”

4. SoloStats 123 Volleyball

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“SoloStats123 is now free so that you can capture unlimited stats and never need to pay to take stats. Your stats are backed up to WebReports – our sophisticated cloud based reporting service that provides 20 different reports, national Performance Benchmarks and exports to Excel, Maxpreps, Hudl, Presto Sports and TeamSnap.

SoloStats 123 is the only volleyball stat app that enables you to take stats AND coach at the same time. No data entry person, no spotter, no assistants needed.

How many games have you lost by just a few points? If you could turn a couple points you lost in every game into points you won, you would win many more games. SoloStats helps you find those opportunities.

SoloStats focuses on capturing actions that result in points, either for or against. You can also use SoloStats to capture in-rally stats for pass rating, and attack and dig attempts. An as your tracking needs increase to more in-rally touches, you can upgrade to SoloStats LIVE for free.

SoloStats LIVE provides the fastest app interface for volleyball stat capture. It uses a double thumb entry system, like texting, to allow you to stat in-rally touches “heads up”.

– In-Rally stats for pass rating, serve rating, hitting, blocking and dig attempts
– Stats based on earned, error, and fault actions
– Automatically keeps score and tracks serving team/server.
– Simple, intuitive user interface
– Live in-game stats and reports
– Stats you can act on, including side out %, point scoring %, and +/- differentials
– See stats by team, rotation, and individual player
– International and U.S. rotation numbering support
– Automatic data backup to WebReports
– WebReports for analyzing consolidated stats across all or any combinations of matches or games
– Data export to MaxPreps, Excel, Hudl, Presto Sports and TeamSnap from WebReports

Recommended by the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and The Art of Coaching Volleyball.

SoloStats was designed by the coaches who built Rotate123, the world’s leading app for automated rotation planning.”

5. Volleyball Stats

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“Track up to 15 player’s stats for your team for up to 5 games per match.
SA-service ace,
SE-service error,
S-total servers,
E-hitting errors,
BHE-ball handling error,
DigErr-Digs Error,
SR-service reception,
RE-receiving error,
BS-block solo,
BA-block assist,
BE-block error.

Season Stats for a single Match or for the entire Season.

**** Serve Receive Rating (0 – 3) *********
These buttons are hidden by Default.

– To Show them, you must go to the Preferences and Check on the SHOW Rating Buttons.

– To Auto Increment the SR/SRE based on the rating, Check on the Increment SR/SRE auto on rating option.


– Ability to IMPORT/EXPORT game and team roster files.

– New Preferences menu option which allows the setting of button row colors and auto increment of serve Stat

-The Abbreviations on the buttons can be changed via the Preference settings.

-You can save the match at any point and reload it later for viewing.

-Send a short email of just team stats or longer version which includes all player stats in a CSV (semi-colon delimited) file for importing into excel

-Quickly sub player in/out of game by long clicking ICON.


Other Recent Changes
10/11 ver 2.71 – Corrects button color issue, reported by Leo in the comments.
08/21 ver 2.7 – corrects Stats not showing on zero point game.
04/23 ver 2.6 – correct decrement issue on SR3 button
03/18 ver 2.5 – First 9 chars of player’s name display under icon – turn off or on via settings;
– Adds defaulting of name when saving team or game file.
02/18 ver 2.4 – Corrects force close issue loading saved games due to new rating buttons.
02/15 ver 2.3 – Adds Serve Receive Rating Buttons to the screen. See App Description for More Info on SETUP.
10/14 ver 2.1 – Format changes on Team Setup Page of Team Stats.
10/4 ver 2.07-Ability to auto increment serve on Ace/error, Ability to import/export Team and Game files.
10/1 ver 2.06-NOOK landscape correction for force close
9/29 ver 2.05 – Corrects DIG button on Tablet portrait view; Adds additional team stats on Team View page; Only allows you to remove stats for the set in MATCH view mode.
ver 2.04-corrections for decrement auto-score on THEM tab
ver 2.03-Added Digs Error to Stats keeping and Maxpreps rpt.
ver 2.02-Allow landscape, better tablet viewing
ver 2.01-Allow changing of team names; change Maxpreps to report player by sets played; allow viewing of stats by match or set
ver 2.0- Auto-score changes to support the other team; Reporting changes to only report sets played.”

6. SoloStats Live Volleyball

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“Stat Fast – the fastest volleyball stat app. Go 2-3 times faster with our revolutionary new interface.

Stat as fast as the rally. Don’t miss a single touch with the thumb based input for capturing stats. Place your key players under your thumbs, memorize their locations and stat “Heads Up”. Now you can Stat Fast and Win More!

Fast Stat Entry
​- Use your thumbs to quickly track touches. Much faster than index finger
– Key buttons are placed right under you thumbs
– Quickly memorize and stat “heads up” and not miss a single touch

Capture all the key stats
– Rate: serves, receives, free balls
– Capture key touches: attacks, digs, blocks, assists, returns
– Don’t miss: earned, errors, faults, in-rally attempts

Manage your team and rally
– Assign Libero(s) and quickly substitute players
– Track substitutions, timeouts, next server
– Replay, adjust and unlimited undo
– Automatic scoring and rotation updates
– Last stat entry indicator

Win More with Insights and Reports
– Gain key insights in minutes not hours
– First ball and rotational analysis
​- Trending reports
​- Deep, flexible reporting
– Aggregate stats by match, tournament, season any combo
– 20 reports including Rotational Drill Down, Player Ranking, By Opponent, By – Player, By Rotation, By Skill

Export to Maxpreps, Excel

Stats Editor to make corrections

Broadcast Live for Coaches and Fans
Live Coach Stats​
– See current match stats real-time broadcasted from stat taker
– Get all the critical stats in your hand – score, kills, aces, receive, timeouts, sub count, next server
– Access all the stats you need in-game​

Live Fan Stats
– ​​Whether you’re at the match or away get each play-by-play action
– Follow the score, kills, aces, blocks, digs for your team, opponent and your player
– Review key actions and prior matches​​”