4 Best G Force App iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best G Force App iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best G Force App iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best G Force App iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best G Force App iPhone

1. AccelMeter

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“First and only 3D-graphical Vector Accelerometer in App Store: Smoothly visualize and measure the current acceleration. It can be used on earth, on moon or in orbit (where relative would be equal to absolute mode – please prove) to visualize the direction and strength of the gravitation – or simply at home to measure the g-forces you reach while shaking your phone – however be warned if you tend to get to the limits! :-). A fun application is to place the iPhone/iPod steady in your car (or any other moving vehicle), go to relative mode, zero it once when you are standing and then see the current g-forces in effect while you drive (e.g. what g-force does your car get when you accelerate?).

The application has five different display modes for acceleration visualization:

– Absolute Mode: Displays the reverse acceleration of the iPhone (1g up when hold steady).

– X-Rotation – Y-Rotation – Z-Rotation: The arrow will display the rotation around the X-, Y- and Z-Axis of the iPhone. The digital indicator shows the angle numerically (-180° – +180°). A way to calibrate will be added with one of the next updates, so you could use this as a level.

– Relative Mode: This mode shows the relative strength (absolute minus compensation vector) of the acceleration.

For a detailed documentation, please visit our product homepage.

For recreational use only. However it CAN (!) be very accurate. The measurement is performed as good as possible (we try our best) by using the inbuilt accelerometer and magnetometer to their limits. The range of the accelerometer typically has a max of ±3g (~4.2g displayed here if combined). However, tell us your experience!

Check out all our products (free and paid) on www.plaincode.com”


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“G FORCE makes your iPhone or iPod Touch a handy vehicle G-Force meter. A nice looking enhancement to the dash of your car, too.

Quantify the G-Force you experience in the vehicle (e.g. during acceleration, braking, drifting, cornering etc) or perform a quick dyno.

Its unique “Sound Alert feature” provides alert sound when the g-value exceeded a user selected limit.


(1) “Quick & Simple Calibration”
Simply press the start button and G FORCE takes only about 0.5 seconds to calibrate to your iPhone’s tilt angle.

(2) “Real Time Display”
Two “Linear Gauges” and two “Digital Displays” show the real time lateral (e.g. cornering) and longitudinal (acceleration, braking) G values.

(3) “Peak Hold”
Adjustable “Peak Hold Duration” helps you monitor peak values.

(4) “Graphical Peak Hold Indicators”
Distinctive graphical peak hold indicator makes observing peak values a quick glance.

(5) “Adjustable Audio Alert”
Provides alert sound when the G-Forces exceeded a user preset “threshold”.

(6) “Adjustable Gauge Scale”
“log Scale” and “Linear Scale” helps you utilize the “Linear Gauges” for different conditions. e.g. Use log Scale in “mild” acceleration conditions or use “Linear Scale” in “aggressive” acceleration conditions.

(7) “Session Maximum Records”
Shows all the maximum G values in the current session.

(8) “Large Operation Buttons”
Facilitates quick and easy operation.

(9) “Theme Switch”
Switch between the Classic and Graphite Theme to suit your taste.

With its nice interface and unique features, you would like G FORCE even though you may have already got other g-meters like dynolicious or even a hardware equipment.

3. Race Stats: Speedo and G Force

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“Race Stats: Speedo and G Force shows GPS speed, real time GForce, it measures your 0-60 mph or 0 -100 km/h and 1/4 mile or 400 m. You can simulate a drag race using this app. It’s easy to use because it will start and stop the timer automatically. You can switch between imperial units and metric units. This app provides you a tool box for you speed and acceleration tracking in order to help you to become a faster driver. Test your car’s limits.”

4. Ride Forces

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“Ride Forces records g forces on roller coasters and other amusement park rides. View graphs, analyze stats, and share the forces of your favorite rides.”