3 Best Health Record Android App

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If you are looking for the Best Health Record Android App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Health Record Android App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Health Record Android App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Health Record Android App

1. MTBC PHR Personal Health Record for Everyone

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“MTBC Personal Health Record (PHR) for Everyone has brought its users the satisfaction of having direct access to their detailed health information and background. Scheduling appointments with your doctor and keeping medical record everywhere was never so easy. PHR is a secure and user-friendly app to keep track of all your lab reports, claims and amount you owe. Furthermore, it provides the convenience to view all your health history anytime from anywhere that saves time. If you want to schedule an appointment with your doctor then you can do so instantly with MTBC PHR app. This app is going to be with you wherever you go, linking you to your provider and your health records 24/7.
PHR offers an easy to use interface where you can avail the following features:

• Appointment Scheduling: Gives you the flexibility to setup an appointment with your provider and cancels them pre-hand if required.
• Health History: Holds directory of your medical history, health record, medications, allergies and immunization records.
• Claims History: Provides ease of access to records of claims that have been submitted on your behalf.
• Lab Reports: Saves time and effort by providing you with a database of all the lab results for the tests you have undergone.
• Secure Messaging: Helps you to connect with your provider via direct and secure messaging.
• Demographics: Allows you to update or edit any personal details such as Phone Number or Address.

Other features of the app includes:
• Attractive and user-friendly interface
• Sign up option for unregistered patients
• Ease to clear claims by using online payment
• Patient can perform auto check-in through this app

Download MTBC PHR – Personal Health Record app for free and share with your colleagues and friends who want to bring ease and comfort in their practice.”

2. Medical Records Clinic app

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“You can use this Android Medical Records App to easily save anamnesis, patient records, patient history, health information. Through your mobile or your pc

* According to your needs, choose to store your medical data either in your device memory or on a secure cloud storage where data sync is enabled.

* Supports multiple screens; phones, small and large size tablets
* Works on Chromebook system

* Backup your data 

* Manages appointments

* Username and password authentication

* Export medical data to Excel Sheet, pdf and graphs

* Attach medical documents of any type (pdf, word …etc) or capture it using camera or video recording.

* Most of the data are stored using the auto-complete technique.

* Stores patient’s address: latitude, longitude using maps

* The availability to launch Google Maps navigation to drive to the (patient & doctor & hospital) stored address starting from your current location

* Medical history reports

* Multiple Search Techniques:

* by name or phone number

* By visit date 

* By appointment date

* Records video or image capture for medical activities, with or instead of writing text.

* Full screen image slider to browse reports which captured by the user

* Full screen video viewer to display Videos taken.

* Pick up medical document stored as Picture or video from Image gallery

* Capability of adding patient information via the device contact list; if the patient info is on the device contacts list

* Physicians can use the app in their clinics for private practice management as a clinic information system, clinic management system, Doctor Patient Medical Record, Healthcare management mobile application, Patient Medical Records to track Patient history, Electronic medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR).

* It could be considered as medical management, family healthcare, medical records tracker app as normal persons can use the app to store their private medical information and their family health history, thus makes it easy for your doctor to track your medical info history

Main Medical modules
* Medical visit module

* Family history module

* Allergy list module

* Vaccines list module

* Blood pressure module

* Recording ​systolic, diastolic, pulse

* Export blood pressure reports to either PDF or Graphs

* Send blood pressure reports to your doctor, patient

* Blood glucose (sugar) module

* Saving blood sugar value

* Export blood glucose reports to either PDF or Graphs

* Send blood sugar reports to your doctor

* Physical examination form to record symptoms and diagnoses..etc

* Lab Tests module

* Prescription (drugs) module to save medicine info

* Radiology module

* Pathology report module

* Surgeries data module

* Notes module to record any notes and to attach any document.

* Appointment module to track patient appointments

We are working to keep updating the app so as to be one of the top medical practice management software .”

3. Medical records

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“The medical record is a modern application for managing and keeping data about your health.

This will allow you:
– to save the history of your visits to the doctors, their recommendations, referrals to laboratory tests, test results, and other information.
– to remember diagnoses of your illnesses, dates of performed operations, titles of the prescribed drugs, and other important medical information.
– keep a history of measurements of health rates (sugar level, blood pressure, etc.)
– to collect the personal information about your health in one place; in case of the Internet, availability to see the information on any device.

Advantages of our application:
– User-friendly and intuitive interface.
– Simplified registration/authorization at the start of the work with the application (by e-mail, social networks, or Google account).
– Record-keeping of all visits to doctors, appointments, recommendations, referrals to lab tests.
– Registering health rates measurements (blood pressure, sugar level, etc)
– Enclosing of separate medical documents (files of all formats) in the form of attachment to a medical visit/analysis.
– Existence of medical databases for provisional medical information input (hospitals, doctors’ contact details, names of drugs, diagnoses, analyses types, medical recommendations) for putting already existing medical history. This allows entering already existing medical information much faster.
– Reminder about the time of drug-taking, keeping the history of taken drugs.
– Calendar of events (taking of pills, visits to doctors, lab tests)
– Synchronization of data, safe data storage on the Google servers.
– Keeping several profiles, for example, yours and your family members.
– Technical support in case of any questions/problems with the application.

In short, Medical record is a dynamically developing application that is aimed to improve the service, get active users comments, to implement interesting solutions into life.
We’ll be glad to receive your feedback, advice, and constructive criticism by e-mail cardexcapps@gmail.com”