6 Best Html Reader App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Html Reader App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Html Reader App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Html Reader App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Html Reader App For Android

1. WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

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“HTML Editor: WebMaster Lite – fast and lightweight (~1Mb only) HTML editor for web developers. The editor is ideal for web authoring and programming on the go. Have a handy source code editor in your pocket!

Syntax highlighting and code completion for hypertext files. Our editor supports undo/redo feature, built-in virtual keys for tags and popular key-phrases. Dark and light color schemes available. The program has built-in Help for HTML, JavaScript and CSS syntax.

Lite version has limited code completion support – you can select only first suggested item. Also, web page preview is available only in Pro version. We recommend AndFtp ftp client to use with your server.

Hot-keys for external keyboard: Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V (paste), Ctrl+Z (undo), Ctrl+Y (redo), Ctrl+R (open Recent Files), Ctrl+F (search), Ctrl+G (goto line).

We are working hard to add more new features to our software. Please feel free to email your wishes to us!

WebMaster’s HTML Editor is a set of webmaster tools: html editor, php editor, css editor, javascript editor and plain text editor in a one application with multiple text encodings. Developer can use it as lightweight web ide for programming html5 and/or JavaScript. Also, the application is useful as a simple notepad for your texts or notes.”

2. HTML Viewer

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“View the source code of any website or webpage using the free HTML Viewer app

If you want to view the source code of any website on your phone, here’s an app to let you view the html code of any webpage easily. With the HTML Viewer app, you can view the html source code in the in-app file browser. The app is extremely easy to use and you can load the file from your file manager. Using the HTML viewer app, you can not only view the source code of the website but also browse the website to check the web view.

If you’re learning HTML or just want to look into the source of any website without using your laptop or computer, you can do it easily using this amazing HTML viewer app. The app also allows you to share (import) website addresses or files from other apps and share (export) the html code to another app. You can also search or find text in the html code of the website.

App Features
Here’s a summary of the app features of “HTML Viewer” app –

🌐 View the HTML source code with just 1-click
🌐 View the web version of the website or web page
🌐 Find or search text in the html code
🌐 View your browsing history
🌐 Option to view mobile site or desktop site
🌐 Upload website address using import feature
🌐 Export website source codes
🌐 Support for latest Android 10

This HTML viewer app is fully free to use. So, what are you waiting for? Download the HTML viewer app now to get started.

Support Us
If you’ve had any problem with the app, instead of giving us a lower rating, please mail us your queries, issues or suggestions. We will be happy to solve them for you 🙂

If you like our app, feel free to rate us and share among your friends.”

3. Acode – powerful code editor

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“Open-source project: github.com/deadlyjack/Acode

Acode is a lightweight yet powerful code editor and web IDE for android. You can use this editor for editing HTML, JavaScript, text.

You can create a website, run the website in the browser and see errors or logs in the console.
Also edit any kind of source file like python, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Dart, etc.

NOTE: You cannot run programs other than HTML, MarkDown, and JavaScript, which means you cannot run Python, PHP, Java, C/C++, etc, but you can use Termux alongside Acode to run these programs.

1. No ads
2. Edit any file from your device.
3. GitHub support
4. FTP/SFTP support
5. Supports syntax highlighting for 100+ programming languages
6. Dozens of themes
7. User friendly
8. In-app HTML/MarkDown preview
9. Interactive JavaScript console
10. In-app file browser
11. Open source
12. Supports 50,000+ lines
13. Fast workflow
14. Open more than one file
15. Customizable
16. Keyboard shortcuts
17. File recovery
18. File management”

4. HTML Reader/ Viewer

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“Read Html files and saved web pages stored on your device.

– Very Simple to use.
– Forward and backward navigation.
– Enable/ disable JavaScript .
– In-built file explorer and support for third party file managers to pick html files.
– To edit files use any text editor in your phone and see results in HTML Reader.

Read locked articles: Share the link and choose Html Reader to open that link. May not work for all locked articles.

Unlike other similar apps, we don’t ask for your location permission. Choose wisely.

Note: HTML is a markup language for describing web documents (web pages). The style definitions are saved in .css files. With a style sheet file (CSS), you can change the look of a Web site/ page.”

5. Local HTML Viewer

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“Lightweight Local HTML Viewer apps.
Please use for verification of HTML and JAVA script file that you created for smartphones.
You install a text editor, you can start with a tap or long tap, from the file selection screen.

The developer of this app is authenticated to the official developer of andro Idah as a developer of a safe and secure application.

1.Local HTML file viewing.
– Support the Java script.
(Switchable enabled or disabled from the Options menu.)
– Page updates can be performed from the Options menu.
– Viewing the files in the ZIP file.
– Scaling of the browser.
– Available in the landscape in portrait orientation.
– Support the CSS file.
– Install the “Text Viewer” application, you can view the HTML file in a text format.

2.File Explorer in SD card.
– Ability to launch another application with support for notification intent.
– The default path is “/mnt/sdcard”.
– Can move up / back key is pressed.
– You can set an option to terminate the application directory back key is pressed.
– Display a directory higher in the back key is pressed.
– When booting from the other apps you want to display only files.
– Display all the files
– Display the updated date of file
– Extension support is as follows.
( .htm .html .xml .js .css .json )

3.Introduction App
“Text Viewer”
– It is an application that refers to the text file.
– The Long tap the CSV file, can also be viewed as a text file.
“CSV Viewer”
– It is an application to view CSV file.”

6. HTML Viewer & HTML Reader: HTML Source Code Viewer

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“Do you want the web page source code or source code of any website on your phone, HTML Viewer and HTML Reader app will let you to get the source code of any website or webpage. With Html viewer app you cannot only get the source code of a website or web page but you can also view the website or webpage that it is actually looking like.

Html source code viewer is pretty easy to use, just enter the URL of webpage then you can view the web page in a WebView and can also get the source code of a webpage. With HTML reader app you can also load already save webpage from your external storage and can get the web page source code.

Key Features of HTML Viewer
• View HTML page source code
• Easy to Search in HTML code
• Easy to Save HTML page
• 50+ HTML Source Code Viewer Themes
• View the web version of web page
• View the webpage in both Dark and in Default Theme
• Load HTML Web page from External Storage

Permission Required
• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE This permission is required in order to save HTML file into external storage
• WRITE_READ_STORAGE This permission is required in order to read HTML from external storage

HTML Viewer and HTML Reader have a lot of editor themes so you can change the theme of Editor very easily and can also change the theme of WebView into dark and Lighter default theme. HTML Viewer is easy to use just enter the web page URL and you will get the web page source code in just one click.

With HTML Source Code Viewer, you can download the webpage and can also share the downloaded web page on any social media. HTML source code viewer is a free app and easy to use, so for what you are waiting download the app and get the web page source code.”