8 Best Hud Display App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Hud Display App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 8 Best Hud Display App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 8 Best Hud Display App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

8 Best Hud Display App For Android

1. Head-up Display

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“Its capabilities includes adjustment of display angle, brightness and Coming-home/Leaving home message. The seamless connection between the Head-up Display and the smartphone occurs via a internal Wi-Fi hotspot. All functions of the Audi HUD app require a Wi-Fi connection between the HUD and a smartphone.”

2. HUD Widgets

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“HUDWAY Glass app is a set of handy and popular navigation widgets, like speedometers, trip info, landmeter, weather, eco-driving, etc… All widgets work in regular or head-up display (HUD) mode.

— Classic digital speedometer
— Digital, with compass, odometer, and distance traveled (Chevrolet Aveo style)
— A set of retro speedometers: Cadillac style, arched, circular

GPS trip information:
— Information on your current, maximum and average speed, distance and time traveled
— Large compass
— Eco-driving. Acceleration and deceleration graphs indicate driving efficiency

— Land meter. Indicates the angle of car slope or tilt — pitching and rolling
— Weather and clock
— Internet Radio

Launch the app, select the widget, and place the smartphone close to the windshield (to use it in HUD mode, with the screen image reflected onto the windshield), or fix it in the mount.

1. On a clear day, the device screen brightness is typically insufficient to give a decent reflection for HUD mode. In that situation, you can use the app in standard mode with the phone fixed with some mount, OR stay HUD using our HUDWAY Glass accessory (more at hudwayglass.com or see bellow). At night, in dusk, or in dull weather the reflection is normally well-discernible.

2. Continuous use of geolocation services (GPS and GLONASS) may drain your device battery fast.

3. When driving, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is well fixed in some mount or on some sticky pad, and doesn’t prevent you from clearly seeing the road.

HUDWAY Glass car accessory makes smartphone work as a head-up display in any car even in daytime. Removes doubling, offers sharp enlarged reflection image.
Learn more: http://hudwayglass.com

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3. Navier HUD 3

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“🔥 Supports Dartrays HUD device now, check it out here http://www.dartrays.com/

— For Navier HUD 2 users —————-
Navier HUD 2, will have no further maintain, is replaced by 3, but you can download Navier HUD 3 for free from your order history or the below link, and no need to purchase Navier HUD3.
Navier HUD 2 link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=idv.xunqun.navier.premium

NOTE: Needs network connection for navigation features

NAVIER HUD – New navigation concept

Navier HUD is a navigation App designed to use for the HUD (Head-up display) and helps drivers put attention on the road when driving. The driving information is projected onto the windshield by reflecting the smartphone screen while putting the phone in front of the vehicle’s windshield.

Navier HUD is an information provider for driving. It contains a customizable layout, which is able to put widgets they care and remove what they don’t care. Navier HUD calculates the real-time information via the phone sensor, such as GPS and gyroscope. Meanwhile, Navier HUD supports to acquire the vehicle data from OBD2 Bluetooth adapter. Through the data from OBD2 protocol, the information, such as vehicle’s speed, engine RPM, and engine coolant temperature can be shown through the interface and which is more accurate than the data from sensors of the smartphone.

[Safer driving]

Navier HUD (head-up display) projects navigational instructions on the windshield, effectively providing essential information to the driver without having to take your eyes off the road.

[Turn-by-turn navigation]

The navigational instructions are designed to be read clearly in HUD mode. Simple instructions and signals are the main goals here. Turn-by-turn speech instructions are supported (not all languages).

[OBD2 support]

You can acquire information via the OBD2 dongle on your car, such as the runtime speed, revs, and fuel level.

[Usable for different vehicles]

Navier HUD can be used for driving, biking, jogging… You can switch between HUD and normal mode for regular use on a phone holder.

[Customize your layout]

Navier HUD lets you create your own panel layout with parts like a compass, routin”

4. Car HUD

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Head-up display for your car. Enjoy feature of expensive cars with your Android phone. Just place it on your dashboard and see speed on your windshield. Click on the screen for mirrored view.
Displays in kilometers or miles per hour and uses GPS to get your speed. Simplest and best HUD application.

5. Navigation HUD

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“It transforms your phone into head-up display (HUD) showing navigation directions from Google Maps app. The HUD screen supports normal viewing and HUD mode which mirrors the display at night for viewing navigation as a reflection on windshield. It increases your safety by projecting all navigation information right in your line of sight. Just start navigation, flip the screen by tapping on it and place your smart phone under the windshield. It’s that easy!

Navigation HUD is a free version of Navigation HUD PRO. To unlock advanced features and premium settings including customizable layouts and color schemes try Navigation HUD PRO or buy premium version withing this application.


* Very easy to use
* Reflecting turn by turn directions onto windshield
* Uses GPS to get your speed
* Shows useful info even when navigation is not started
* Select your favourite layout, colors and info types in settings
* Works with Google Maps
* Automatic brightness adjustment

This app uses Accessibility services in order to detect foreground Google Maps app and launch automatically. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. Google Maps is used in screenshots for demonstration purposes only.”

6. HUDWAY Drive: HUD for any car

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“It’s how you drive focused and stay connected at the same time!

With HUDWAY Drive HUD unit (hudway.co/drive) you keep your eyes on the road ahead without compromising the comfort of staying connected. The app seamlessly delivers notifications, incoming calls, navigation directions to the portable heads-up display device set on the dashboard.

This is how you’ll revise the experience of driving with a smartphone — when there’s no need to check it, when you instantly receive all the information you selected to receive — and respond hands- and hassle-free*.

Why HUDWAY Drive?

— Stay aware and connected: your smartphone alerts are transmitted to the front of your eyes, while you can keep your phone in your pocket
— Be in full control over what is displayed — and enable what’s relevant to you.
— Keep track of your vehicle data (speed, torque, fuel economy, etc.) on a virtual dashboard**
— Know what you’re listening to — never lower your eyes to check on the track you switch to.
— Save on fines for using the phone while driving
— Avoid increased insurance rate for distracted driving
— Experience the comfort of a hi-end safety option in any car you own or rent
— Use it with your favorite navigation app — mirror Waze or Google Maps to HUD.

HUDWAY Drive is what makes navigation with a smartphone safer, more comfortable, and less-distracted. Try it and see for yourself!

Learn more here: https://hudway.co/drive

* For example, using a Bluetooth headset, or steering wheel buttons.
** Requires connecting a Bluetooth OBD-II scanner”

7. HUDWAY Go — GPS Navigation & Maps with HUD

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“HUDWAY Go is a simple GPS navigation app for drivers.
It keeps it very intuitive and non-distracting, displaying just the outline of the road you’re driving and your next manoeuvre.

– Intuitive 3D map, simple navigation
– Voice Assistance
– Long tap on the map to set the destination
– Search for addresses and POI
– Choose alternative routes
– Drive offline right after you start
– The app will recalculate the route if you leave it
– Classic GPS map navigation mode
– Head-up display (HUD) mode
– Trip info: ETA, speed, distance traveled, directions on the next manoeuvre, and more
– Based on OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Note: If you face any problems or find any bugs, please email us at support@hudwayapp.com or report the bug right from the app.

We appreciate your feedback!

When driving, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is well fixed in some mount or on some sticky pad, and doesn’t prevent you from clearly seeing the road.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

If you want to use HUD during a day-time — there is a special accessory HUDWAY Glass: http://hudwayglass.com

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8. GPS Speedometer HUD Odometer

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“Speedometer; but with a difference!! Speedometer: Car Heads Up Display GPS Odometer App is created keeping two things in mind, accuracy and utility. If you want to have a futuristic heads up display in your car or want to measure speed and distance on your bike Speedometer: Car Heads Up Display GPS Odometer App is your go to GPS Speedometer app.

Speedometer is a utility that all of us who drive cars are very much familiar with; our GPS Speedometer converts your smart phone into a futuristic heads up display or as it’s called HUD. The result is absolutely amazing, you can view all vital information like GPS based speed, distance, trip meter, odometer and speed limit all through our GPS speedometer. The design is elegant with switchable options for both digital speedometer and analog speedometer. Heads up display or HUD can be toggled though a simple button on the main screen of the GPS Speedometer. The heads up display is created by creating a mirror image of the GPS speedometer screen so that its reflection creates an amazing HUD of the Speedometer.

Whatever car you drive GPS Speedometer on Heads Up Display creates a futuristic and elegant output. We have created two modes within the GPS Speedometer one for Cars and one for bikes. For bike the features of Odometer and Trip meter comes in handy when you can get the distance traveled and time consumed on a single GPS Speedometer screen. We have also catered for all popular measuring units of speed and distance for GPS odometer. From Kilometer per hour to miles per hour to even nautical miles (because you can be on boat as well and our GPS Speedometer and GPS Odometer works there as well) we have all bases covered when it comes to GPS Speedometer App.

This GPS Speedometer can also be used as a Speed limit tool; you can set the speed limit that you want to maintain and not only will GPS Speedometer alert you through an alarm when the speed limit is approaching but the heads up display on this GPS Speedometer will also give a visual notification of speed limit being approached. The HUD is multifunctional and works best at night or in dark situations where the reflection is crisp and clear for the heads up display of GPS Speedometer.

One more interesting option is the ability to view live satellite tracking of the vehicle on live maps through this GPS Speedometer. With a press of a button the HUD of the Odometer creates a dot on the live map that eases the navigation for the driver immensely.

We have made a special effort to make this GPS Speedometer and GPS Odometer accurate on their speed and distance readings and also battery efficient on the smart phone. Speedometer: Car Heads Up Display GPS Odometer App has taken the conventional speedometer and odometer to the next level by incorporating GPS based readings and futuristic Heads up display also called HUD.

The salient features of this GPS Speedometer App are,

• GPS Speedometer for Cars , Bikes, Bicycle, Trucks on Heads Up Display
• Accurate Odometer and trip meter for Cars, Bikes, Bicycle, Trucks
• Accurate Speed In Analog Speed Meter
• Speed Alarm for Speed limit control through alarm and HUD
• Vehicle Tracking on Live Maps
• Maximum Speed , Average Speed, Total Distance Covered for each trip

We look forward to your feedback on this Speedometer: Car Heads Up Display GPS Odometer App so that we can bring further improvements in our next updates.”