5 Best Ice App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Ice App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Ice App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Ice App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Ice App For iPhone

1. “ICE – Emergency contact widget, view ICE information from lock screen”

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“Allows you to display your emergency information as a Today View widget even if phone is locked.

To maintain your privacy, emergency info is only shown if red “Show Emergency Info” button is tapped – this prevents others from overseeing sensitive information while you’re accessing other widgets.


2. ICE (‘In Case of EMERGENCY’)

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“***App featured in AAA (American Automobile Association) Magazine***
*** FREE for a limited time! ***
iPhone/iPod app that keeps track of your Medical Emergency information I.C.E. ( info needed “In Case of Emergency”).
It helps you organize personal medical information to keep track of your Medical Emergency contacts, Physician contacts, Insurance Information, your Allergies/reactions , your Medications, Medical conditions, Blood type, Vaccination / immunization records and other important medical data.
Information is useful for first responders, hospital personnel, paramedics and other emergency personnel responding to accidents, crimes and disasters. Emergency contact information is very useful to facilitate treatment during life-threatening situations.

*** Featured in AppStore > Health and Fitness > What’s Hot ***

+++Accurate and Concise information in your app can possibly save your life+++.
Carry it around in your iPhone, iPod all the time for quick and easy reference and to keep on top of your emergency data.

* Easy and Intuitive interface for entering Medical Emergency Data
* Keep all your Emergency contact list in one place
* Can assist first responders in contacting family and friends in the event you’re involved in an emergency
* Health Insurance Info, Blood-group and more..
* List of your Medications
* List of your Allergies
* Vaccination / immunization records. Add your immunization history for personal use and for healthcare providers, daycare, school, or camp entry requirements.
* Takes very little of your iPhone memory, extremely small database size.
* Convenient quick reference.
* Update it anytime – No need for printed Medical ID cards.
* Support for both Non-Metric (US) as well as Metric Systems.
***App featured in AAA (American Automobile Association) Magazine- (AAA Westways Magazine – March/April 2013 edition)

This app saves emergency medical information data.”

3. ICE : Personal safety app

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“ICE : Complete Personal Safety App
Emergency situation never come with early warning. Before it comes, Be Prepared.
ICE(In Case of Emergency) is designed to keep you and your friends and family safer 24/7. It’s packed with ultimate features that helps you in everyday safety and real emergencies situations.

Our users says its a best Women safety app.
Here is why:
1) Feel safe by sharing your Real Time Location with someone you trust.
They can see your current location using this app or any web browser.
2) Important medical or support information on Lock Screen for First responders and Doctor.
you can save useful information for rescue workers (allergy, medication, condition, identity, organ donor, blood type …) and doctor contact “in case of emergency”.
3) ICE contacts for call in Emergency.
4) Quick to find nearby Hospitals or Police Stations and easy navigates there.
5) Stay Healthy with our Health Tips.
6) Learn Self Defense techniques.
7) Emergency Alert Sounds.”

4. ICE Medical Standard

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““The World’s #1 Emergency Medical Contact Information Application”

As Demonstrated on The Rachel Ray Show by Self-defense Expert and Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson with some important easy to follow tips on how ICE Medical Standard could save your life in an Emergency.

Now called….ICE Medical Standard App lets you put your Emergency Medical Contact Information on Your Smartphone’s Lock Screen Image Overlay Display, if you are in an Accident, First Responder’s, EMS, EMTs, FEMA, and ER Staff can find Your Emergency Medical Contact Information as soon as they turn on your Smartphone

Over 14,000 Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Medical Schools and Visiting Angels – America’s Choice in Homecare and Living Assistance Services. With over 550 franchise offices across the United States are recommending and listing ICE Medical Standard App on their Websites and Emergency Pages.

First Responder’s, EMS, EMTs, FEMA, and ER Staff can view Your 3 Color Coded Medical Status by viewing the 1 of 3 colors on top of the ICE Medical Standard App or Your Smartphone Lock Screen Overlay Display to gain at-a-glance insight into Your Well-Being. The 3 Color Code Status Auto-Populates based on the information you enter into the ICE Medical Standard App or the ICE Medical Standard ID Card.

Red Color Code is High Risk Status – Alert and tells First Responder’s, EMS, EMTs, FEMA, and ER Staff to pause and read further. It reflects severe Allergies or Health Conditions. Yellow Color Code is Medium Risk Status – Alert and indicates the user is taking only Medications. If none of these apply, Green Color Code means you are Good To Go Status. You Can Choose To Show or Hide which Personal Information is displayed on your Smartphone Lock Screen Overlay Display to Protect Your Privacy.

Since uploading the original ICE Standard Application on December 24, 2010, ICE Medical Standard App has over 100 Million Users in Untied States. ICE Medical Standard App, is the Industry Standard for Storing and Retrieving Personal Medical Information to Emergency Critical Care Networks in the event of an Accident or a Disaster.

The New ICE Auto Insurance Standard upgrade adds comprehensive support in the event You or Your Family are in an Auto Accident.

NOTE: The Smartphone is regarded as a backup device for your ICE Medical Standard ID Card, if in an Accident your Smartphone may be damaged, overlooked or out of power. A physical ICE Medical Standard ID Card is now available and is the best way to provide Emergency Medical Contact Information for First Responder’s, EMS, EMTs, FEMA and ER Staff. 

About The Kids Foundation and ICE Standard Technologies joint partnership. About The Kids Foundation is the exclusive licensor of ICE Medical Standard App and ICE Auto Insurance Standard App

www.AboutTheKids.Org and www.ICEStandardTech.Com

Please Call For Technical Support (408) 736-4266 or Email TechHelp@AboutTheKids.Org


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The #1 App Selected by Doctors – ER Nurses – RN’s – EMTs – EMSs – First Responders
The #1 App Recommended by Police, Fireman and First Responders
The # 1 Emergency Safety App – Recommended For Single Women Smartphone’s
The # 1 App For Disasters “What’s On Your Lock Screen Image”
The # 1 App For Travel & Emergency’s
The # 1 App For Parents to Protect Their Kids
The # 1 App For Auto Accidents – “Accident Reports Documenting Vehicle Damage”
The # 1 Recommended App by Insurance Agents to Document Vehicle Accidents
The # 1 App To Have For Car Rental – “To Document Vehicle Damage”

Original Copyright © 2003 – Revised Copyright © 2010, Revised Copyright © 2017, About The Kids Foundation, 501 c3 nonprofit, All Rights Reserved, Proprietary & Confidential”

5. Vital ICE In Case of Emergency

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“Vital ICE is the premier in case of emergency App that helps save lives!

EMS and First Responders play a critical role in any life-threatening emergency situation. Any medical information for the patient that can be provided to them upon their arrival increases the odds of a more favorable outcome. Time saves lives, and Vital ICE saves time.

Your confidential medical information is stored only locally on your mobile device, and is not able to be viewed or stored by our company or it’s affiliates. Your information will never be shared with any third party organization! (backup to your own Dropbox account is available as a PRO feature)

Vital ICE provides a platform on which to list your (and your dependent’s, if applicable) vital medical information, such as blood type, allergies, medications, medial history, ICE contacts, and much more. This information will then be readily available to EMS and other First Responders when they need it most.

Standard features include, but are not limited to:

• Vital medical information and photos for you and up to 8 dependents
• Email your information to any email address (hospital, physician, or other recipient)
• List of emergency (ICE) contacts
• List of physician contacts (as well as pediatricians and OBGYN when applicable)
• First aid protocol for 16 medical emergencies, when medical help is unavailable
• Record and save a voice overview of your medical information, which can further assist EMS
• Call 911 directly within app, saving time in emergency situations
• Sound an audible alarm to alert first responders to your location
• Receive alerts and notices from local first responders (if a participating organization’s key code is entered)

• Backup / Restore data from your personal Dropbox account (free and easy setup if you do not already have an account)
• Send a group text to up to 10 emergency contacts notifying them of your emergency along with your map location – a mobile life alert system!
• Create a custom wallpaper / lock screen image with your vital information listed on the sides, which can provide first responders with some information if your device is locked
• Medication, immunization, and physician appointment reminders helps keep your medical schedule organized
• Attach photos of current insurance cards, stored in one convenient location, for medical staff to quickly access

Vital ICE has a customized feature that allows first responders and other organizations to link their organization with app users in the area. A unique, 4-digit key code is provided to them, and if entered either during initial setup, (or later via the ‘Manage Key Code’ section) will allow for valuable local emergency alerts and other important communications to be sent from the participating organization via push notifications. No one will be able to access your information, unless they are actually viewing the app on your device, or in the event you have activated the ‘Email My Information’ feature and listed their email address as a recipient. The Email My Information feature uses 128-bit SSL encryption when sending your information to any recipient, all behind Amazon’s firewalls, so rest assured your information is safe!

Protect you and your family by downloading this must-have In Case of Emergency app today!

NOTE: We constantly seek to improve Vital ICE, so please help us by providing your valuable feedback by emailing us directly at: info@vitalboards.com or via the ‘Feedback / Testimonials’ section within the app itself.

Thanks and stay safe!

The Vital ICE Team”