5 Best Indian Made Scanner App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Indian Made Scanner App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Indian Made Scanner App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Indian Made Scanner App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Indian Made Scanner App For Android

1. “AIRScanner : PDF Scanner, AI Dictionary & Narrator”

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“The AIRScanner app is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) based Reading Assistant and PDF Document Scanner, powered by its unique AI Dictionary and Narrator. Its distinct features help users in boosting their Reading and Listening skills in addition to strengthening their vocabulary. AIRScanner app is an ideal PDF document scanner app with features to Scan, Organise, Save and Share documents in few seconds.

AIRScanner is developed at Hind AI Labs, India and is motivated by India’s Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.


Capture multiple images in high-quality precision or import PDF or pictures from the gallery and generate high-quality PDF with the AIR Scanner app. Advanced edge detection automatically detects your document borders and clear out the clutter.

Whether it’s a PDF or photo, AIR Scanner allows to adjust them according to your needs as you can preview, crop, rotate, and apply cool filters like B&W, Grayscale, Magic filter etc.

AIR Scanner uses AI technology to understand words in a page and on just a single tap on word boxes, the user gets its full-fledged meaning. It saves a tremendous amount of time searching in a dictionary or web results.

With AIR Scanner, get everything on a single tap including authentic word meanings, examples, synonyms, pronunciation and translation in 40+ languages.

Too Lazy to Read? Instead, Listen with Smart AI Narrator. AIR Scanner understands text on a page and reads it loud on-the-go. You can import your amazing Ebooks or capture newspaper snippets, and AI Narrator will read it for you.

AIR Scanner is entirely secure. Save your scans quickly in your local storage or Share your PDF scans instantly via any medium, including Messaging apps, E-mail, etc. in PDF format on the go.



2. “Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR”

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“The Adobe Scan scanner app turns your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR) and allows you to save to multiple files formats including PDF and JPEG.

The most intelligent scanner app. Scan anything — receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards — with text you can reuse from each PDF and photo scan.

• With the Adobe Scan scanner app, you can make anything scannable.
• Use the PDF scanner to quickly create a photo scan or PDF scan.
• Scan any document and convert to PDF.

• Scan anything with precision with this mobile PDF scanner.
• Advanced image technology automatically detects borders, sharpens scanned content, and recognizes text (OCR).

• Touch up scans or photos from your camera roll.
• Whether it’s a PDF or photo scan, you can preview, reorder, crop, rotate, and adjust color.

• Remove and edit imperfections, erase stains, marks, creases, even handwriting.

• Turn your photo scan into a high-quality Adobe PDF that unlocks text through automated text recognition (OCR).
• Reuse text from each PDF scan thanks to OCR.

• Capture forms, receipts, notes, and business cards with this mobile PDF scanner.
• The Adobe Scan scanner app even lets you scan multi-page documents and save with a single tap.

• The Adobe Scan PDF scanner makes any content scannable and reusable.
• Free, built-in optical character recognition (OCR) lets you reuse scanned text and content by creating a high-quality PDF can work with in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app.
• You can even turn Adobe Scan into a tax receipt scanner to highlight expenses with ease.

• This powerful scanner app automatically finds documents and receipts in your photos and turns them into PDF scans, so you don’t have to.
• Automatic OCR turns text into content you can edit, resize, and reuse in other documents.

• Scan a business card and Adobe Scan turns into a fast business card scanner and reader.
• Contact information will be automatically extracted so you can quickly add to your device contacts — no typing needed.

• Save each scan to Adobe Document Cloud for instant access and sharing.
• Even lengthy legal documents become manageable and scannable with the Adobe Scan scanner app, which lets you search, select, and copy text.
• You can also open a PDF scan in Acrobat Reader to highlight key sections, add comments, fill and sign.

Subscribe for even more scanning power. Subscriptions work across Scan and Reader mobile apps and Acrobat on web.
• Combine scans into one file so you can take multiple scans and consolidate into one document.
• Export PDFs to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file formats to integrate with your workflows.
• Increase OCR capacity from 25 to 100 pages so that you can find text in multiple scans.

Download the best free mobile scanner to convert photos and documents into PDF and JPEG files wherever you are. With OCR technology, you can easily digitalize books, business cards, and business receipts and access them via the Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe Scan is the PDF converter trusted by millions worldwide. Scan photos to high-quality PDFs or JPEGs and share easier than ever before.

Terms & Conditions:
Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use http://www.adobe.com/go/terms_en and the Adobe Privacy Policy http://www.adobe.com/go/privacy_policy_en

Do Not Sell My Personal Information: www.adobe.com/go/ca-rights”

3. Document Scanner – (Made in India) PDF Creator

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“Sometimes in a single day you need your different documents scanned multiple times. In that situation if everything is planned you will definitely not suffer more. But if the need to scan that document arises one by one it will be a disaster for sure.

To rescue you from that situation we brings you a portable Doc Scanner. This Doc scanner you let you scan your documents anytime anywhere.

There are some additional features as well in the app which makes your document after scanning more professional and good to look at.

Let’s take a tour of that attractive features::

* Scan your document.
* Enhance the scan quality automatically/Manually.
* Enhancement includes smart cropping and many more.
* Optimize your PDF into modes like B/W, Lighten, Color and dark.
* Turn scans into clear and and sharp PDF.
* Arrange your doc in folder and sub folders.
* Share PDF/JPEG files.
* Print and fax the scanned doc directly from the app.
* Upload doc’s to the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
* Scan QR Code/Bar-code.
* Create QR Code.
* Share scanned QR Code.
* Turns your old documents into a clear and sharp one by removing the noise.
* Can create PDF in different sizes from A1 to A-6 and like Postcard, letter ,Note etc.

Help us to Translate the app
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Translation URL: http://cvinfotech.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/project?id=121989

Features at a glance :

– Best Document Scanner – It has all of the features that a scanner should have.
– Portable Document Scanner – By having this document scanner in your phone, you can save your time and efforts by quickly scanning anything on the fly.
– Paper Scanner – The app offers third party cloud storage(Drive,Photos) where you can scan papers and save on cloud storage.
– Best Document Scanner Lite – Scans are saved to your device in image or PDF format.
– PDF Document Scanner – Scans PDF with edge detection feature additionally.
– All type of Doc Scan – Scan in color, Grey, Sky Blue.
– Easy Scanner – Scan and Instant print out documents in any size like A1, A2,A3,A4… etc.
– Portable Scanner – The Doc scanner once installed can turn every smartphone into a portable scanners.
– PDF Creator – Convert scanned images to the best quality PDF file.
– QR Code Scanner – This app also have QR Code Scanner feature.
– Bar-code Scanner – Another great feature Bar-code scanner is also integrated in this app.
– OCR Text Recognition (Upcoming Feature in Next Update) – The OCR Text Recognition let you recognize text from images then edit texts or share text to other apps.
– High Quality Scans – The scan quality is of no match, You just get your documents digitally original.
– Images to PDF Converter – You can select some image from Image Gallery and convert it into a PDF file as document.
– Cam Scanner – Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard and produce it exactly same with the help of Doc Scanner at home even if you’re offline. No internet required for the app to function.
– Remove grain/noise from old document/picture – Remove Noise from old image Using various advanced filter techniques and make it more clear and sharp than before.
– Flashlight – This scanner app also have Flash light feature that helps you in taking scans in low-light environment.
– A+ Document Scanner – This App is rated A+ by users based upon multiple ratings and reviews.”

4. Bharat Scanner pdf scanner: Indian camscanner

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“If you are looking for an Indian cam scanner app to scan documents like notes or safely scan and share sensitive documents like Aadhar card, invoices, insurance documents, etc, download the free Bharat scanner app. It is a perfect camscanner alternative.
Bharat Scanner is trusted by 1+ million users and is the best Indian document scanner app with features like create PDF, scan documents, night mode scanning, create a file by adding multiple pages, save scanned files or images to gallery, convert images to PDF, instant scanned image or PDF sharing on network, scan images from gallery. With no watermark, instant sharing, and being completely free makes Bharat Scanner a highly preferred Indian pdf scanner to camscanner.
Bharat Scanner is the most secure photo scanner app. Signing in with Google account enables you directly save the scanned documents in Google Drive and sync documents with Google Drive. You always have the option to remove access to this app from your Google account.
Bharat Scanner for iPhone users is available on the iOS App Store.
*New Features of Bharat Scanner document scanner app and pdf converter app:
• Save documents in Google Drive
• Sync Documents with Google Drive
*SPECIAL FEATURE – QR Code Scanner and Barcode Scanner making Bharat Scanner popular
• Automatically scan Website/Payment QR code
• Access G-pay, Paytm, and other payment apps
Bharat pdf scanner app at a glance-
• Crops saved file, add more pages to a saved file, or create PDF of the scanned file.
• Properly organize scanned files in folders.
• Barat Scanner is the top Adobe reader alternative in the market
• Scan any documents from regular documents like notes or sensitive documents
• Create PDFs of files or images and share files in JPG or PDF format.
• The scanner automatically adjusts blur images or files to clear view.
• It enhances the picture quality of files with magic color, gray mode, and more such filters.
• Compress pdf and reduce the size of a document with the scanner without hampering image quality.
• The scanner allows uploading documents on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
• The Bharat Scanner can import, merge, and read PDFs from gallery.
• This powerful scanner scans documents anytime time may it be night by enabling flashlight options
• It provides night mode scanning for Q R code and Barcode
Why download this pdf reader app-
• It is the best Indian pdf converter app with more than one million downloads.
• Allows quick synchronization to your Google account and lets the scanned documents and PDF files upload on cloud or Google Drive.
• Free access to all features of the jpg to pdf converter app- easily converts new images or images from gallery to PDF.
• Multiple images enhancement features – magic color, gray mode, B and W, original.
• Fast scanning and easy sharing via mail, Whatsapp, cloud, and other mediums.
• Scanning with better picture quality- it gives a clear view to the image making it better scanned image and files
Bharat scanner app has got a competitive position in the marketplace because it is developed by a team of Indian Engineers and IITIAN pass-outs. If you want to truly support our team, do not forget to share this app with your friends and community.
You can get access to Bharat Scanner even on iPhone. Download it now from Apple’s iOS App Store.
Get in touch with us on 9035556431 if facing issues in using the app and use the pdf converter app efficiently. We will answer your queries. Connect with us through our website https://www.bharatscanner.in/ or mail at amigoz.app@gmail.com.”

5. “DocScan – Indian Document Scanner, PDF Generator”

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“Doc Scan – Document Scanner,PDF Generator is a best Quality Made In INDIA Document scanning application containing camera with Auto shot capture and Auto edge detection to scan high resolution images. One can create rich quality PDF and can share as document or image easily.

To make your daily life easy we bring you a doc scanner better than Cam Scanner or any other Indian made paper scanner which has all the features of a best document scanner.Lets take a look at the features provided in this portable doc scanner lite:

* Doc scan/Image scan – Scan any type of document or image easily.
* PDF scan – one can easily scan PDF file in an existing document or create a new document based on the requirement.
* Multiple PDF formats – one can create different types of PDF using this mini scanner/pocket scanner for example ID card,half page pdf document etc. better than cam scanner provides.
* Quality Scan – The documents created using this app are of high resolution.
* Text to PDF converter – can easily use any text file for PDF creation.
* Image to PDF converter – can scan multiple images from device to generate PDF.
* PDF to Image converter – scan PDF to share it as picture.
* Automatic Edge Detection – Detects the edges of scanned document automatically
* Share JPEG/PDF – can share document or individual pages as JPEG/PDF.
* Offline – scanner does not require internet connectivity to work.
* Add/Delete pages of documents.

The above features of this document scanner are better than any camera scanner/pocket scanner available in the market.It is an Indian made scanning tool to scan documents or to generate PDF.It works offline and doesn’t need network connectivity ensuring safety of your data.”