3 Best iPhone Accountability App

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone Accountability App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best iPhone Accountability App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best iPhone Accountability App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best iPhone Accountability App

1. Covenant Eyes

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“Quit porn and stay free with Covenant Eyes. Our device-wide accountability helps you harness the power of relationships to stop watching porn and protect a freedom and integrity that lasts.

Covenant Eyes helps you stop watching porn by monitoring your devices and sending a report of your device activity to a trusted friend or ally. This report keeps you accountable to your ally and kick-starts accountability conversations. Yes, conversations about how you’re using your devices and why, but also about your life in general—highs and lows, hobbies and family.

Understanding the science of recovery and using a porn blocker are vital parts to finding freedom (which is why we provide our users plenty of educational resources and optional porn blocking). But it’s accountability and real connection with a trusted friend that has allowed us to help over a million people on their journey to overcome porn.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, our Screen Accountability software monitors your devices, periodically captures screenshots of your screen activity, and then sends a report of concerning activity, circumvention attempts, and other activity to a trusted ally that you’ve designated.

All screenshots are stored securely and blurred on your device. We never send or store un-blurred screenshots. Your privacy is critical to us.

No monitoring service provides as much coverage on iOS devices as Covenant Eyes. Our browser app utilizes Screen Accountability to analyze all of your web activity. Our VPN-like technology monitors domains accessed through all other apps, anywhere on the device. All of this activity is shared with a trusted ally, allowing you to use your iOS device safely.

We aren’t a parental control software, but our service gives you insight into how your kids use their devices and helps facilitate conversations with them about the choices they make online. Research shows that families that use Covenant Eyes are successful at passing on their values from one generation to the next.

• Artificial intelligence porn detection
• An emailed report of screen activity
• Encrypted data transferring
• Optional porn blocking
• Optional YouTube Restricted Mode enforcement
• Device-wide Google and Bing SafeSearch enforcement
• Customizable domain block and allow lists
• Unlimited devices, with up to 10 users per account
• Free ebooks and email challenges for those who struggle, spouses, allies, pastors, and parents
• Online, email, chat, and phone support for technical questions (1.989.720.8000)”

2. Ever Accountable Browser

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“Ever Accountable Browser is a web browser built to help you and your family live above pornography online. With a comfortable, Safari-like interface, Sunlight keeps track of your activity within the browser and sends a report to your Accountability partners.

Enjoy peace of mind online.


-Tabbed browsing
-Reader mode
-Streamlined account management

**For full accountability, disable Safari and other browsers on your device. The internet should be accessed only through the Ever Accountable Browser.


Ever Accountable is the premiere accountability app for individuals and families who want to live above pornography. Instead of requiring forced compliance like internet filters and blocks, Ever Accountable lets you choose where you go online, and then holds you accountable for your choices. You choose your accountability partners—usually trusted friends or family—who are sent weekly reports containing a list of websites you have visited and a breakdown of the time spent in each. The reports are easy to read and pornographic websites and content are automatically flagged.

Start experiencing the power of accountability today!


Ever Accountable requires an active subscription. We offer two options to best fit your needs:
* Monthly subscription with a 14-day free trial
* Yearly subscription with a 14-day free trial

We will never charge you until you’re free trial ends and you can cancel anytime with our 100% guarantee. On the last day of your trial, you will be charged the applicable subscription fee unless you cancel beforehand. All subscriptions automatically renew if it is not canceled before the end of the current subscription period.

You can disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your account settings.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use: https://everaccountable.com/legal/?noheader”

3. Lion – Accountability Browser

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“Lion is an accountability browser for the modern day. Use Lion to add people you trust as partners. These partners will receive an easy to read bi-weekly email of any explicit websites you visit. Using Lion will help reduce the temptation to visit explicit websites, change your browsing habits, and help you live a healthier more productive lifestyle.

• ADD PARTNERS – In a supportive environment we discover strength and positive effects that lead to personal growth.

• ADD YOUR OWN KEYWORDS – Add custom keywords for Lion to track. If a website you visit contains that keyword it will be included in the next log.

• FREE TO TRY – You can use Lion as a regular browser as long as you like. Unlock accountability partners whenever you are ready to make the jump.

• NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS – Don’t pay subscription fees. No upgrades or in-app purchases either.

• NO SIGN UP FORMS – Get to browsing right away. Lion does not collect your data and their aren’t any forms to fill out.

• OPEN LINKS IN LION – Now you can open links from other apps right inside Lion. Just share the link and “Open in Lion” – you can even do it with search terms!

• PRIVACY – We don’t store any of your information, everything lives on your device.

• MODERN BROWSING – Clean, simple, fast, and intuitive design.

• EASY TO USE TABS – Open tabs to access multiple websites and bookmarks.

• BOOKMARKS – Save the sites you go to the most for quick access.

• CONVENIENCE – Copy a link from other apps, tap the url bar, go in one click.”